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god message hey my son!

Have you ever stopped to think that you may be receiving messages directly from the Creator?

the one who shaped the heavens and the earth may be trying to communicate with you at this

very moment!

Many people ignore these signs, but what if I told you that I was able to pick up on this

divine guidance?

Words full of love, hope, wisdom and power, transmitted directly to guide and bless your


No matter who you are or what you’ve been through.

These messages have been sent especially to touch your heart and transform your journey


Reality shocks, profound truths, invaluable advice – all directly from the lips of the

Most High.

God says; My precious child, feel wrapped in my divine embrace, for it is I, your Heavenly

Father, who speaks directly to your soul right now.

You don’t need to be haunted by the mountains of challenges ahead of you, for I am here

to move those mountains for you.

Just as I rule the winds and the tides, so I will rule the waves of uncertainty that

churn the sea of your heart.

Come to me, and I will offer you the refuge and serenity you so desperately seek, soothing

the worries and fears that drown your peace.

I wish to bathe your days in tranquillity and your nights in calm, for you are infinitely


However, I notice that you sometimes turn your attention to shadows of fear that will

never come true, or listen to voices that hold no real power over your life.

I beg you, stay calm.

Ignore the noise of the world – the alarming news, the malicious buzz, the empty threats

– for your life is safe in my hands.

Even if crowds rise up against you, even facing the consequences of past failures, you will

not fear because I am with you, protecting you from all harm.

Even in turmoil, when it seems that everyone around you is losing hope, stand firm and

courageous, for I will never leave you.

Declare with faith I am surrounded by divine love.

At this moment, I am extending my love to you, touching your heart to heal the doubts

that have clouded your mind day after day.

Know that I love you immensely and I’m proving it now, soothing the wounds left by others,

healing the pain endured.

Everything you’ve been through has shaped you, giving you strength, wisdom and the resilience

you need to support and protect those you love.

Your time of redemption has come, so get ready to spread my love and bring my light to those

who are lost in the darkness.

However, be aware that your adversaries know of your immense potential and are constantly

seeking to disturb your peace and tempt you with disorder.

If you give in to these provocations, losing your faith and sinking into fear, anxiety

could overwhelm you once again.

But hold on tight to this truth my love for you is infinite, my mercy knows no bounds,

and my Holy Spirit will protect you from any harm.

Believe firmly that, even when you fall, I am here to lift you up.

Never think that I have looked away from you.

Even if you find yourself in the traps of your enemies, I will rescue you.

If your faith wavers and your heart is filled with shadows, I will continue to fight for

you, purifying your soul with my promises, because nothing can separate you from my love.

Comment with love My faith is the light that guides my path.

“My beloved children, just as I offer you my love, I ask you to spread this divine flame.

Like this video as a gesture of gratitude, share it with those who long for my light,

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Whether you are facing difficulties or bent over by illness, immersed in conflicts or

surrounded by dangers, I assure you you are already a winner.

Today, I bless you with unbreakable strength.

March on with your head held high, facing challenges and adversaries with courage.

You have developed into a brave man among the brave, a true champion.

Start each day by rekindling your faith through my Word, bringing your prayers and petitions

before me, remembering that with me, nothing is impossible.

Press on steadfastly and experience the peace I offer, for you are entering an existence

marked by the supernatural.

Respond to my call, because your past struggles and adversaries have not been able to do you

any real harm; they are no more than shadows.

Be wary of appearances and other people’s words.

If someone slanders another, don’t be quick to believe them.

Don’t fall into the traps set by the enemy.

My gaze is always looking for sincere, loyal hearts that respect me and follow my commandments.

Say with conviction My faith is my shield.

Dear child, the power of prayer transcends our understanding.

But what if I told you that there is a revolutionary method capable of connecting your prayers

directly to the infinite parallel dimensions of the Creator?

It’s the secret you’ve been missing to unlock all the blessings you long for.

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Don’t let this unique opportunity pass you by!”.

Through my guidance, you are equipped to inspire others, uplift your family and spread these

holy truths.

Avoid the mistakes of others; and if my words seem obscure to you, take a moment to reflect

on the fruits of your efforts and sacrifices – nothing in your journey has been in vain.

Every aspect of your life is converging towards your greatest good.

In your home, your family will witness wonders and understand the specific purpose I have

assigned to each one of you.

Treat everyone with respect, without despising anyone, regardless of their age or past.

Don’t judge those whom I have forgiven.

Instead, help your loved ones grow.

In doing so, my blessings will multiply upon you.

Celebrate with gratitude With every step, I am more blessed.

For those who struggle with sleep, restless with thoughts running wild, know that there

is no need to fear.

