today God wants to say something to you

from the heart beloved child it is true

that I will hear from Heaven pardon

their wickedness and heal their country

of my people who are called by my name

humble themselves pray seek my face and

turn from their Wicked

Ways let me also remind you of something

in response to the disciples questions

on the end times my son told them that

kingdoms will rise against kingdoms and

nations would rise against

Nations there will be powerful

earthquakes widespread famines and

pestilences terrifying occurrences and

extraordinary signals from Heaven

Nations will be in pain and confusion

due to the Seas roaring and tossing on

Earth people will faint from fear and

worrying about what is about to happen

to the planet to cause the bodies and

heaven will tremble they will see the

son of man appearing to them then in a

cloud full of Might and

Grandeur I want to encourage you to pray

and be ready for the wonderful day that

is approaching some of the things you

ever requested me I shall not

provide since I am aware of what will

occur if I provide those items to you

Peter and his buddies prayed to me for

the fish throughout the whole night they

were fishing however I did not grant

their wishes because in that morning I

had another plan for them they would not

be known as what they are currently

known as if I had granted them their

quest in a similar vein you may not get

everything that you have prayed for it’s

not that your prayers are not being

heard by me I hear what you’re asking

for yet the reason is that I have a plan

for you a scheme to bring you Prosperity

a scheme to favor you one thing to keep

in mind is that you may not always need

what you believe to be the ideal things

for you put your trust in me I’ll bestow

the finest item onto you at the


moment if you believe in God then you

should like this video in Bible verses

Romans always says and hope does not

plac us to disgrace du to the fact God’s

love has been poured out into our hearts


the Holy Spirit who has been given to us

God claims you need not fear because I

am at your side here me say peace come

your racing heart I promis never leave

you or forsake you no matter what allow

this reassurance to seep into your heart

and thoughts until you are overcome with

joy you don’t need to be afraid even

when the mountains collapse into the sea

and the Earth gives way the news media

doesn’t stop delivering negative

information for breakfast lunch and

supper consistent in take of their meal

will make you unwell The Living Word is

the one who never changes so pay to it

rather than dwelling on erratic always

shifting news br

broadcasts you will go smoothly along

the road of life if you allow scripture

to permeate your thoughts and emotions

despite not knowing what will occur

tomorrow you may be absolutely certain

of where you’re going in the end I grasp

your right hand in mine and then I will

lead you into heaven I am CED you to

live a grateful life I want want

Thanksgiving to be a constant in all of

your moments your appreciation is based

on my

sovereignty the cosmos is created and

controlled by me my glorious presence

fills the sky and the ground you are

behaving as if you believe you could

manage the world more skillfully than I

do when you criticize or complain for

from your human Viewpoint it can seem

like I am not handling things

properly however you are unaware of what

I see or know I could explain a lot more

to you if I opened the curtain to let

you see Celestial worlds but you were

meant to live by faith not by sight

according to my

plan I kindly protect you from looking

into the spirit Realm

and from knowing the future give

gratitude in every situation to

acknowledge my Supremacy I appreciate

your problems please click the like

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others if you have faith in the

