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my beloved son, today I have a Message from God for you.

A Message from God full of blessings, guidance and divine promises that can completely transform

your current reality.

God says he has a wonderful plan in store for you.

A plan of infinite love, forgiveness, healing, freedom, prosperity and genuine joy.

No matter what challenges you face, God is ready to perform miracles in your life today!

Listen to me son when I say no voice that declares you unworthy deserves your time.

These are illusions, distortions of the truth.

You are my beloved son, you have opened your heart to me and chosen to express your love

for me every day.

For this reason, I have chosen you as the heir to the highest virtues – purity, kindness,

integrity, gentleness.

Your dreams, rooted in truth and compassion, are destined to come true.

So go forward with unshakeable faith in your future triumphs.

Make sincere efforts, because it’s never too late to start.

Age, after all, is just a number.

If you feel unprepared, remember I strengthen and prepare those who are willing to draw

close to me, to serve me with genuine devotion.

Consider this a direct appeal to your heart.

You are destined to accomplish magnificent and significant deeds, regardless of past

deviations or mistakes.

That’s why you believe in my sacrifice and resurrection – I forgive your mistakes, offer

you renewal, a transformed heart and the chance to rebuild your life on more solid foundations.

Declare with confidence “I am deeply loved by God.”

I intend to be a living example in your home, an unceasing source of blessings for your


I will change the hearts of those who have underestimated you, making clear to everyone

your inestimable value and the immense love I have for you.

So ignore the voices that insist you are not enough.

I am the Lord Almighty, your deliverer and redeemer, the one who surrounds you in grace

and mercy.

I revive your weary spirit and, with each new breath, reveal more of my unending love.

Trust in me, rejoice in my unconditional love, for in it rest your perpetual joy, well-being

and all the blessings destined for you.

Never hesitate to proclaim your love and faith in me, for in every joy and every challenge,

I will remain by your side.

Comment “My faith in God is the foundation of my joy.”

I noticed your faith was vibrant and true, pulsating with fervor and passion.

You have matured spiritually, you have learned to trust me and to wait patiently for the

blessings I have meticulously prepared.

I am gathering an army of brave souls, full of enthusiasm for living, ready to spread

my love and dedicated to transformation, rejuvenated in spirit and purpose.

You are undoubtedly part of this valiant army.

However, I urge you to remain vigilant to the teachings you receive and the visions

you welcome; my word must be your guide.

Nourish yourself with it, immerse yourself in my Holy Spirit – read it, listen to it,

proclaim it, write it, sing it – in every way possible, allow it to move your spirit.

It is my desire that you learn about true stewardship, for I long to bless you abundantly,

guiding you towards true prosperity and countless blessings.

Say with faith “In God, I find my strength and purpose.”

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I imagine we’re sitting side by side, like old friends, and I have something incredible

to share with you – a truth that has the power to redefine your life.

This is the time for you to choose follow my lead, walk with me in true commitment,

because you are about to embark on a new phase of your journey.

With your devotion and attention to my advice, you will flourish.

It is you whom I have chosen to be a pillar of support for your family, to sail from triumph

to triumph, with the assurance of my presence at every step, ascending from one glory to

the next.

Through your recognition and adoration, I promise you to reveal the depth of my love,

seeking ways to demonstrate how you are safe, supported and infinitely blessed by me.

Declare “I am deeply loved by God.”

My tenderness for you is constant, my promise of eternal love is engraved in the words I

speak, solidified through my sacrifice and evidenced by the dwelling of the Holy Spirit

in your being.

Like a fire that purifies, like a powerful breeze that drives away ancient sorrows, He

brings serenity to your soul and rebuilds your innermost being.

He casts away fear and stretches out his hands to receive the anointing that rejuvenates

both body and spirit.

In the stillness of the night, your rest will be deep and unshakeable, and when you wake

up, anxiety will give way to renewal.

Type with faith “God’s love is my daily strength.”

My child, have you ever felt the desire to have a life of true abundance, where your

deepest desires come true?

The divine wisdom I’m about to reveal unlocks the secrets of the Quantum Hologram Prayer

– an innovative method that harnesses the power of parallel universes to manifest your

heartfelt prayers with unstoppable force.

Adopt this revolutionary approach, and everything you’ve ever wanted – vibrant health, loving

relationships, unlimited wealth and infinite energy – will be yours to claim.

Look for the link in the pinned comment to unlock this life-changing knowledge.

I will continue to remind you, every moment, of the value you possess in my eyes and how

much you are cherished.

My tireless efforts are to smooth your path, to ensure the well-being of your family, so

that your children grow up wise and prosper.

Trust me, nothing is forgotten, for everything there is an appointed time.

It is my intention to bless you, to open up previously invisible paths, and to enrich

your life with wisdom, faith, humility and patience.

You are my precious child, positioned to grow and achieve immeasurable success.

The key to these blessings?

My sacred and powerful word.

Treasure it dearly, let it be the treasure closest to your heart.

Say “I trust in God’s plan for my life.”

