my beloved child the devil is trying to make you leave this video and go away

from me but if you stay connected to me then I will remove all the difficulties

from your life and this will definitely happen you might not receive everything

you want of me you are aware of Peter and his companions they spent the entire

night fishing and they even prayed over it when they didn’t get

any however I decided against giving it to them because I had another plan for

the morning you are aware of Lazarus they all prayed for healing but I felt

compelled to go above and beyond what they asked likewise don’t give up if you

don’t receive what you requested but keep in mind that if if I

did not Grant your request it was because I had another more abundant

blessing in mind I’ll give it to you when the moment is perfect trust in

me like the video if you have faith almighty God sweet kids I am a God who

never stops giving I did not hold anything back when I died on the cross

for you rather I gave my life as a drink offering since giving is in my nature I

look for individuals who have the capacity to receive

abundantly reception and attentiveness are the two qualities you need most in

order to deepen your intimacy with me being receptive means allowing my

infinite resources to flood your deepest being being attentive means keeping your eyes

on me and looking for me everywhere you go as the prophet Isaiah stated it is

possible to keep your thoughts fixed on me you are given a wonderful gift by

your attentiveness my complete peace you are my clay Anna and the

Potter I created you before the Earth was even born by plan out every day’s

activities to mold you into this imagine shape every event in your life is

influenced by my an ending love there are days when your will and mine work in

unison when our Wills are in syn you feel more in charge of your life there

are other days when you feel as though you are going against the flow of my

intentions swimming up Upstream when it occurs pause and look for my

face you can be feeling resistance from the evil one or from me let me know what

you are going through allow my spirit to lead you across parous

terrain let the events shape you into the person I want you to be as we travel

down the choppy stream together as you move through this day say yes to your

Potter you are on the rout that I have chosen nothing in your life is arbitrary

your daily life’s coordinates are here and now most individuals allow their moments

to pass then by living then just partially by dwelling on the past or

yearning for a more ideal period and location they try to avoid the present

that they lose sight of the fact that they are temporally and spatially

limited beings they fail to remember their creator who is only with them in the

Here and Now for those with a close connection to my heart every moment is

filled with my wonderful presence typ he ask if you agree and

share this video with nine people who trust God

you will discover that you simply have no time for anxiety as you devote

yourself more and more to a life of continual communication with me as a

result you are free to follow my spirits lean allow me to guide you to the rock

that Towers over you and your situation retire behind the cover of my wings

where you are completely safe hold my hand firmly and search for possibilities

for growth when I shake you out of your comfy habits choose to take on the

challenge of something new rather than lamenting the laws of your familiarity I

Guide You from One Triumph to the next preparing you for my

Throne accept the ways I can help you in your life have faith in me and don’t be

scared when things don’t work out the way you planned own it right away

feelings of regret are readily transgressed into bitterness if they are

indulge remind yourself that I am in control of your situation and submit to

my powerful hand despite the fact that you cannot

comprehend what I am doing in your life rejoice in it the way the truth and the

life are all in me you have everything you need in me for both this life and

the one to come keep your attention on yourself and resist the urge to allow

the outside worlds effects break your way of thinking the greatest struggle is

to remain focused on me in spite of everything around you you can see

situations from my point of view when Tam is at the center of your thinking

remember to look at me you’re feeling overwhelmed by difficulties and are

tempted to quit up you are becoming increasingly

detached from me as your circumstances take up more and more of your time I

will always be by your side holding your right hand

I understand exactly what you’re going through and I promise not to let

Temptation get the better of you worrying about tomorrow poses the

greatest risk to you should you attempt to Bear the weight of tomorrow’s

obligations today you will inevitably falter and collapse from The Strain to

live within the constraints of today you have to practice so self control I am

walking beside you right now supporting you as you bear your load focus on my

presence in the here and now right Jesus’s Supreme King in the

silent sanctuary of your being where your deepest hopes reside I have heard

every soft spoken plea today I emerge from the Stillness to affirm My Endless

Love for you like a lighthouse piercing through the night’s Veil my affection

radiates steadfastly and forever as you tread through life’s

challenges be assured that I walk with you an unwavering companion on your

Voyage I am aware of the heavy thoughts that burden you the concerns that cast

Shadows over your thoughts and the doubts that Loom large yet do not fear for I am here to ease

your burdens to quiet the inner Tempest and to instill in you a Tranquility that

defies all logic In My Embrace you will discover comfort for I am am the bringer of calm