Lord as soon as a problem consumes your

thoughts bring it to me and Express

gratitude then ask me to walk you

through how I would handle the

circumstance expressing gratitude to me

frees your thoughts from any unfavorable

thoughts the isue becomes less

significant and less likely to trip you

up as you focus on me we can handle the

matter together addressing at headon or

pudding it off for later thought the

majority of the shoes consuming your

thoughts are ones you borrowed from

future they are not your current

problems in this instance I rais the

issue from the present to the Future

where it will be hidden from view I

offer you my peace which overflows from

my presence to its stead permit me to

Aid you in getting by today there are

several ways to go from from where you

are sleeping down at night to where you

are getting up in the morning remember

to be mindful of my presence at all

times as you navigate the numerous

decisionmaking opportunities that lie

ahead regardless of how you spend the

day you will overcome it one technique

is to moan and stumble your feet

shuffled as you go eventually you will

reach your

destination using this however there is

a more effective method you have the

option to accompany me in that peaceful

way depending on me whenever necessary

even though there will still be

challenges along the road you may boldly

confront them because of my power give

thanks to me for every issue you face

and see how I turn hardship into

opportunities for benefits make me your

go to person as you go about your day

you must continually bring your

attention back to me just as a spinning

ballerina needs to do in order to retain


balance things are changing and it seems

like the world is spinning around you

focusing your attention on me the one

who never changes is the only way to

maintain your equilibrium you’ll become

Li headed and disorient it if you stare

at your situation for an extended period


time when you turn to me and renew

yourself in my presence your steps will

be firm and solid I want you to sit

quietly in my presence and allow

gratitude to flood your thoughts and and

heart the simplest approach to adopt a

grateful attitude is this one look upon

my love which was poured out for you on

the cross if your mind needs a focus

recall that nothing can ever separate

you from that love either on Earth or in

heaven you develop an un shakeable

Foundation of thankfulness as a result

of this remembering Lo for Little

Treasures positioned thoughtfully

throughout the day I gently approach you

and so little Joys to make your day

happier one by one identify them with

great care you will have collected a

beautiful bouquet at the end of the day

with a heart full of gratitude give it

to me as you lay down to sleep let great

ful thoughts play a lullabi in your head

and accept my

peace God says comment yes if you praise


name sweet kids take a moment to pause

and listen for this is not a mere

coincidence but a divine intervention

meant especially for you and this noisy

and chaotic world I am reaching out to

you please please don’t hurry

past I have something special just for

you I ask you to stay while to listen

closely because the words I share hold

the secret to understanding your unique

path and life don’t let the hustle of

Every Day Life distract you from this

moment what are offer is truly

valuable trust me to lead you through

the uncertainty

that shadow your way and into the

clarity of Truth let yourself be

surrounded by my presence for here in

this sacred Place miracles happen and

hearts change so I urge you don’t walk

away accept this precious gift I am

giving you and let it light up your path

showing you the way forward with Clarity

and and

purpose as we stand here at this

Crossroads know that I am am ready to

answer the questions that weigh on your

mind and offer Comfort to your tired

Spirit But first you must agree to come

with me on this journey of Discovery are

you ready it’s time for us to start this

Divine adventure

together my dear child and you I see the

embodiment of my boundless love and

steadfast Grace your life is a

beautifully complex Mosaic made up of

your faith your resilience and your

unwavering Reliance on me every

challenge you face and every difficulty

you overcome ads to the Masterpiece of

your life giving it richness strength


courage as you start this new chapter

filled with blessings and divine favor

step forward with confidence and with

your heart filled with hope your past

does not define who you are rather it’s

the bright future I have planned for you

that shapes you will

become your life is a testament to the

power of my love walk forward and

obedience and strong faith and man

others will be drawn to the light that

radiates from within you they will see

the joy and peace that

surpass understanding and the love that

flows endlessly from your heart in the

deepest part of me forgiveness flows

endlessly like a river through the

valleys of your soul say Al and in the

comment sand share this message with

other so that they can receive Divine

assistance my strength is like a solid

pillar supporting you as you navigate

through life’s complexities forget the

days filled with worrying for I have

removed the Shadows that once darkened

your life give yourself completely to my

care let faith guide you and I will

shower you with joy unmeasured this

Covenant Written in the Stars long

before you were born unites us

forever under my watchful care you are

safe for you rest in the shelter of my

protection from the depths of Despair I

will lift you unfolding Miracles with

each new day today itself is a testament

to my love for you filled with wonders

and blessings to numerous to

count my beloved good child your

unwavering trust in my guidance and your

faith in my ability to lead you through

all aspects of Life have been a beacon

in the darkness your faith is the

foundation upon which you have built

your journey allowing you to see The

Impossible become possible despite

numerous challenges over the past year

you’ve held tightly to the grace I’ve

given you emerging from each challenged

with a resilience that defies

explanation the seeds of kindness Purity

love Faith and dedication that you’ve

planted have not been wasted they have

taken root in your soul preparing the

ground for a fruitful

Harvest this year you will see the

Abundant rewards of your faithfulness

each blessing will appear at just the

right time allowing you to enjoy every

moment and every experience with deep

gratitude and joy I know the desires of

your heart the dreams that stir your

soul and the aspirations that move you I

am constantly at work for you

orchestrating the events of your life to

fulfill these dreams I see the burdens

you carry and stand by you in every

struggle fighting for your

well-being if you want to continue

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thank you button in Quiet Moments I