Even if your past has been marked by failures, even if you have fallen in the face of adversity,

I want you to know as long as you follow my path, you will feel my presence guiding

your every step.

I am here to reside in your heart, within my reach are countless blessings, opportunities,

mercy, forgiveness, divine strength and a unique plan for you and your loved ones.

The days of fear are over; I have removed every threat from your life.

Give yourself completely to me, without hesitation, without doubt, and I will guarantee you immense


By nourishing yourself daily with divine love, you will strengthen yourself for life’s battles.

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source of life.

Even before your existence unfolded under the stars, I had carved you into my heart

with immeasurable esteem.

Let me assure you you are under my protection; no evil will be able to tear apart the security

blanket I have cast over you.

I am here, with open arms, waiting to comfort you, reiterating that you hold an unshakeable

place in my heart.

My plans for your life are unchanging, steadfast over time; I don’t waver, nor do I back away.

If you allow yourself to trust, knowing that your faults will be forgiven, you will be

ready to break with the deceptions of the past, to embrace the immensity of my eternal

and omnipotent love, then you will witness the vibrant promises of my scriptures manifest

in your reality.

Comment “In God’s love, I find forgiveness and renewal.”

Your journey may have been crossed by stumbling blocks or decisions that you now regret, but

never forget, you are my precious child.

Open your heart to the truth that there is forgiveness, power in the blood that was shed

for you, peace, salvation, and an eternal life promised in my resurrection.

From that moment on, a new and beautiful trust will spring up in you, accompanied by an unprecedented

security and a deep affection, perhaps like you’ve never experienced before.

With each new day, draw close to me, talk to me, even in adversity.

At dawn, let your heart overflow with faith and you will see that all my promises will

come true.

Declare with hope “I live on the promises of God.”

Keep this thought in mind to prevent your heart from being overwhelmed by worry or anguish

I’m putting an end to your challenges.

Your time has come, and with it, days of immeasurable happiness and pleasure.

Don’t be afraid, dear child.

No more tears, no more despair.

Your faith in me must be unshakable, for I, your God, am coming to you now.

Know that I hear every whisper, I feel the sincere beating of your heart; your prayers

not only reach my ears, but also the heart of my magnanimous being.

I am and always will be with you, repeating this so that you never forget.

I long for you to seek me out every day, and when you reflect on my words, remember that

I have the power to lift you up.

The promises I make to you are solid and will be fulfilled.

Say with faith “In God, I find peace for my rest and energy for my days.”

I won’t leave you, that’s the promise.

My love for you transcends time, unwavering, and my blessings are limitless, bringing the

peace that is truly yours.

But I ask you again don’t succumb to fear, avoid rash decisions or words spoken in moments

of distress.

The adversary tries to seduce you into error, seeking consequences you would regret, burdening

your spirit and entangling your soul.

But here I am, speaking directly to you if these words resonate in your being, know that

they are for you.

You who have found in God the inexhaustible source of strength and purpose, demonstrate

your total surrender by liking this video, sharing it and subscribing to the channel.

May your actions inspire others to surrender to the Eternal’s great plan.

Treasure these words and revisit them whenever the path seems uncertain.

I ask you now, in the immensity of this life, what will you choose?

Will you give me the place I deserve in your heart or will you continue to listen to those

who misunderstand my nature and do not wish you well?

I am here to strengthen you, to free you from the chains of other people’s judgment.

With me by your side, you will walk confidently towards your blessings, unshaken by criticism

or distractions.

The false accusations hurled at you will lose their power, because when you approach me,

seek me out and speak to me, I answer and offer the clarity your heart craves.

Declare with conviction “My trust is in God alone.”

I want your heart to overflow with my presence, a constant reminder of the promises I have

made to you.

When challenges arise, bring your full attention to me.

In the early hours of the morning, give me your desires and dreams, because I long for

your complete happiness and I have reserved a future of peace and abundance.

I want your family to live free of discord, a home where love and understanding reign.

There are miracles waiting to be manifested in your pure heart.

While others lose themselves in their falsehoods, wearing masks of perfection, remember that

you are my beloved son, and no adverse force can bring you down, for I am your shield and


Comment “In God’s strength, I find my victory.”

My beloved child, have you ever longed for a life of deep fulfillment, where every aspiration

becomes a tangible reality?

The sacred knowledge I offer today reveals the Quantum Hologram Prayer – a paradigm-shifting

technique that unites the realms of spirituality and quantum physics.

By aligning your consciousness with the universe, you can amplify the power of your prayers,

manifesting miracles that will leave you in awe.

From healings and synchronicities to manifestations, nothing will be beyond your reach.

Unlock this destiny-altering wisdom by following the link in the attached comment and get ready

to experience a prayer revolution unlike anything you’ve ever known.

You are not putting your faith in something intangible.

I am a living, powerful and real presence.

My love is genuine, proven through the actions I have taken for you.

Don’t give in to discouragement or sadness at the threats and lies of others.

I am at your side, ready to deliver you from all adversity.

You, my obedient and faithful son, are worthy of the freedom I long to grant you.