and the source of extraordinary power do not let your heart waver or worrying

take hold for I have endowed you you with remarkable resilience and

bravery with me as your foundation fear and confusion will not find a place in

your soul voice your affirmation in the comments and remember to pass this

message to three others so they to May cling to the Everlasting truths I have

shared for within these truths lies the core of my constant as

even as the world changes my love for you is unwavering a Beacon of Hope

amidst and certainty many May stumble in their

comprehension their Vision obscured by this trench into existence but you my

dear one remain steadfast in the face of hardship firm in your belief and

conviction even as others give in to skepticism and sorrow you continue with

Relentless resolve for you aware that my commitments are

Timeless so my treasured one be encouraged and brave though the path

forward may present obstacles remember that I am always with you guiding

supporting and loving you immeasurably in the the power of my love you will

find the strength to endure to Triumph and to

Prevail in the vast canvas of existence where dreams and reality converge and

Ambitions encounter barriers your desire to see the remarkable come to life is

not misplaced Envision a world where limitations fade away like the morning

fog and con straints break like brittle glass under the force of your resolve

this domain of infinite potential is within your grasp continue in prayer for

in its gentle murmur lies the might to shift mountains place not your trust in the

fragility of human efforts but in the Limitless strength I grant you with each

forward stride if you have faith in God right Amon let

your belief lead you pushing you toward the horizons of your dreams even in the

fiercest storms hold tightly to hope for it contains the germ of W’s Dot and

Times of Despair when the way forward is shrouded and

darkness be aware that I am with you a source of comfort in the the bleakest

hours my benevolence is boundless flowing like an unending stream of

compassion ready to rescue you from sorrow and guide you on a path of new

beginnings do not Harbor doubts about my love for it is as ageless as the

celestial bodies that bck the sky before the dawn of time I knew you intimately

interlacing your narrative into the fabric of the cosmos each challenge you encounter

every barrier you surmount I anticipated with a heart brimming with love and

empathy trust in the depth of my fondness for it is a stronghold against

the onslaughts of uncertainty and bread let Faith be your Navigator steering you

through the Maze of doubts in the quiet corners of your

existence where your Tru hopes are whispered know that I have benan

attentive listener now I break my silence to affirm the depth of my love for you like

a steadfast light that cuts through the deepest darkness my love is unwavering

and eternal as you face life’s trials remember that I am right there with you

you a constant in your journey I see the weights on your soul

the Shadows over your thoughts and the looming uncertainties but do not be

afraid for I am here to lift those weights clear the shadows and bring

Clarity in my arms you will find comfort for I am the source of peace and a

strength that is beyond human understanding let your heart be steady

and free from worrying for I have blessed you with a spirit of resilience

and Valor with me as your foundation deither fear nor confusion can find a home in

your heart spe k your affirmation share this message with others and they to

shall hold fast to the Eternal truths I have revealed

these truths are the asence of my unchanging nature though the world may

change my love for you stands from a Beacon of Hope and an uncertain

sea while many may lose their way their Vision clouded by the fleeting nature of

life you my beloved stand strong against

adversity unwavering in your faith and firm in your conviction where Others May

falter you will continue with determined purpose knowing that my promises are

Everlasting take courage my precious one though your path may be strewn with

challenges know that I am ever present guiding supporting and loving you

without measure in the strength of my love you will find the endrance to face to

conquer and to emerge Victorious you are my treasured child Love Now and Forever

More in this vast Universe where dreams meet reality and Ambitions face

obstacles your hope for witnessing the extraordinary is Justified picture of

world where barriers vanish like Morning Mist and chains break like thin ice

under the resolve of your determination this world of Endless

Possibilities is within your grasp persist in your prayers for they have

the power to reshape mountains do not rely on the Frailty of human efforts but

on the immense strength I provide with each step you take let your faith be the compass that

guides you driving you towards the dreams you chase even in the harshest storms cling to hope for it

is the seed from which Miracles grow in moments of Despair when the path

seems hidden by Shadows remember that I am with you comforting presence in the

darkest night my kindness is Limitless ever flowing like a river of Grace Ready

to lift you from despair and set you on a path of rebirth do not question my love for you

for it is as Timeless as the stars in the heavens Before Time began I knew you

weaving your story Into the fabric of the universe every trial you face every

obstacle you overcome was foreseen with a heart full of love and empathy trust

in the vastness of my effecte ction for it is a Bull workk against the forces of

doubt and fear let faith guide you through the uncertainties seek me and

you will find Solace type on and if you receive

this God is the one who keeps preserves and supports you ask as Believers we can

find solace in the knowledge that he will give us the strength to hold fast

to our faith Psalm to to tells us a lot about how

Believers should persevere because it depends on God’s

power and Grace acting through US rather than on our own strength the Lord will

undoubtedly watch over our life and protect us from harm for all eternity

not only is God the author of our salvation but but he also provides for

our daily needs we can also turn to God and put

our faith in is faithfulness during trials and tough times whatever the

obstacles we encounter he is the one who will see us

through he will see us through to the very end because he has selected us and

called us himself thus let you as placed our trust in the Lord confident that he

will help us to continue as his chosen people and that he is the one who

protects maintains and sustains us because it is God who works in you

both to Will and to work for his good pleasure according to Philippians

this indicates that God is the one who provides us but the will will to

follow him and the fortitude to hold onto our beliefs people who are aware of the

