I Am The Author And Finisher Of Your Faith | God’s Message Now

when you’re going through transition

don’t get bitter don’t get down and

think it’s the end don’t start thinking

that you’re a failure have the attitude

God I let this go knowing that it was

only a temporary provision and what you

have in my future will be greater than

what I’m letting go of if you will

accept the change and stay in faith God

will open new doors he will bring new

opportunities new friendships and take

you to another level of his glory if you

are in the middle of tough times today

look to God the Bible says that Jesus is

the author and finisher of your faith he

is the one who writes faith on your

heart and then develops it to completion

on the inside of you as you yield

yourself to him your part is to seek Him

daily follow his commands open your

heart and choose to speak his word which

is alive and active remember your trials

are only temporary but his eternal glory

outweighs it all a prayer for today

father thank you for loving me enough to

work in my life today I release the

things I don’t understand into your

hands I believe that you are working

behind the scenes on my behalf I believe

that you have good things in store for

my future I choose to wait on you and

trust you now and forever more in Jesus



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