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today you have a strong message from

God my little one there are loads of

blessings I actually iave given to your

existence as an Evidence to expose you I

actually have the first class blessing

for you if I became able to give you the

one’s blessings do you suppose I am

notable to provide you with the right

blessing within the right time so so

instead of demanding approximately your

Lifestyles or destiny trust in me I know

hat you need and what the first trait

you want in the right time I will supply

it to you so donon mediate on my phrase

pray approximate life entirety and

consider in me in the Bible verses


– always says so do not fear fear

for I am with you do no longer be

dismayed for I am your God I will

reinforce you and assist you I will

uphold you with my righteous proper hand

like the video if you have truly faith


Jesus dear kids I know what you are

facing many demanding situations and

problems and that you’re feeling

irritating and crushed I really realiz

that the arena appears to be complete of

Hassle and turmoil and which you don’t

know what the future holds I recognize

what you are longing for a relaxed and

Serene state of mind and a quiet and

restful soul but I want you to recognize

that I am your source of peace and

quietness I am the only who offers you

peace that surpasses all expertise I am

the only who calms your fears and quiets


worries I am the one who fills your

heart with joy and your spirit with wish

I am the only who presents you rest and

refreshment I am the only who makes you

complete and whole you can enjoy my

peace and Tranquility my toddler through

abiding in me and letting me abide in

you to abide in me manner to live close

to me and to rely upon me to let me

Abide a new method to invite me into

your life and to give up to me as you

abide in me and I in you you may be

connected to me and you’ll draw from me

you will obtain from me all which you

need and all that you preference you can

be glad in me and you may be cont tent

in me c claims please type amen if you

accept my grace dear Lord I recognize

that traumatic received me nowhere yet I

still allow worry and anxiety to consume

me in times together with thieves Lord I

ask you to provide me a topnotch

quantity of power faith and courage to

fight off the doubt and wor within my

mind Faith casts out fear at the same

time as worry casts out Faith thank you

Lord in jesus’ name

amen little kids I am above all things

your problems your pain and the swirling

events on this aever converting

International when you behold my face

you upward thrust above situations and

rest with me in heaven Heavenly Realms

this is the manner of Peace dwelling

inside the light of my

presence I assure that you’ll constantly

have troubles in this Lifestyles but

they ought to no longer grow to be your

focus when you experience yourself

sinking inside the sea of s distance say

help me Jesus and I will draw you again

to me if you’ve got to say that lots of

instances daily don’t be discouraged I

know your weak spot and I meet you in

that very

vicinity trust me enough to spend enough

time with me pushing again the demands

of the day refuse to sense guilty

approximately something that is so

fascinating to me the king of the

universe because I am omnipotent I am

able to bend time and occasions for your

favor you will locate that you may

accomplish more in much less time after

you have got given yourself to me in

Rich communion also as you align

yourself with my attitude you may kind

out what’s important and what isn’t

don’t fall into the entice of being

constantly he the

cross many many stuff people do in my

name have no value in my state to keep

away from doing meaningless Works stay

in persistent conversation with me I

will instruct you and educate you in the

manner you need to move I will counsel

you with my eye upon you if you have

faith and Lord taipa men never take for

granted my

aarness Marvel at The Wonder of my

continual presence with you even the

most Ardent human lover cannot be with

you continually nor can some other

character realize the intimacies of your

coronary heart mind and

spirit I realize everything about you

even the quantity of hairs to your head

you don’t want to work at revealing

yourself to me many human beings spend a

lifetime or a small fortune searching

for someone who is familiar with them

yet I freely available to the all who

call upon my name who open their hearts

to acquire me as Savior this easy Act of

Faith is the start of a lifelong love

story I the lover of your soul recognize

you per manufacturing facility and love


perpetually if you agree l Lord words

then share this video who is closest to

your heart the scripture tells there are

so many things in life that we cannot

manipulate we cannot manage the climate

he cannot control what humans say

approximately us we cannot manage what

takes place to us the listing goes on

and on though there are so many things

we can’t man AG we can control where we

area our faith I am reminded of the

disciples stuck on a boat in the center

of a potentially deadly

hurricane instead of placing their faith

in a boat that could s that they had be

wise to place their faith in Jesus the

only who instructions the wind and the

waves if you’re dealing with a typhoon

these days with God’s help don’t place

your faith in what you notice but

alternatively position your faith in

What God Says and who he is never allow

the presence of a hurricane reason you

to doubt the presence of God because

true peace isn’t always discovered

inside the absence of a hurricane true

peace is found within the presence of

God you don’t must have the whole thing

found out just take one day at a time

and consider in my lead when matters

sense un certain give up then to me when

existence feels chaotic discover te in

my presence when the feature appears

darkish allow my M to light up the way

cast all of your anxieties upon on me do

to the fact I take care of O remember

Peter to concept he became drowning but

I by no means take my eyes off of my

kids even if my youngsters take their

eyes off of me you’re not analyzing this

with the aid of twist of fate this is

your confirmation de go beg to make it

no remember what it seems like right now

God is going to send blessings Solutions

healing love and positive exchange your

manner so preserve on strong and don’t

give up no you are subsequent in line to

your Miracle kind am men and percentage

in case you believe in God right amen if

you believe in Jesus Christ praise be to

the God and father of our Lord Jesus

Christ the father of compassion and the

God of all consolation who Comforts Us

in all our troubles Corinthians

— dear listener join this faithful

prayer with me and repeat after me oh

blessed Lord I do not need to be fooled

or distracted the international offers

me peace and

protection however it

cannot tell it to my soul once more oh

Lord all all need is Jesus show me

another time how much you loved me which

you gave me your son your only son

innocent holy faithful Christ almighty

reveal to my heart once more a love so

deep and sturdy that it casts out all

fear and doubt it’s not about and smooth

existence no it’s approximately my soul

secure with God irrespective what may

addition Al come so will raise my head

and do my best and even if my quality is

not excellent sufficient you are there

for me you’ll pick up up the damaged

portions even damaged in Christ I Rise

Up L am a beloved child of God he makes

me new once more I pray would you assist

me forgive this betrayal I counted on a

person to be my friend always always

they let me down and I wished them the

maximum when I seen left and right they

had been nowhere to be determined they

precipitated me a lot pain I felt like I

should hate them all the time but please

calm my spirits and my soul cause me to

let go and forgive them let me keep in

mind what you probably did for me on the

path so I can forgive and forget about

about this betrayal in Jesus call

amen I appreciate you taking you

precious time you are always welcomed to

transition from negative to Happy

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