if you have accepted Jesus as your

savior comment amen marry someone who

thanks God for you not someone who takes

God from you focus on Jesus in

everything else will work itself out

never doubt what God can do with a

broken heart when you give him all the

pieces dear God please forgive me if

I’ve ever asked for more then I thanked

you amen hello God we need your help

down here the world has gone crazy

please hear our prayers thank you we

trust you Amen in marks Jesus healed a

paralyzed man because of the man’s

Friends fair Faith this is why your

circle matters normal isn’t coming back

Jesus is dear Lord as I get ready to go

to sleep tonight I want to thank you for

this day it wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t

easy but I know how blessed am I know

that you are helping me along the way I

know you love me and that is enough in

Jesus name I’ll pray amen I’m giving God

all the Glory today he is the reason I

am still here thank you Lord this day it

wasn’t easy but it was blessed teach

your children to turn to God when they

are hurting instead of turning to this

world teach them that prayer Works talk

to God before you fall asleep tonight

there is no better way to end your day

prayers asking God for protection I

believe in Jesus not because my parents

told me to not because my church told me

to but because I have experienced how

awesome he is our resolutions typically

fail each year because they are things

we’re trying to accomplish by ourselves

this year focus more on what God wants

you to do change you life not just your

year IA am not the type of Christian who

thinks he is perfect and makes all the

right decisions I am the type of

Christian who knows that he is broken

and in need of a savior I know I can’t

do this all alone God didn’t remove the

Red Sea he parted it sometimes Gro

doesn’t remove your problems T makes way

through them the devil wants you to

worry about what’s next so you can’t

enjoy what’s now he is a liar stop

worrying always focus on God and enjoy

every single day he has given I’m not

making any plans for how will go I

really just want Jesus to take the lead

in my life now here in the Bible does it

say too figure it all out on your own

over and over again it simply says to

trust God God is always working

sometimes you can’t see it sometimes you

can’t feel it sometimes you can’t grasp

what he is doing but that’s what faith

is it’s believing in dot the goodness of

God in spite of what we can see having

faith doesn’t mean I have all the

answers it just means I trust a God who

does every night forgive those who hurt

you pray for those who need it and thank

God for everything you have God has

taught me that I never need to worry

about tomorrow I survive yesterday I am

alive and dealing with today with God’s

help I can face tomorrow and whatever

may come my way

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