today God wants to say something to you

from the heart my beloved child just

keep in mind that I already wrote your

story The Tale of the ultimate goal

there’s a big thing I need you to do for

me with your story everything that

occurs in your life is shaping and

getting you ready to achieve your


calling thus when certain things occur

don’t ignore them them but at that

moment remind yourself that all those

things are taking place for my grand

plan and also come to me with your whole

heart and firm faith in order to

accomplish the atmost good that I have

for you to perform just to remind you

there are more steps involved in this

process you must trust me through a

number of processes and order for me to

accomplish my goal however there are a

ton of incredible and great blessings

waiting for you at each stage of this

process like this video if you follow

through in Jesus Jesus claims be not

taken aback by the Ferocious mental

assaults do do not let discouragement to

creep in when you find it difficult to

find REM me H to live in my peace

spiritually speaking you are involved in


combat the devil detests your intimacy

with me and is demonic minions are set

on destroying it in the midst of a

conflict invoke my name and say Jesus

help me that’s one the fight becomes

mine and all you have to do is have

faith in me to fight on your

behalf when utilized correctly my name

has boundless ability to guard and bless

when my name is announced at the end of

time every knee will bound heaven on

Earth and beneath the Earth on that

Glorious Day people who have used Jesus

as a crude profanity will collapse in

fear however there will be an immense

and magnificent jaw for everyone who has

approached me by fervently say my name

this is your wish as you wait for me to

come back recall the assurances I have

given you keep them close at

hand I vowed to give you power strength

life and healing when doubts come at you

from all directions my words will be

your armor empowering you continue to

come to me and never lose sight of the

future I have for you for trust is the

means by which your inheritance is

obtained accept my word for it and make

it your Cornerstone take a stand on it

and circle your ideas with it and allow

it to emerge from your mouth it will

strengthen your faith you can trust even

the commitments I personally made to

you keep your heart set on me and don’t

look left or right using the evidence of

my Holy Spirit within you as a witness

evaluate each prophecy that is revealed

to you allow the words I offer you to

inspire hope in you don’t be hesitant to

put your trust in me and commit to my


is Right Jesus’s Supreme

King everything I say has life and

illuminate any dark spaces awfulness

should take over in your heart a

wonderful thing occurs when you give

thanks to me for all the benefits in


life your eyes seem to be cleared of

scales allowing you to Glimpse an

increasing amount of my magnificent well

Health now that your eyes are opened you

can help yourself to everything you

require from my Storehouse of

treasures let your gratitude glorify my

name each time you receive one of my

golden gifts as the language of Heaven

Hallelujah can also become the language

of your heart a life full of gratitude

and praise leads to a life full of


you pay attention to me and what I am

doing not to yourself and your attempt

at control the power of praise lies in

centering your whole existence around me

you were built in my image so this is

how I intended for you to

live live a life full with abundance by

being incredibly grateful and full of

Praise every day seems like the world is


darker we hear about school shootings

terrorist attacks and natural

catastrophes so frequently that we are

unable to digest it all and we

frequently grow insensitive to further

awful news this Syndrome has been given

at titled by

psychologists compassion weariness do

you not feel grateful that God never

experiences compassion fatigue we do not

need to fear the forces of evil because

of his immense love in fact we can

declare to illness depression and

hopelessness you will not

win we will be able to endure whatever

life throws at us and spend all of

eternity with our father in Paradise to

because of his unwavering love for us

and his faithfulness to meet the needs

of all of his Priceless

children whether the darkness in your

life stems from a frightening illness

strained relationships or spiritual

battle make the decision to put your

trust in Gods Supply your father will

always be there for you no matter what

happens to your health friends or

family seek his Solace and read the word

as often as you can allowing yourself to

be filled with the promises he has given

I am above everything including your

