I Am The God Of More Than Enough | God’s Message Now | God’s Daily Message

dear listener do you need more peace Joy

or provision in your life we serve a God

who is more than enough and he has more

than enough the original Hebrew word in

this verse is elshadai which means the

all-sufficient one or the god of Plenty

in other words our God is more than

enough he’s not worried about how he’s

going to meet your needs he’s not

wondering how he’s going to provide for

you he’s already overflowing with

everything you need in this life and he

longs to bless you do you know why he

wants to bless you abundantly so that

you can turn around and be a blessing to

other people he wants you to be his

reflection in the Earth today keep an

attitude of faith and expectancy

remember you serve the almighty God he

promises to supply all of your needs

because he is El Shai the god of more

than enough a prayer for today Father I

believe that you are the god of more

than enough today I receive your word

and choose to have an attitude of faith

and expectancy thank you for your

goodness and faithfulness to me in Jesus


amen like if you believe in



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