If You Are Watching This, Then You Are God’s Chosen One | Jesus Affirmations

no matter what my dear child I will

always be with you don’t be afraid

because I am your God and my right hand

will hold you up my beloved go out into

the world and may the light of my love

always guide you remember that my love

and wisdom are with you every step of

the way if you’re not sure about

something trust the plan I’ve laid out

for you I will always be by your side

and lead you to a better tomorrow even

if the road is long and winding keep in

mind that you can do anything you set

your mind to it’s impossible to measure

how strong and resilient you are and

remember that I believe in you that will

give you the strength to handle any

problem that comes your way know that I

am always listening and ready to help

you tell me about your happiness and

sadness and I’ll be there for you when

you need comfort and we’ll dance with

you when you’re

happy kindness is a gift that can change

the world so remember to be kind to

yourself and to other people if you act

out of love and compassion you will have

an effect on the people around you that

lasts no matter what never forget who

you are and what you can do you are my

beloved Child full of endless

possibilities and destined to do great

things believe in the way I’ve shown you

and you’ll feel sure as you walk into

the future I am your base your rock and

your safety

Hold On Tight to me when bad things

happen and doubtful things happen I will

keep you safe In My Embrace know that

your worth is not based on what you’ve

done or what you haven’t done but on the

love with which I made you you were

fearfully and wonderfully made I made

you to be a

masterpiece enjoy what makes you

different and be thankful for the gifts

and skills I have given you be brave

when you go through the bad parts of

life I’ll be with you even if the path

is dark and dangerous

I will be your Lighthouse and lead you

to the top of the mountain where

happiness and fulfillment await trust me

I know when the right time is for you

because I have plans to help you succeed

and not hurt you I have plans to give

you hope and a future when it looks like

there is no way out remember that I am

making everything work out for your good

my child have faith and be determined

every day be brave when you go after

your dreams and never give up up when

things get hard I have not given you a

spirit of fear but of power love and a

sound mind more than anything else

remember that you are loved very much I

love you forever no matter what and it

won’t change this love has no limits and

will never

end feel free to go forward my love

because you know I will be with you

every step of the way if you trust me I

will show you the way every thread in

the tap tempestry of your life has a

meaning and a purpose even when things

look dark and you doubt myself trust

that I am working on a beautiful

Masterpiece for you each trial and

victory will give your story more depth

and richness even if the road ahead

looks sketchy remember that I am the way

maker and I will lead you along the

right and honest paths don’t be afraid

to walk because I have given you

everything you need to carry out the

plane I have given you if you are tired

and stressed rest come to me and I will

give you rest let go of your worries and

put them on me I care deeply and

Tenderly about you I can carry your

weight on my broad shoulders and my arms

are strong enough to hold you while it’s

dark outside take the journey with open

hands and a thankful heart because every

day is a gift full of Endless

Possibilities enjoy the times you’re

happy and laughing and learn from the

times you’re sad and hurting in both

both you will find chances to grow and

change more than anything else never

forget that you are loved beyond measure

you are my favorite thing in the world

the person I love the most and I Love

You Forever This Love should hold your

soul steady and point you in the right

direction be brave and sure of yourself

and know that I will always be with you

believe what I say lean on my strength

and find comfort in my love that never

changes because I am your God I will

never leave you or forget about you

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