I AM LAYING BARE YOUR…” – JESUS | God’s Message Today |

my beloved child I come to you now with


revelation a promise that will set your

spirit Ablaze with renewed Hope and


Faith in this sacred moment I am

speaking directly to your

heart quiet your mind and Let My Words

Pierce through the noise bringing

Clarity and Revelation for I am doing a

new thing in you can you not perceive it

for I the Lord your God am about to

unleash a torrent of blessings upon you

blessings so profound so unexpected that

they will shake the very foundations of

your being and leave you a struck in the

radiance of my love in the depths of

your heart I know you have been waiting

yearning for me to move in your life you

have watched and prayed your soul crying

out for a touch of my divine presence

and now I declare to you that the weight

is over the time has come for me to

answer your prayers in ways that will

leave you breath less marveling at the

stunning intricacy of my plans for you

remember not the former things neither

consider the things of

old I speak these words to you now for I

am the god of the present and the future

the god of new beginnings and glorious

Transformations the past with its

shadows and scars its triumphs and tears

is but a flickering candle in the face

of the brilliant Dawn I am about to

unveil in your

life even now it is springing forth a

lush Garden of possibilities blossoming

in the very places where you once saw

only Barren

Wilderness where there was pain I will

SE seeds of Joy where there was lack I

will pour out abundance where there was

fear I will ignite a flame of unwavering

courage you are mine and I am

yours this is the unbreakable truth that

anchors your soul

in the midst of life’s

storms when the Winds of Change howl and

the waves of uncertainty crash against

your faith remember that you are held

secure in the palm of my hand no force

in heaven or on Earth can snatch you

from my eternal

Embrace as my child you are heir to a

kingdom of unfading Glory a realm where

every tear is wiped away and every

longing Finds Its ultimate fulfillment

in my

presence the gifts I have in store for

you are Beyond Your Wildest imaginings

Treasures of wisdom Fountains of joy and

a peace that surpasses all understanding

These Are Not Mere trinkets or fleeting

Pleasures but enduring blessings that

will nourish your spirit and light your

path for all eternity I know the wounds

you carry the scars that run deep within

your soul The Echoes of past hurts and

disappointments still whisper in the

corridors of your mind tempting you to

doubt my goodness and question my

plans but I tell you now with all the

authority of Heaven that those whispers

are lies Shadows that will vanish in the

Brilliance of my

Truth for I Am The God Who heals The God


restores The God Who makes all things

new I will take those painful memories

those fragments of Brokenness and trans

form them into monuments of my

grace where once there was shame I will

drape you in Robes of

righteousness where once there was fear

I will Crown you with a helmet of

salvation where once there was despair I

will anoint you with the oil of gladness

every trial you have faced every tear

you have shed every prayer you have

whispered in the dark they are all

threads in the Magnificent design I am

fashioning a design that will reveal the

depths of my wisdom and the heights of


love so fix your eyes on me the author

and perfector of your faith let your

heart be filled with a holy anticipation

a thrill of expectation as you watch and

wait for my hand to move in your life

for I am the god of surprises the god of

suddenly The God Who Delights in

exceeding your expectations and

showering you with blessings beyond

measure in the Stillness of your soul

listen for my whisper the gentle voice

that speaks life and purpose into your

very bones I’m Calling You by name

inviting you to step into the fullness

of your destiny to embrace the

extraordinary plans I have crafted for

you since the dawn of

time do not be afraid to follow where I

lead for every step you take in

obedience is a step closer to the

Abundant Life I have promised you as you

Journey with me you will discover that

my way are higher than your ways and my

thoughts are higher than your thoughts

there will be moments when the path

ahead seems shrouded in mystery when the

challenges you face appear

insurmountable but remember I Am The God

Who Parts the Red Sea the God who brings

water from the Rock The God Who turns

Graves into Gardens nothing is

impossible for me and nothing can thwart

the plans I have for your good and my


I am doing a new thing in your life a

work so profound and so transformative

that it will leave you gasping in

wonder you will look back on this moment

and Marvel at the intricacy of my

handiwork your heart will overflow with

gratitude as you see how I turned your

mourning into

dancing your ashes into Beauty your

Brokenness into a testament of my


love so let your faith rise like the

dawn let your hope soar on wings like

eagles for I am the Lord your God the

one who holds your future in the palm of

my hand I am the Alpha and the Omega the

beginning and the end The God Who was

and is and is to come and I declare to

you now with all the authority of Heaven

that your best days are ahead of you

that your greatest victories are yet to

be won that your most profound Joys are

waiting to be discovered in the

boundless depths of my love

trust in me with all your heart lean not

on your own

understanding acknowledge me in all your

ways and I will direct your paths I will

lead you beside Still Waters I will

restore your soul I will guide you into

a future so bright So Glorious that it

will take your breath away for I am the

Lord your God and my plans for you are

plans of Hope and a future plans to

prosper you and not to harm you plans to

give you a destiny that will leave a

mark on eternity so come my child let me

lead you into the new thing I am doing

into the Glorious Adventure I have

prepared for you since the foundation of

the world for I am the Lord your God and

I will never leave you nor forsake you I

will be with you always even to the end

of the age and as you walk with me as

you trust in my unfailing love and

unshakable faithfulness you will

discover that The Best Is Yet To Come

that the most extraordinary chapters of

your story are yet to be

written for I am the god of the

impossible the god of the miraculous The

God Who Delights in doing exceedingly

abundantly above all that you could ask


imagine so let your heart be filled with

expectation let your spirit be ignited

with a holy

fire my beloved child

you have been in a season of intense

growth though it may have felt like a

Thicket of thorns tearing at your soul

but I tell you the pain you’ve endured

has a holy

Purpose with each twinge I have been

carefully cultivating the soil of your

spirit uprooting the weeds of doubt and

fear to make space for New Life to


forth and spring forth it shall for I am

