god’s message today My son, my beloved, I know you’ve been facing some dark days lately.

Your faith has been tested to the extreme and you feel weak and discouraged.

Perhaps you have even doubted my love for you.

But I want to tell you you are not alone in this battle.

Never doubt that I am by your side every moment, even when all seems lost.

The trials of this life are temporary, but my love for you is eternal.

the cloud of sadness that hangs over you.

These are powerful truths, capable of bringing about a profound transformation in your spirit,

restoring the joy and peace you so desire.

I invite you to stop everything now and listen carefully to what I have to say.

Open your heart so that my voice can echo within you.

Let go of your worries for a few minutes.

Silence all the thoughts that are screaming in your mind.

Quiet your heart now just to listen to me.

I’m sure you’ll find relief, consolidation and renewed courage when you hear what I’m

about to tell you.

God says Come closer, dear, come and feel the paternal presence that is by your side

on all of life’s journeys.

I am here, not as a distant entity, but as someone who is forever with you.

Your salvation and my eternal love are pure evidence of how far my affection for you reaches.

Allow the truth of being my beloved to echo in your deepest being, like the continuous

murmur of a stream that will never cease.

Proclaim “I am loved by God!”

Every dawn that rises, welcome it with a heart overflowing with gratitude.

Enjoy the sunrise, breathe deeply, celebrate the countless blessings poured into your life.

When the blanket of night covers the world and the stars twinkle in the firmament, fall

asleep with grateful thoughts, knowing that even in your rest, my vigil is constant and


The salvation I have granted you, my son, is not just for your own comfort, but is a

beacon of hope to those around you.

You are a vessel overflowing with life, leading my Holy Spirit.

May this flow energize the weary, console the afflicted and guide the disoriented.

Let this Holy Spirit guide you to radiate my love wherever you go, simply by praying

“Holy Spirit, think, live and love through me”.

Then see how my presence manifests in you, offering compassion and kindness.

Type with faith “I am a channel of the divine presence!”

Imagine the euphoria of seeing a dry heart quenched, a downcast spirit uplifted, and

a lost wanderer find his way.

This joy, child, not only benefits the recipient, but also enriches your soul, because when

you give, you receive, completing the cycle of full happiness.

Ponder the magnitude of the gift that is eternal life – a powerful commitment that transcends

human understanding, a preciousness beyond measure and a flame that illuminates even

the darkest of paths – granted to you by my unfathomable love.

Take this knowledge as a constant comfort and as the strength that sustains you, regardless

of the challenges.

Always remember, you are not alone.

You carry within you the source of life – my Spirit – who never abandons you.

Beloved, feel God’s love flowing through these words.

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Stay with us, because we will reveal more truths that will bring peace to your soul.

I invite you to dive deep into the renewable springs of salvation.

As you drink from this water, let it renew in your heart the indelible certainty of my

constant care.

This inexhaustible source of life, whose essence overflows in abundance, is the symbol of my

Kingdom, where there is no shortage of mercy or grace.

Be filled and satiated, for in my love you will find complete satisfaction.

Declare firmly “In God I find my rest!”

When you feel lost or embrace doubt, return to that source.

Drink again and remember my constancy; I remain the same throughout all ages.

My promises are solid, as real as the earth you walk on and as vast as the skies you admire.

Let the story of your life be a reflection of my joy, share the wonders that have brought

about a transformation in your spirit.

Every story you tell generates ripples that extend far beyond what the eye can see, reaching

hearts, sculpting destinies and raising my name.

Hold on tight to the certainty of the love I have for you, warm yourself in the grace

I offer without measure.

Allow happiness to invade your heart, recognizing that you are deeply loved, valued and safe

in my omnipotent hands.

Rejoice, for your name shines in the Book of Life and your place is already certain

in my eternal Kingdom.

Celebrate the joy of having your salvation as an internal treasure, a beacon for others

to see and an inheritance of faith to follow, as well as a continuous song of my unending

love for you.

I gratefully declare “My heart is the residence of God’s faith and love!”

Look to me, your Creator, confidant and eternal Father.

Just as the light of dawn envelops the world with its warmth, my gaze pours over you with

limitless love and infinite mercy.

Feel the embrace of my presence, which comforts you like a garment, dispelling the discouragement

of earthly adversities.

In the sacred recesses of your heart, be aware that I am there with you, silent and devoted,

hovering with the same grandeur that outlined the stars and carved earthly foundations.