I am present, dispelling the darkness that overshadows your past, relieving the weight

of your sins and healing old wounds.

The chains that bound you have been irrevocably broken.

Look forward, with faith and hope, because I am with you, unwaveringly, every step of

the way.

Accept this truth my love for you is so immense that I gave myself on a cross and rose again

with power, guaranteeing your eternal life.

Entrust your life to me and your family will also rejoice in my unending love.

Your home is guarded by the precious blood that washed away your sins.

Put your trust in me, open your lips and I will provide, feeding you with delicacies

that surpass the honey of the rock, satiating you with the finest wheat.

My promises are your daily food, and I am always ready to offer you even more.

Nourish yourself with these truths.

Proclaim with hope In his word I find my sustenance.

In the serenity of the dawn, find peace.

Like a shield guarding you against evil forces, let my word bless your family, promises that

are your foundation.

Always be kind and compassionate, exercising patience and understanding without giving

in to irritation or resentment.

Don’t hold grudges, but celebrate the truth, embracing that eternal love which believes

all things, hopes all things and endures all things.

Cling to this unfailing love, which is the jewel among the supernatural blessings already


Love, hope and faith – of these virtues, the greatest is love, which I readily offer to


Accept it, and make that acceptance a daily commitment, a hymn that your soul sings every


What was planted deep within you has blossomed into splendor, and there are still countless

blessings and gifts waiting for you.

Trust in my support in every situation; approach me with confidence, and offer me your heart

before my altar whenever you need it.

Say with hope My gratitude transcends all tribulations.

Even in moments of doubt or error, I remain faithful, I will never leave you destitute.

I will surround you with my presence, with legions of heavenly angels ready to ensure

your victory in the face of challenges.

In moments of serenity, reflect on the infinite reasons for gratitude that fill your day

your family, your health, the air you breathe, the food on your table, the roof over your

head, and my divine protection, under which warrior angels encamp to guard your dreams.

Look at each day as an opportunity to fill your mind with positivity and your heart with

faith, essential for your protection in times of adversity.

When the heat of trials tries to bring down your spirit, know that I am by your side,

eager to welcome your first words upon each awakening.

Come to me, especially on days when you feel overwhelmed, and lay your burdens on me.

I will transform every emotion, giving way to joy, peace and hope.

This is my promise to all those who accept my words and who, with humility and sincerity,

believe; to those willing to leave the past behind and move forward with determination.

Proclaim it with faith Every step forward brings me closer to the light.

My love for you is unconditional.

I wish for your healing, your release from the chains that bind you, eagerly awaiting

the moment when they will break.

As we walk together, know that my love is your strength, your compass, guiding you through

the storms towards days of genuine peace and joy.

“Feel the power of my words soothing your souls.

In return, open your hearts Enjoy this video, allowing this energy to circulate.

Share it with your loved ones so that they too can be bathed in it.

And subscribe to the channel, because there are still countless blessings to be poured

out on you.”

Every curse or enchantment that has ever made you feel trapped, mistakenly believing that

some power in this universe can surpass mine, is an absolute falsehood, the greatest of

all illusions.

When I raise my voice, heaven and earth tremble, and the shadows of evil crumble before my


My presence is the fortress of your soul; my voice, a whisper of love in the depths

of your heart, guides you along the path to restoring all that has been lost.

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I want nothing more than to take your hand and lead you on a journey of peace and serenity,

guiding you back to the joy you long for and away from the obstacles that once seemed insurmountable.

I am here to relieve the anxieties that have plagued you, to clear away the fears that

cloud your mind.

With my sacrifice, I have paid the highest price, so approach me without shame, even

if distance has marked our paths.

My mercy has always been at your disposal, with angels sent to deliver you from adversity,

clearing your path back to me.

Reflect with love Every dawn is an invitation to renewal.

“Do you long for healing, abundance, vital energy?

Have your prayers been answered?

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Your lives will never be the same again!”

You will return, my beloved, bringing news of the wonders you have achieved and the transformations

you have experienced.

By reaffirming your loyalty, together we will celebrate this new beginning.

There is no need for words; I know the depths of your need for my love.

In the intimacy of this new day, tell me how you feel.

We’ll talk in secret; unburden yourself and release the weight you carry.

My powerful word is the precursor to my healing, which will comfort your heart and break the

chains of pain that bind you.

A pierced and bleeding heart, which narrowly missed being lost in the darkness, has been

revived in the light of my word.

His acknowledgment of mistakes, his sincere repentance, was a glorious homage in heaven,

a triumphant homecoming.

Now, energized by a resilient and vibrant faith, you move forward on life’s journey

with new courage.

I value your trust and the sharing of your heart and soul; together, we have rediscovered

the joy of living.