the master gardener and it is my great

light to bring forth beauty from ashes

in your life even now the seeds of

destiny that I planted deep within you

long ago are beginning to sprout tender

chots of vibrant green are pushing

through the dirt reaching toward the

light this growth cannot be stopped for

it flows from my spirit within you it

may happen so swiftly that it catches

You by surprise one day a Barren

landscape the next an abundant Garden

Lush with fruit

though the progress has been hidden I

have been at work behind the scenes

aligning every detail for this sudden

flourishing as the roots of my promises

take hold in the depths of your being

they will Anchor You Like A Mighty Oak

The Winds of adversity may come but you

will not be easily shaken for what I

establish in you will be unshakable able

to withstand any

storm this is the confidence that comes

from being rooted and grounded in my

love yet the truest knowing of This Love

Comes not from hearing of it secondhand

but from the immediacy of lived

experience some of my sweetest gifts

cannot be understood in the abstract

they must be tasted

firsthand and though the path to this

knowing is often fraught with struggle

the intimacy you gain with me makes it


worthwhile for I am not a distant God

content to watch from afar no

I am everpresent walking with you

through valleys of Shadow and revealing

myself in New

Dimensions in The Crucible of hardship

my tenderness is

unmistakable when the night presses in

my comfort is

tangible even when your circumstances

appear bleak a wasteland with no end in

sight I’m there beloved have you

forgotten who I am I specialize in

crafting roads in the wilderness and

streams in the desert what looks

impossible to you is simple for me I

will make a way where there seems to be

no way perhaps poverty has stripped you

of Earthly security a Health crisis has

shaken your physical Foundation

relational betrayal has decimated your

trust I know the unique Wilderness you

find yourself in but hear me this is not

your final destination for I am leading

you somewhere one step at a time and as

you follow me through this Uncharted

Territory a stunning transformation is

taking place within you with each

faithful step I am shaping you into a

clearer reflection of my heart rough

edges are being smoothed fears are


away a newfound strength is rising but

this death to life metamorphosis cannot

be rushed and it will require your

cooperation will you trust me in the


work will you yield to my process when

everything in you wants to resist it lay

down your agenda and make space for mine

trade striving for surrender relinquish

control I know this is no small ask your

self-protective instincts serve a

purpose and your old patterns once

helped you

survive but you are in a new season now

what worked in the past is is no longer

sufficient for where I am taking you I

need full access to every part of you

even the broken bits you try to hide

beloved give me your yes and I will take

you on the adventure of a lifetime I

will lead you to freedom in places your

soul has been locked up tight I will

mend the fractured places and make you

whole I will breathe life where death


rained this is my specialty hand me your

mour I will give you Joy

Surrender Your ashes I will wrap you in

my beauty release your burdens I will

carry them entrust your failures to me

my grace is

sufficient come empty-handed and I will

fill you with good

gifts do not be afraid to dream with me

I have planted Desires in the soil of

your heart and intend to bring them to

fruition in my perfect

timing when the intensity of the battle

has you Weir

reconnect with your why remember the

faces of those I have called you to

serve rekindle the passion that burns in

your belly Resurrect The Vision and when

disappointment comes and it will guard

your heart resist the urge to pull back

in self- protection instead run to me I

am your safe place I will hold your

heart with utmost gentleness I will

speak to your pain I will Infuse you

with with love and send you out

fortified Beware of the enemy’s attempts

to derail you with distraction and

discouragement he prowls around seeking

someone to devour but he holds no power

over you for I have sealed you with my

spirit in me you are hidden in me you

have the victory no weapon formed

against you will prosper should you

stumble simply return to me my mercies

are new every morning not once have I

ever stopped believing in you my delight

in you is unwavering and my commitment

to you

unshakable nothing you do could ever

make me love you more and nothing you

have done could make me love you

less this love is the most powerful

force in the universe and you carry it

within you as you learn to live loved

you will find yourself naturally

overflowing with love for others lay

down your need to perform and watch me

Empower you to love with

abandon this is the Abundant Life I came

to give you allow the extravagance of My

Affection to wash over you now let it

fill your lungs with each breath

permeate your pores saturate your cells

you are drenched in my love there is no

part of you Untouched by the force of my

pleasure in you linger here drink deeply

and as you go about your day be on the

look at out for me I will be with you in

the most ordinary of moments as near as

the air in your lungs I will draw you to

myself in a million little ways though

much is veiled from your eyes now one

day you will see with breathtaking

Clarity how I worked all things together

for your good every season served a

purpose every loss birthed an eventual

gain every detour LED you to your

destiny every heartache expanded your

capacity for Joy all is Grace so open

your hands and receive what I am pouring

out even now do not let the weight of

the past or the fear of the future keep

you from the Glorious now of my presence

for this is the day I have made I am

doing a new thing Heaven is pregnant

with possibility beloved I have come to

give you life Abundant Life not a

halflife scratching out a meager

existence but a rich fulfilling above

and beyond all you could ask or imagine

kind of Life the kind of life that flows

from knowing me the kind of life that

can never be taken from you no matter

what so lift up your head shake off

discouragement and take heart I brood

over you with boundless affection I sing

songs of Deliverance over you I take

great Delight in you and quiet you with

my love draw near and hear my heart

beating for you tune your spirit to the

the frequency of my

voice for I am beckoning you into the

Wide Open Spaces of my

love there is so much more I want to

show you so much more for you to taste

and see a banqueting table awaits come

eat your fill and be satisfied so be at

peace dear one I’ve got you I hold you I

will never let you go not in a million

lifetimes you are mine and I am yours

and that’s the way it will always be

forever and ever amen

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