I remind you that you emerge from a world marked by pain and trial, but don’t forget

your noble lineage.

You transcend your mundane existence, for you are heir to a great Kingdom.

Called and loved by me, the Crown of Life awaits you, and noble heavenly blood flows

through your veins.

As you walk through this world, don’t hesitate in the dark valleys or on the mountains of

raging storms.

DECLARE “I am loved and chosen by the King of Kings!”

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The painful moments we face, no matter how intense, are only brief murmurs when placed

in the perspective of eternity.

Feel my contiguous presence; at your side, inwardly, and in everything around you, unchanging

and tireless.

My power to save is unlimited and my ears are perpetually attentive to the sound of

your voice.

When trials seek to melt your hope, remain resolute, for you will face nothing alone.

Proclaim “I am under the constant care of the Lord!”

I equip you with the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit – weapons that are yours

to wield.

Stand firm in the truth that every challenge is a tool I use to hone and mold you, forging

you into a vessel worthy of the sublime vocation I have designed for your life.

There will come a time, my beloved, when your faith will shine visible and you will leave

behind the dimness of earthly existence, entering the never-ending day of my glorious light.

On that endless morning, any pain or sorrow will be dispelled like mist dissipated by

the rising sun and death will lose its place.

Weeping, suffering and pain will be old concepts that will disappear as I renew all things.

In that immaculate radiance, the totality of my joy, the vast dimensions of my love,

and the true purpose of your existence will unfold before you.

Type with faith “I will live in the fullness of God’s blessing!”

You will reign by my side where the light of my face will illuminate every corner, where

the waters of the River of Life will flow clear and the Tree of Life will bear fruit

without ceasing.

As you navigate the rough seas of this existence, keep your gaze fixed on the promise of the

future, allowing hope to serve as a stable and secure anchor for your soul.

Then remember I am with you, holding you firmly until the end of time.

As a loving father, as your guide and protector, the greatest defender of your worth – I call

you by name; you belong to me.

True wealth lies in the eternity of my love and the unceasing grace that surrounds you.

Walk in this truth, for the peace of my presence will be your joy and strength.

You are my beloved, a royalty dressed in the beauty of holiness, destined for unparalleled


Comment with hope “The light of the Lord will guide my path!”

Now, child, stand up with the courage I grant, move forward in faith, knowing that I am by

your side.

Even if you stumble, you will not fall, for I am holding you with my righteous hand.

Take each step with the confidence of one who is deeply loved, for that is what you

truly are.

Until the dawn of that day when my call is complete, walk with me, talk with me and find

rest in me, for I am your God and you are my precious treasure.

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Through my eyes, allow yourself to understand the immeasurable joy I have prepared for you.

Imagine the sun dispelling the shadows of a storm, enveloping everything with its comforting


This joy, which is the expression of my own joy, serves as a beacon, an unbreakable promise

that persists despite the storms of life, calling you close to me.

Declare “Hope in God is the anchor of my soul!”

The moment the universe was conceived, when I painted the sky and sprinkled the cosmos

with stars, I knew it – its face, its name.

I foresaw the mountains and valleys in your path, but I was aware of the exultation that

awaited you; the ineffable joy that emanates from standing in my presence.

Come closer, let any resistance surrounding your heart crumble, and allow your spirit

to soar in the infinity of my love.

In my exuberant presence, you will find a joy that transcends circumstances, that doesn’t

waver with the changing of the times – a joy as enduring as my love for you, boundless

and fierce.

Remember, my child, remember the cross – the thorns, the nails, the hard wood – the price

of your liberation.

I triumphed over sin and death not as a demanding sovereign, but as a father ensuring the future

of his beloved children.

comment “In God’s love, I find freedom!”

My triumph has paved a way, a bridge from Earth to Paradise, accessible to all who embrace

my grace, to all who believe.

As you make your way in this world, you will face tribulations, but take courage in the

conviction that the rescue and redemption of your soul is securely deposited in my hands

– a certainty as unshakeable as the dawn and as firm as my Throne.

Trust in me, your Savior, and let that trust transmute into an exuberance of joy.

Let your light shine forth, cutting through the darkness and touching the lives around


You are my ambassador, the bearer of my truth.

Spread it generously, love unreservedly and live authentically.

Repeat after me “My life reflects the truth and love of God!”