troubles your suffering and the whirling

happenings in this world that never


changing you transcend situations and

find restra with me in celestial places

when you see my face living in the light

of my presence is the path to peace you

wo undoubtedly encounter difficulties in

this life but you shouldn’t let them

consume you say help me

Jesus as soon as you see yourself

falling into the sea of

circumstances and I will pull you back

to my side don’t give up if you have to

say that hundreds of times a day I meet

you exactly where you are because I am

aware of your

Frailty remain centralized on me you

have incredible freedom from me and one

of those freedoms is the choice of where

your mind will focus such

extraordinary power is only found in my

creation’s crown this is an indication

that it was formed in my

image let this day’s objective be to

bring each and every thought back to me

grab hold of your straying thoughts and

pull them into my presence whenever you

feel like it anxious thoughts shrivel

and shrink in my brilliant light

thoughts of judgment become visible as

you experience my unwavering love ideas

that are un clear are clarified as you

relax in my pieces Simplicity as you

keep your thoughts on me I will watch

over you and maintain your Eternal peace

type bom and if you believe in Jesus

Christ my beloved child as you drawn

dear today with a heart heavy with pain

and doubts I urge you to step closer to

kneel in true openness before me let

your tears flow within each tear is the

seed of Joy transforming into pearls on

my holy

altar in this sacred moment you are

enveloped by my infinite Love A Love

Without Limits transcending time and

space echoing with every heartbeat it is

a love that Whispers comfort and peace

trust in this profound love love for it

can reshape your

life amid the challenges and trials know

that you are never alone I am your

steadfast supporter your strength and


times believe in the Miracles born from

Faith trust in the road I have laid out

for you it leads to a hopeful luminous

future the battles you face today are

mere episodes in the vast epic of Life

the spiritual battles are fierce but you

are equipped with bravery to face them

squarely if you desire change grasp it

with firm

determination I am here to light your

way to turn your burdens into blessings

hand over your struggles to me and watch

as I transform Darkness into light spare


hope dive deep into my teachings they

contain the wisdom you need to navigate

through life’s complexities seek me at

all times and you will find me ready to

shower you with

blessings your perseverance will lead to

rewards the obstacles you encounter are

simply the Stepping Stones to a life of

abundance and

Prosperity trust in my plan abundance

will be

yours as you journey through life stay

alert attuned to my voice even a midlife

nose with open eyes and ears tuned to my

guidance you will move through life with

Grace and dignity know that I am always

with you my dear

child let my love guide guide you for

with me by your sigh you will never

falter among the many you shine as a

beacon of dedication and true love

towards me your faith remains solid

unshaken by trials or

scarcity your unwavering Faith does not

go unnoticed therefore I will lift you

up placing you in Realms filled with

blessings prosperity ity and genuine

wealth your resilience your refusal to

give in to despair fills me with immense

Joy go forth and venture out make plans

for I will bless you richly enabling you

to thrive you will depend not on loans

or debts but on the talents and gifts I

have given you prepare to be amazed as I

unfold my my grace andure life enriching

and embracing you with peace as you

await my

guidance trust in me endlessly keep your

prayers passionate place these words

beside your bed and each morning wake up

assured of impending blessings as night

falls rest in the Peace of my

presence I will grant you health and

spirit body and and soul your efforts

will be fruitful your home surrounded by

Prosperity share with people and

watch these blessings

multiply embrace my promise it is

steadfast and true as you absorbed these

words feel a profound peace settling

over you it is no coincidence that you

are here reading this divine peace flows

through these words reaching out to

touch your

heart my dear child in this moment I

invite you to let go and immerse

yourself in the peaceful currents that

are here to cleanse your spirit from the

worries and fears that pla your mind if

you hold faith in God please like this

video now as you find yourself on the

brink of inner Tranquility let’s begin a

journey deep within ourselves close your

eyes if it helps and take deep breaths

inhaling the Serene energy that fills

this Sacred Space in this quietude allow