Proclaim with gratitude In the presence of God, I find peace and renewal.

Even in the still unknown depths, I am your inspiration and your guardian.

There is no reason to fear, for I am with you always, loving you and making sure that

you lack nothing.

Activate your faith, elevate your spirit.

Whether in prayer or in the quiet of your room, express gratitude with an overflowing


Give thanks for your family, your life, your home; for in gratitude we find the purest

form of connection with all that is sacred.

Declare with your heart I give myself body and soul to the Creator!

I take great pleasure in your prayers and I hope that you present them with a firm and

unbreakable faith.

Know that my ears are always attentive to your voice.

Today, I want to give you a clear sign that I am listening, that I am aware of your needs

and eager to answer them.

Although I may not respond immediately or in the way you expect, the moment for complete

clarity will come.

Continue in prayer, feel my constant presence in your life and seek to know me more deeply.

I am your eternal Father, and my love for you is unwavering.

Believe in me, for I will not let you down.

Receive all the love I have for you, wishing for your complete well-being, your strength

and the joy that each new day brings.

This is the time to further strengthen your resolve and prepare for the journey ahead.

Know that you are immensely valued, so hold on to my hand and don’t let go.

I pledge to love you unconditionally and to take care of you.

The love I shower on you is strong and pure, a safe sanctuary.

Today, I will enter your home and transform your destiny, because you called out to me

in prayer with faith and sincerity, and that is why I am here to save you.

My power is unlimited, and I am ready to use it in your favor.

The faith you hold is the key that will unlock miracles.

Remember, your appreciation for me is independent of the circumstances; I will always be by

your side.

Repeat after me My faith is the foundation of miracles.

I want you to leave behind anger, pride, fear, doubt and disbelief.

Don’t look back anymore; your past cannot compare with the happiness that awaits you.

Embark on this journey with a grateful heart, recognizing the blessings, big and small,

in your life.

May you walk with integrity, carrying my virtues in your heart.

Your value, the value of your family, and the potential of your future outweigh any

material possession.

Don’t be afraid of losing material things; seek higher spiritual elevations instead.

I encourage you to immerse yourself in my scriptures, strengthening your connection

with me.

I am ready to reveal wonders in your life, if you are willing to open your heart to them.

Take good care of yourself, your health and your family responsibilities.

Don’t procrastinate; I have given you the strength and wisdom to face many challenges.

I wish you to live free from the weight of procrastination and frustration.

Rise bravely, ready to act.

A miracle awaits you.

Declare with courage I am ready for the coming miracle.

“By listening to my divine guidance, you have opened the door to a new era of revelations.

Let’s seal our union by making out, as a sign of commitment.

Share the good news to spread the light.

And sign up so that I can continue to shape your lives with transcendent truths.”

I’m at your door, calling softly to you.

Open that door and allow me to transform your life with new, spectacular, powerful and transcendent


I see every aspect of your life and I promise that scarcity will never invade your home.

My divine touch on your family will usher in an era of infinite blessings that will

enrich your home for generations.

You have shown me faithfulness, through prayers, fasting, tears and by putting me before every

decision and thought.

Your devoted faith and humble heart are treasures for me, and they will open unimaginable paths.

Get ready, because new doors are about to open and a wave of boundless prosperity is

on its way to your home.

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My beloved, how are you feeling today?

Remember, no obstacle is too great when you stand firm in your belief that I am in control

of your future.

Everything you need comes from me; I am the one who enriches your life with infinite blessings.

Find comfort in my presence, rest under my protective embrace.

When anxiety strikes, come to me.

With my guidance, you will know where to go, who to talk to and what truth to defend.

I will be by your side, making your deepest dreams come true.

I am your Almighty God, and with me by your side, you have everything.

Your love and prayers mean the world to me, especially when they come from the dungeon

of despair.

I am here, not only to listen to you, but to provide comfort and answer your prayers.

Your unwavering faith and fervent prayers have immense value in my eyes, and you will

be abundantly blessed by them.

I know your needs even before you express them, but the sound of your voice increases

my joy.

Say firmly My family and home I place in the hands of the Heavenly Father!

Listen to me every morning, open your ears wide to the truths I share, treasure them

and keep them close to your heart.

Your prayers, endowed with sincerity, have immense power.

Keep praying with this intensity and purity, because in doing so, you touch heaven.

Imagine my hand caressing your head in pure affection, while all of heaven responds “Amen”

to your sincere prayers.

Now, my child, face your day with courage.

Remember the unshakeable power of your faith, the strength you find in my presence and know

you are never alone.

Go forward with confidence, aware that my love and blessings accompany you at all times.

Proclaim with courage I am guided by God on all my paths.

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