renew your strength and bolster your

faith prepare you for what lies

ahead each morning listen from my soft

voice comforting and encouraging you

know that your life is securely held in

my hands and every day is filled with

potential for new discoveries and

joys Embrace this journey with total

trust for I am always with you guiding

protecting and lavishing you with my

infinite love in the Embrace of a loving

all powerful

and compassionate God you find yourself

surrounded by Divine affection this is

not just a fleeting feeling it is a

profound truth that goes beyond

understanding you are incredibly

valuable in the eyes of the

Divine to accept it with belief please


the Divine message for you the

notion of Desire is the main topic in

this poetry James claims that when

someone is tempted to sin it’s because

they have a need or desire for something

that pulls them in the direction of

sin this what may manifest itself in a

variety of ways such as a need for

material Goods a desire for Authority or

control or need for fulfillment or

pleasure be because our wants have a big

impact on how we think we need to

exercise caution when we give into our

impulses we may find ourselves

preoccupied with satisfying the

momentary gratification that results

from our choices it’s important to

remember that

Temptations and wants are not always a

sign of

wrongdoing the problem me emerges when

such Cravings push us in the direction

of immoral ideas or deeds for this

reason it’s critical that Christians

keep a closed eye on their hearts and

thoughts to protect against

Temptation they should depend on the

Holy Spirit and the teachings of God’s

word to help them resist the draw of


desire the premise of underlying James

caution In this passage is that when we

are faced with temptation we should

proceed with caution and judgment

although Temptation might be seductive

and appealing we must be aware of its

harmful effects and be wary of its


nature the only way to resist the lure

of sinful desire is too depend and on

the Holy Spirit and the knowledge found

in God’s

word this text exhorts parents to

purposefully and conscientiously raise

their children in the ways of God’s

truth and righteousness this increases

the possibility that the youngster will

carry those lessons into

adulthood this passage gives the

directive that trains up a child this

suggests providing education and a

loving atmosphere that upholds Godly

ideals and principles as well as

purposeful and deliberate teaching

disciplining and directing of a child’s

character and

behavior as parents we naturally want

the best for our kids and often

concentrate on me their monetary and

physical requirements such security and

comfort but spiritual requirements are

just as crucial if not more

so we have a huge impact on growth as

parents and this way our hopes and goals

for them might to influence them for a

long time molding their morals

personalities an everlasting

Destiny given that our connection with

our children’s Spiritual Development as

a legacy from god let’s have high hopes

for their spiritual

well-being the text emphasizes how

important it is to begin a child’s

Journey of Faith at a young age to

inculcate Godly principles and to guide

them toward living a life that honors

and obeys

God delight yourself in the Lord refers

to the

satisfaction pleasure and contentment

that come from a deep connection with

God it entails looking for him reading

his word and adjusting Our Lives to

reflect his

teachings it is about putting Jes Jesus

first and relying alone on him for

fulfillment when we really love God our

goals and purposes for our life

coincide we experience a transformation

in our desires leading us to want what

God wants for


us the passage States and he will give

you the desires of your heart for this

reason the scripture does does not

promised that God would Grant all of our

worldly or selfish

wishes rather it is a guarantee that our

goals will coincide with God’s

intentions and plans when we find our

happiness and fulfillment in him in

order to grow spiritually God will

provide us the desires that are in

accordance with his will


therefore finding well-being in the Lord

involves developing and strengthening

your connection with him via activities

like spending time in fulfillment

reading and meditating on his word

worshiping and thanking him and taking

pleasure in

prayer requesting his direction to

include him in everything thing that we

do and abiding by his word In this

passage Paul teaches Timothy the value

of concentration and focus in his

service to God by using the example of a

soldier Paul exhorts Timothy to put his

commitment to God and his ministry first

just as a soldier’s first priority is to

satisfy his commanding officer and carry

out his military

duties this is for us Believers as well

living as a Christian is a spiritual

battle in the course of our religious

Journey Christians encounter obstacles

and difficulties but we are obligated to

persevere and fight a good

fight this calls for bravery tenacity

and faith in God’s might we need to

refrain from being sidetracked or

involved in Earthly matters since they

may impede our ability to serve God

effectively and develop

spiritually rather we need to stay

committed to our goal land strive to

satisfy God who is ultimately in charge

this serves as a reminder for us to hold

fast to our beliefs and put our

connection with God above anything else

in the

world it inspires us to remain focused

on God’s work and not let the world’s

distractions pull us away from

it type Al if you trust in

Lord my Prin

I have raised you up to a place of great

purpose but there will be many who will

not understand your position even you

may not realize why I have strategically

placed you here for such a time as

this you will be tempted to seek the

approval of others and waste precious

time defending the plans that I’ve

placed in your heart but remember I am

the Lord your God you did not choose me

I chose

you I will lift you high above any

circumstances that come against my

Divine Purpose for your life the only

one who can stop my miraculous work in

and through your life is you so instead

of making one more plan give your plan

hands completely to and let me finish

the work I started in

you Comet Lord stand with

me attention listener join this prayer

with me and say it with me oh mighty one

my soul finds this word to be convicting

though I am fully aware that you have

never abandoned me and have always been

there for me in times of

need I consider all the times I have

forgotten what you have done and enable

the adversary to so dread and worry

please pardon me for letting the

adversary dominate my thoughts I

apologize for questioning your kindness



Grace your generosity has astonished me

and even in times of scarcity I have all

I could ever need we have never seen the

righteous abandoned of their offspring

begging for food as your word informs us

you take care of your kids and are a

decent father

please pardon me for the times I

disregarded your ideal timing and try to

handle things on my own I apologize if

it seemed like you needed my advice

Insight or assistance to question you

who I am please assist me in seeing that

while we sometimes have to wait your

timing is impeccable

you’re working while you’re waiting I am

becoming more like you you are

developing me as a leader anything that

doesn’t represent who you are you’re

cutting off to help me see that you are

my light you are leading me into a Realm


Darkness you are putting me through

hardships so that I may see your mind

you’re forcing me to face rejection so I

can see my value I shall get nearer to

you since you are supporting me

throughout my

struggles you haven’t abandoned me if I

put my trust in you your time and your

promises your vision will materialize by

the name of Jesus Amen

thank you for your unwavering support

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develop devotion towards God and if you

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