your thoughts to settle as Softly As

Autumn Leaves resting on water

contemplate deeply on these words for

they carry a vital message

message understand that the Divine

wishes to enrich you not with worldly

riches but with something infinitely

valuable the gift of your own sincere

commitment and loyalty these are the

true Treasures in the Divine exchange

leading to genuine

fulfillment if your heart Whispers a

desire to break away from your current

confines voice it now for the Divine is

listening and understands if sadness and

hardship weigh on you let the soothing

power of these words mend the lingering


within reflect on the Dynamics within

your family if disputes and unrest

disrupt your home recognize that the

Divine provides a pathway to peace and

Reconciliation act decisive ly valuing

the needs of the Soul above material

distractions in a world full of

uncertainty and turmoil it’s easy to

feel overwhelmed by fear and anxiety yet

in such times trust and The divine’s

Guiding hand resist joining the Frantic

masses whose paths lead to

disillusionment instead anchor your soul

s in the certainty of divine love which

will sustain you through the darkest

times if you ever feel a drift amid life

Storms remember that the Divine is

always ready to guide you safely

home open your heart and let the gentle

wisdom of the Divine comfort you like a

soft Breeze bringing words of Solace and

reassurance to if you believe that God

will assist you please subscribe to our

channel for ultimately it is love that

envelops you providing refuge and

Sanctuary amidst chaos and confusion let

me wrap you in a cloak of Happiness

woven from threads of love and grace

Embrace its warmth and light with open

arms for within it

you are held by Divine Assurance I trust

in you completely confident in the

strength of your spirit whisper your

needs to me and know that I am listening

attentively ready to

respond stand firm and brave my

cherished one for I am with you at every

step of your journey fear not for my

presence Shields you from all

adversities your faithfulness shines

brightly guiding you through the darkest

nights and in return my love fills your


abundantly you have chosen to reject

fleeting Earthly gains opting instead to

face life’s challenges with steadfast

courage if you seek God’s special Grace

share this message with five others

confident that in doing so God’s help

will be extended to

you I praise your tireless efforts your

integrity hand your patience and the

quiet of the Dawn as you seek my

guidance I seow seeds of wisdom in your

heart day by day I fortify you with

resilience ensuring that prosperity and

growth Mark your endeavors prepare for

the blessings that will soon overflow

from my Divine Wellspring enriching your

life IM

measurably you are destined to be a

vessel of my grace a Beacon of Hope to

those around you let humility and

insight guide you for they are the true

marks of greatness deep bold courageous

and never let fear hinder your path

embrace the spiritual renewal that

surrounds you drawing strength from its

Limitless resources though challenges

may seem daunting they are merely

Shadows UNC compared to the Brilliance

of my

light Beyond these challenges lie un

Treasures ready to be uncovered by those

who are faithful and fearless so go

forth to accept it with belief please


the verse I’m going to discuss today

is quite brief Rejoice always is written

there Paul is exhorting Thessalonian

Believers to have a grateful and joyful

mindset under whatever condition in this

verse additionally this is for

us rejoice is derived from the Greek

word meaning to be glad cheerful or full

of joy the word always has additional

significance because it suggests that a

delver’s joyful disposition should be a

constant in their life delievers can

remain steadfast in the face of

adversity by having confidence that God

will work everything out for the best

and in their best interests PO is also

stressing how important it is to live a

life that honors

God when we practice joy we radiate

God’s goodness and Delight to others

around us pointing the world towards

Jesus and honoring his

name however doing this might be

challenging particularly when we are

going through hardships but the Bible

tells us that Joy is a fruit of the Holy

SP Spirit hand is available to us in any

situation Galatians

we can enjoy the Delight that comes from

knowing and putting our trust in God

when we decide to keep our attention on

him and his

faithfulness we must understand that our

circumstances do not determine the joy

we feel as believers

and the realization that we have come to

terms with our Transit but our hope

instead it has its roots and the

relationship that God established with

Jesus via his death on the