lord’s name will place their trust in him the gospel declares that God is kind

merciful and sin forgiving we see the very image of God a god of compassion

love and grace in Christ even if God is an allc consuming

fire apart from Christ we are saved and have a Haven there the faith of those

who recognize Jesus as the alls sufficient able and willing savior who

understands his ability and loyalty to uphold all entrusted to him will only

increase our steadfastness toward God will increase as we get a deeper

understanding of the the extent of his grace and the suitability of Christ as

Our Redeemer remain optimistic my loved ones for the Lord never abandons those

who seek Him comment the Lord is beside me like a

loving father reprimanding his kid you may occasionally feel as though he has

hidden from you yet he will never leave you God sought you you out in the first

place and today Guided by his Spirit you desire him and his righteousness above

everything else the work of his own hands in us will not fail says the Lord he would

never abandon us to perish even in the face of hardship he will always be our

portioned and the source of strength in both life and

death let’s keep praying and pleading with the Lord because he is Dependable

to see us through to the end may we continue to put our full trust in him

Christians must possess a sober mindset we must remain Vigilant the

devil our enemy prows around looking for someone to devour roaring like a lion we

must take care to spend a lot of time in God’s word since we use it like a weapon

if we do not have a sword we cannot fight without a doubt we will

lose lack of knowledge of God’s word leaves us vulnerable to numerous attacks

by the devil we need to have scripture to turn to in response to any negative

emotions or feelings of of lust or anxiousness just as Jesus did when he

was tempted we also need to exercise

self-control we must exercise discipline the devil is an extremely intelligent

person he is aware of our frailties anything that makes our

spiritual lives apathetic and pulls us away from God as what he will offer us

it includes chasing and valuing worldly possessions as well as addictions to sin

that prevent us from seeing Gods creation and others in the right light

so let’s use

caution let us keep our hearts safe because Satan defeats us as by

manipulating our hearts so be careful that the one who believes he is standing

does not fall humans have a tendency to base

their life decisions on their own agendas and objectives but we are unable

to completely comprehend the root that God is guiding us on our aim should be

to match God’s will with our own objectives and plans

even when the way ahead is unclear we must be prepared to give up our own

Ambitions and put our trust in him through prayer Bible study and seeking

the advice of other believers we can ask God for direction the passage reads a

man’s steps are from the Lord

how then can man understand his way this proverb illustrates the idea that human

comprehension is limited and that we are unable to fully appreciate the breadth

of our lives and the events that occur within

it it serves as a reminder that we should trust God to guide our steps and

that our plans and aspirations might not match the road he has in store for us we

could occasionally experience fear about what lies ahead for us as if to question

is it still possible to get

married or is my dream business still possible and so forth however sweetheart

we have no control over our future God is in charge all we need to do is put

our faith in him God is Not subject to our will God is in charge of our life we

are not although we often believe we know

what’s best for us perspective is a reality it is impossible for us to know

everything that influences our life life or to look into the

future for this reason even in situations where we don’t fully

comprehend what is going on it’s critical to have faith in God’s

Direction despite the fact that we are unable to see it now we can have

confidence that God is working everything out for our limited good

enter to if you believe in the

Archangel dear listener join this prayer with me and repeat after me greetings

Heavenly Father even when something is not yet seen Faith believes in what is

Promised Abraham had a strong sense of Faith you asked him to perform tasks

that would be quite challenging for the majority of us you asked him to leave behind everything

familiar and comfortable his friends and family in order to travel to a foreign

country that was nothing compared to your request that he offer his cherish

son as a sacrifice it is difficult to comprehend the kind of Faith he had in

that incredible difficult and perplexing circumstance when we place ourselves in his

position Abraham put his trust in you to provide for him and to honor your vow to

have a large family he was clueless as to what you intended to accomplish or

how but he trusted you obeyed and bowed to your

will when you ask us to do something strange and uncomfortable please help us

to be obedient and willing to step out in faith please enable us to emulate the

religious Heroes we hear about right now a lot of us are in unfamiliar

circumstances we now live in new normals things are shifting and these

shifts are painful we are affected by the losses we experience fear and

uncertainty about the future occasionally it’s never simple to

embrace the unknown and let go of the known and

comfortable assist us in feeling certain that you are aware of what we are not

assist us in developing in these times of transition please help us to have

faith that you have a greater vision for our life please give us the strength to hold

fast to your words and the confidence that you will fulfill your promises you

have a very long history of keeping your word and fulfilling your

prophecies please enable us to have the same level of Faith as Abraham did that

is that you are who used say you are and that you will carry out your word

although we are unsure of what the future holds for us we are certain that

you own it as we wait for you to carry out your

goals and plans for our lives please calm our emotions we make these requests

in the name of Jesus our lord and savior thank you

type on and if you believe we will always encourage you to move from

negative emotions to positive emotions if you want you can donate to

us through super thanks [Music]

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