When your existence aligns with mine, you become part of a greater storyline, an epic

that transcends the temporal, extending into eternity.

I have come to bring truth to a world tangled in illusions, to bear witness to the hope

found only in me.

By joining me in this purpose, you become a beacon for those lost in the darkness.

Every gesture of kindness and every true word reflects my light, guiding others to me.

Never underestimate the influence of your testimony and the impact of your faith, because

by living my love in the world, you embody the manifestation of this sublime love.

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In this way, the light we receive can shine for others too.

This love that offered itself on the cross, destroying the bonds of death and bringing

the promise of eternal life, is the greatest gift of all.

In me, you are more than a winner; you are, in fact, a child of a King and heir to an

eternal, irrevocable covenant.

I will always be with you, offering direction, strength and care as your path is illuminated

by the light of my presence.

Type with faith “My life is illuminated by the presence of God!”

Keep in mind that the journey itself is just as important as the final destination.

Every step you take in faith brings you closer to my welcoming arms.

I am here, patient and unwavering, waiting for you to return home – a place where happiness

is complete and my glory is fully unveiled.

Until that day comes, live fully in the victory I have already guaranteed you and allow the

happiness of my salvation to flood your heart.

The world may tell you that joy is ephemeral, that hope is uncertain, but I assure you

in me, joy is your strength, hope is your solid anchor, and love is the supreme valour

of my kingdom.

Let these truths infuse your being to overflowing and make your story the testimony of the joy

I offer you, a joy that cannot be described and that is full of glory.

if you are faithful type “In God, my strength, hope and love overflow!”

Know, my beloved, that I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the

guardian of all time.

Hours, days and years are mere threads in the vast mosaic I am creating, and each one

has its own defined space within my grand plan.

Clocks can go round, seasons change, and you, my precious creation, learn and mature within

the boundaries I have lovingly designated.

Although your life is timed by the clock, I am not restricted by time.

I dwell in the eternal realm, where time has no dominion over my actions or my love for


Understand that every fraction of your existence is held in the emptiness of my powerful hands,

with an affection that never fails.

When the waiting causes you distress, when the minutes seem to expand into endless miles,

I will be there with you.

In the stillness, in the longing, in the quiet passing of each moment, know that you are

not alone, because in my divine patience, I wait by your side.

Affirm “Every day I walk towards God’s embrace!”

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Every second of your time is a passage towards the unfolding of my perfect plan for you,

my precious child.

When you look at the clock, you can feel the transience of the moment, as if you were trying

to hold sand between your fingers.

While you perceive uncertainty, I see a horizon full of chances to grow.

Where you find postponements, I recognize the appropriate time to unfold my creation.

Free yourself from the worries of the future, throw the burden of “when” and “what” at my


I will collect them and, from them, I will sculpt a future that surpasses your most fertile


Think of the attentive farmer who painstakingly sows his land.

He takes care of the shoots, watering and watching over them, but the harvest comes

at the right time, under the necessary sun and rain.

It is in expectation that your trust expands and matures.

if you trust type “My faith is strengthened in the expectant presence of God.”

May your soul be purified like silver, and your heart become like a reflection of mine.

Consider the bride waiting for the wedding celebration, the patient waiting for relief,

not in vain, for I am interweaving the story of their lives with threads of gold and silver,

telling a tale of divine goodness and personal growth.

Waiting with an expectant heart will allow you to recognize the right time for each chapter

of your existence.

Remember, dear child, the words I spoke through the prophet Jeremiah I have loved you with

an everlasting love; therefore I have drawn you with faithfulness (Jeremiah ).

My love does not know the limitations of time; it is everlasting, sure and eternally flowing.

He is your fortress when time seems uncertain.

Affirm with faith “God’s eternal love is my rock!”

Then I rest in the care I offer, like a child in the arms of a devoted father.

You are inscribed on the palms of my hands, engraved in the core of my being.

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May God bless and guide your steps on every journey you take.

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with God.

Declare “I will be an ambassador of God’s love and light.”

My beloved child, treasure these words in your heart.

Come back to them whenever darkness surrounds you again.

Let the truth I have shared here give you the strength to go on.

I only ask for a few minutes of your attention.

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Always remember that no matter how turbulent the waters, Jesus walks with us.

He holds our hand firmly and nothing can separate us from His infinite love.

May God richly bless the lives of each and every one of you.

I hope to see you again soon with more videos that will certainly strengthen our daily walk

with Christ.

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