trust and rely on God only he can turn a

mess into a message test into a

testimony a trial into a Triumph and

what is broken into something beautiful

normalizing sin is ruining our society

blessed is nation whose God’s the Lord

You Can’t Stop God’s plan dear Jesus I

just wanted to say thank you thank you

for dying for me thousands of years

before I would even know it thank you

for blessing me with so much in this

life thank you for providing n an

opportunity to be with you in the next

I’m so grateful be thankful for the

closed doors roadblocks and detours God

protected you from paths and places that

were never meant for you Holy Spirit you

are welcome here don’t worry about

people God has removed from your life he

heard conversations you didn’t saw

things you couldn’t end made Moves you

wouldn’t read this in silence dear God I

may not understand how everything will

work out but I trust you I don’t see a

way but but I know you will make a way I

have faith at this very moment that you

are touching Hearts opening doors and

lining up the right breaks and right

opportunities things may look dark and

Bleak now but I have faith my Dawn is

coming amen rejection is sometimes God’s

protection I pray your July is filled

with hope love success and most

importantly God’s grace God has a way of

wrecking you plans before your plans

wreck you God prepares you for what he

prepares for you sometimes God lets you

hit rock bottoms so that you realize

that God is the rock at the bottom David

didn’t any d t o no goth stray GTH

because he already knew Gods nothing you

are facing today is stronger than God

you are enough don’t believe the devil

when H tells you otherwise I a liar God

miracle and I believe him dear God I

pray the remaining months of are

filled with restoration Health new doors

opening bigger opportunities amazing

breakthroughs and a reign of blessings I

don’t know who needs to read this but if

you chase Jesus as much as you chase the

things you think you want you’ll wind up

with more than you’ll ever need before

we could ever choose to love and follow

Jesus he chosen loved us first I stopped

venting and started praying I don’t need

sympathy I need strength Sundays are

great for spending time with Jesus but

so are Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays

Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays in these

challenging times it’s more important

than ever to act like Jesus let your

prayers be louder than your worries and

fears you need all the delicate inner

parts of my body and knit me together in

my mother’s womb there has never been a

time when God didn’t direct protect or

correct me there may have been times

where I was less than faithful to him

but he had faith in me some something is

seriously wrong when the world is

offended by everything but sin if Jesus

has blessed you today nty P amen run to

Jesus don’t walk run everything else in

this world will fail and disappoint you

Jesus never will one day you’ll look

back and be thankful that it went

goddess way and not yours although I

don’t know what tomorrow will bring

there is comfort in knowing that what

comes as a surprise to us does not come

as a surprise to God make prayer your

lifestyle not just your emergency

contact not once in the Bible does it

say to worry about it stress over it or

figure it out but over and over it

clearly says too trust God I need Jesus

every minute every hour every day I need

him following Jesus is a daily pick up

my cross change nmy bevir saying I’m

sorry focusing on Heaven loving everyone

El can and trusting God no matter what

type of life just when you are about to

lose all hope God will send a blessing

to remind you that he has been holding

you up the entire time God isn’t in a

hurry we are trust his timing not yours

this world would be so much better if

everyone would just stop and listen to

God one day soon you’ll wake up in the

weight of the last few weeks months or

even ye ours will be lifted off your

shoulders you can’t control when that

day will be all you can do is trust God

and have faith it is coming dear God I

don’t deserve all of the chances you

have given me I fail time and time again

but I can always trust you to pick me

back off dust me off and P me on a

better path each and every time I am so

grateful thank you in Jesus name I pray

amen just wait to see why God made you

wait it’s going to be amazing in my life

I have learned that there are blessings

behind every struggle there is pain with

every change there are dreams that turn

into you anwered prayers there is

sunshine after each storm there is

always a season for everything and a

breakthrough in every heartbreak

sometimes your plans are delayed because

God is protecting you from what not

meant for you if something is pulling

you away from God today it’s not coming

I know things are rough right now with

inflation gas prices and food prices the

devil is pushing us to our limits but

the Bible said there would be birthing

pains so stay focused on your faith in

Jesus he will carry us through this

storm he is the light in this Darkness

many will come on De new life but Jesus

is fr who comes to stay dear God lately

I’ve been so worried about the things

that are out of my control help me to

trust that you are working every little

detail of my life out and that I have

nothing to fear or worry about thank you

God Amen God when my lips no longer know

what to ask for in prayer please hear my


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