IF YOU ARE GOING TO HEAVEN…। ✝️ God’s advice TODAY for you

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

because it is a message from God’s heart

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said my dearest son today my heart

overflows as I express the profound love

I Harbor for you Guided by the sacred

words echoing in the epistle to the

Corinthians to and the Gospel of

John John

in these words I wish to immerse

myself in the richness of these

teachings revealing the extent of the

love emanating from the core of my

Divine being to envelop and sustain your

journey love is patient love is kind it

does not envy it does not boast it is

not proud it does not dishonor others it

is not self-seeking it is not easily

angered these words interwoven in the

epistle delineate the Contours of true

love my love for you is a manifestation

of patience awaiting each step of your

journey with Serenity it is the essence

of kindness offering Grace and

compassion even in the most challenging

circumstances it does not Harbor Envy

for my desire is solely for your

well-being it does not boast for my love

is humble and genuine it does not Pride

itself for it is a love that Embraces

not demands it does not dishonor for my

desire is solely for your good it does

not seek its own interests but the

interests of your heart and it is not

easily angered for even in the face of

faults My Love Remains steadfast like an

unshakable Rock for God so loved the

world that he gave his one and only son

that whoever believes in him shall not

perish but have eternal life the verse

from John is the ultimate

expression of my redeeming love my son

Jesus Christ was given as a sacrificial

gift so that through faith you may

attain the promise of eternal life this

is the Pinnacle of my love for you

manifested in the giving of the son for

the Salvation of humanity imagine this

love as a thread interwoven in the

intricate tapestry of your existence it

is an elabor elaborate tapestry crafted

with patience embroidered with threads

of kindness devoid of Envy or pride no

matter how intricate the pattern of your

life each detail is carefully worked by

the love that permeates the entire

universe as you face life’s challenges

remember that my love is like a Guiding

Light leading your steps through the

darkness it is the unshakable foundation

sustaining you in moments of adversity

like a father longing for the good of

his child I wish for your heart to be

filled with a peace that transcends all

understanding even in your shortcomings

my love is unwavering it does not

retreat in the face of Life storms but

remains as an unshakable Rock the

eternal life promised through faith in

my son is the Supreme expression of this

love it is a journey that transcends

time and mortality a promise echoing

through the centuries Dear Son accept

this love as a precious gift let it

guide your choices Comfort your heart

and inspire you to share this love with

the world around you may every beat of

your heart be an echo of the love

permeating the cosmos a living testimony

of the Redeeming Grace offered to all

who believe as you contemplate this love

may you be enveloped by a peace that

transcends all understanding May the

promises contained in these sacred words

serve as a bomb for your soul renewing

your hope and strengthening your faith

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