cross the Lord owns us we do not belong

to ourselves therefore we must live for

him and not for ourselves like Paul we

must be willing to to surrender

ourselves everything we do must be done

for God’s honor we are no longer living

in sin that is no longer the way we have

to live our way of life must be in

Christ we must cease paying attention to

and acting on our flesh then pay close

attention to how you walk not foolishly

but wisely utilizing the time you have

as best you can for the days are not

good type if you

believe so instead of acting foolishly

recognize what the Lord’s will is and

instead of becoming

inebriated with wine which is debauchery

be filled with the spirit

f to it is more worthy to live a

life filled with the spirit than one aoy

of the spirit our lives are about

pleasing God not about pleasing

ourselves Paul offers some consoling

things one of which is whether we live

or die we are the Lords this is really

consoling in my opinion and it gives

Believers hope that no matter what we

will go through it with

Jesus teenage ures are more likely to

give in Temptation this universe appears

to have been designed and a lot of ways

to exploit their shortcomings

imperfections and

immaturities nobody has ever been immune

to Temptation or the negative effects of

giving in to it how therefore does a

young guy maintain his Purity the

solution to the query how can a young

man keep his way pure can be found in

Psalm to by keeping it safe and

accordance with your word this is a

message for everyone since we are all

susceptible to

Temptation therefore we must understand

that the Bible is our best defense

against Temptation it is the spirit


God is unable to abandon us in the face

of Temptation we will be able to resist

it by his grace so he uses his word to

remind us because God’s word is dynamic


Alive more Cutting Edge than a

double-edged sword it cuts through

joints and Marrow Soul and Spirit and

judges the thoughts and dispositions of

that part Hebrews for not knowing his

word will also leave our lives in

disarray all scripture given by

inspiration of God and is profitable for

Doctrine for Repro for correction for

instruction and righteousness that the

man of God may be complete thoroughly

equipped for every good work God says

right yes if you trust me attention

listener join this prayer with me and

say it with me greetings Heavenly Father

may we discover fresh perspectives and

new spiritual truths this weekend as we

consider the death and resurrection of

Christ may we be able to look at things

with new eyes and Open Hearts and a

revitalized sense of purpose and

optimism we hope and pray that as Jesus

did when he rose from the dead and cast

off the bonds binding him so will we

rise and cast off the bonds binding

us father you are aware that a great

deal of people struggle with numbness

grief despair anxiety dread and

hopelessness some people have the

impression that everything they knew and

found familiar has

vanished life appears to be completely

different from what we had

anticipated some people feel as though

everything has changed and they are

unsure of how or where they start trying

to put things back together please

remember how Bleak things appeared for

the disciples after Jesus died for

everyone who finds themselves in


situations if you can bear the suffering

and ugliness that come with the

cross cross you may easily redeem many

enemy meant for harm in our lives if you

can bring new life meaning callings

restoration hope and salvation from that

horrible hopeless condition even even if

we might not be able to see a path

through you are aware of what we are

unaware of we appreciate that you honor

your commitments when you make them you

pledge to use everything for the benefit

of people who care about you not only do

you have a fantastic plan for our life

but you are the one who writes and

creates comeback stories that defy oh

odds we hold fast to your promise that

one day and Light Of Everything Jesus

accomplished for us we will exchange the

Trent Goods of this life for the

eternally pure we will be set free from

sin evil suffering disease accidents

impairments anxiety fear worrying loss

death and terrors

on that day we will behold you and

experience the entirety of your love joy

and peace we are appreciative and humble

by everything you have made possible for

us with thanks we bestow upon you all

honor glory and praise we pray in the

name of Jesus our glorious Savior and


you our Channel needs your continued

support our aim is to bring happiness in

your life and to develop the spirit of

Devotion to God we will continue to make

continuous efforts for this you can show

your support by donating to us through

super thanks

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