Free yourself now from every psychological burden by the power of my sacred and immaculate


When you hear my voice, receive complete healing, body and soul, right where you are.

Type with faith “I am healed and set free by the love of God.”

Get up, gather your aspirations, and follow me on this glorious journey towards the pinnacle

of your fulfillment.

Together, we will overcome challenges, reject any malice and move forward with firmness

and resolve.

You are infinitely valued in my eyes, my beloved son.

My only desire is to heal you and free you from the ties that bind you.

I am annulling curses and dispelling deceptions that suggest there is something more powerful

than me in creation.

This is simply not true.

When I speak, heaven and earth tremble, and evil forces fall to the ground, for their

influence is null and void before my power.

Before the brilliance of my presence, there is no entity, whether of this world or beyond,

capable of opposing you, of causing you pain.

The time is coming to make your dreams come true, to see your blessings become part of

your daily reality.

Prepare yourself for unprecedented joy and admiration that may make you question your

own dignity in the face of the gifts I’m about to give you.

I extend my hand to you once again, with endless kindness, patience and love, inviting you

to transform your way of thinking.

I know that such changes seem unattainable on their own, but I am here to help you with

the challenges that seem insurmountable.

Stay firm in your faith.

Comment “My strength and courage come from God.”

Your Bible, a treasure trove of wisdom, awaits moments when you feel privileged to dip into


Document my teachings, highlighting passages that touch your heart deeply, and keep them

visible for frequent reading and memorization.

But don’t just recite them mechanically.

Allow yourself to reflect on them deeply, so that you can fully absorb the vast love

and power I have for you.

Know that I value you immensely, that I want to enrich your existence and that I have prepared

an infallible plan for both you and yours.

Declare with hope “I am open to the transformation that God is bringing to my life.”

The day you’ve been longing for has arrived.

There will no longer be any need to cry or endure unimaginable suffering.

Your victories will be commensurate with the struggles you have faced; nothing you have

lived or suffered will be in vain.

I send these words to lift you up, to remind you that the difficulties you face are coming

to an end.

The blessing you have waited for so long is one step closer to materializing.

I have looked after you until now, I have protected you, and at no time have you faced

the challenges alone.

My promise will soon manifest itself.

Type with faith “God’s promises are being fulfilled in my life.”

I encourage you to distance yourself from any harmful distractions.

Let go of thoughts that sow doubt about the certainty of my promises or that underestimate

their essential value and meaningful journey.

They have no place in your life.

Keep your distance from those who dismiss your faith as vain; while some may appear

benevolent, their hearts may not be aligned with the truth.

Be vigilant, for my word is the absolute truth and your reliable guide.

Let the unshakeable foundation of true joy, which is faith in Him, resonate deeply in

your souls.

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are reached by this powerful truth.

I’m here to warn you don’t let other people’s advice lead your heart astray.

You are invaluable and I want you to know for sure that your Heavenly Father is true

and that he loves you deeply.

In times of distress, I respond; in dangers, I protect; in needs, I offer help.

I have extended my eternal support to you, your family and future generations.

Don’t be afraid, my dear.

I am with you, being the ultimate antidote to all your afflictions, whether physical

or emotional.

Comment “God’s presence is my comfort and guide.”

My faithful children, listen to me now the key to unlocking the deepest longings of your

heart lies not in ordinary prayers, but in the profound revelation of the Quantum Hologram


This cutting-edge approach, validated by scientific principles and metaphysical exploration, allows

you to connect with realities where your desires have already manifested.

Whether you seek vibrant health, loving companionship, financial abundance or boundless vitality,

the power to generate these blessings is within your reach.

Follow the link in the comment below to embark on a transformative journey that will reshape

your reality.

Your faith, sincerity of heart, willingness to move forward, persistence and determination

in believing in me and my teachings are what I value most.

Even if you sometimes feel lost, know that I am always by your side, not to judge, but

as your ally and companion.

I am preparing a feast of blessings for you, and even though you are surrounded by adversaries,

I will honor you in front of your family and everyone who knows you.

I will lead you down paths never trodden before and, through your life and words, many will

come to know me.

You are on the verge of an era marked by miracles and divine events, you will witness wonders

that will confirm that your blessing is near.

Declare with hope “My deliverance is near, in God’s love I take refuge.”

Tears shed are unnecessary, for I am with you, caring for you and your family with tireless


The warmth of my love will soon envelop you, aspiring to lead you along a serene path,

to lighten the weight of your worries and dispel the oppressive shadow of fear.

With me, you won’t walk alone; your mind will be serene and safe under my watch.

I’ll wait for you in the harbor; if you feel it’s time to embark on this journey, do it

by my side.

Type with faith “Next to God, I find true joy and security.”

Together, we will discover happiness, and you will be richly blessed, always surrounded

by my love.

Proclaim, insert into your soul, sing to the four winds the love you feel for me and the

gratitude for the constant presence that guarantees not only your safety, but also the vibrant

promise of a future filled with hope and blessings beyond measure.

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