I Am Molding Your Heart And Soul l God Message For You Today l I LOVE JESUS |

God forgive me if I’ve ever asked you

more than iye thanked you amen yes

Starbucks PSL is back today now that

have your attention what should really

get you excited is that Jesus loves you

he can fix anything that is broken if

you trust him with it give War your

light to Christ and he will give you

eternity in return marriage tip marry

someone who will chase after Jesus with

you not pull you farther away heavenly

father I’m so confused by this world and

my place in it I recognize that my life

has been blessed but it has also

challenging and painful help me to

better lean on you for understanding and

help along the way I need to stop trying

to do it alone I trust you with all my

heart trust God even when things don’t

make sense put Jesus first when you wake

up up in the morning put him first when

you’re tired put one day you will look

back and be thankful that it went God’s

weigh in not yours Jesus is worth

everything that you are afraid of losing

dear God I woke up for a minute let f

for anything F A but singly T say thank

you for all I have Lord protect me from

anything that wasn’t sent from you rest

tonight knowing that whatever is on your

mind is in God’s hands the good Lord is

a bigger forgiver than you are a sinner

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