I Am In Your Room Right Now Don’t Ignore Me Please |

my beloved child don’t worry about your

money I have your life in my hands and I

promise you that you will win even

though you have a lot on your plate pay

attention to what I have to say and let

the Peace of my love fill you up do not

ignore me and go about your life as if

nothing happened I have something

important to tell you so please keep

listening there’s no doubt that your

soul is in pain many people may not see

it but you and I do and that’s what

counts there is a reason why I made you

your family and all the other living

things you love I have a special place

in my heart for each of them and I chose

them to be great they will get more

blessings but I want to start with you

I’m lighting a fire in your heart that

will show them the way you will show

what my power and word can do in a

willing heart that isn’t ashamed of me

and is ready to face any Challenge and

fight without giving giving up you won’t

let any bad things into your home like

fights hate or mean words you won’t let

people in who hurt families with fake

Smiles you live in a world full of pain

but trust me with all your heart I’ve

taken over the world and you will also

get through your problems people all

over the world will know the names of

your family as they rise their lives

will show that Miracles love and

salvation are real I want to show up in

your heart your home your work and your

dreams as spirit I want to help you sort

out your wants and decide what’s most

important to you things that you own can

be stolen or used against you so don’t

put too much value on them you have to

make good choices but I will protect you

for me to open doors for you you must

think about what I say and have faith in

your heart I want to bless you greatly

and take you to far away places but

don’t lose sight of what’s most

important your relationship with me put

it first every time stay away from

people who want to be friends with you

but want you to deny me there are souls

in your family that I want to save even

if they have behaved badly and brought

shame to your home you will be the one

to show them Mercy forgiveness and

patience give me your days pray for your

family and don’t give up hope please

keep praying for them and crying because

every day is Holy with me and I always

hear your prayers I will give you what

you ask for change the hearts of the

people you care about take away their

lack and fill them with love peace

Harmony and provision I want you to be

loyal persistent and persistent in

prayer I also want you to have active

faith and a lot of patience I want you

to have a peaceful heart those who

praise me shouldn’t be able to lie my

power is real and it needs to show up in

your life my love and my word are not

just a game or a fun thing to do many

people people lie to themselves and

think that their big offerings impress

me but the way they act in tongues

bothers other people even if you know

them don’t hang out with them do not do

what they did do not let bad thoughts

enter your heart if you don’t want to be

judged don’t blame other people love and

care for everyone the way you want to be

loved and cared for this is your

challenge follow these rules you just

heard I will make miraculous and amazing

things happen in your life right away

way but you have to defend yourself

against your enemies by following my

rules Let My Words become a part of you

and your problems will go away you will

feel my Divine Touch in your spirit your

body will get better and your heart will

be open to a world of ghosts and dreams

I will use you in a unique and Powerful

way you are here for a reason you are

not born by chance I hold you in my arms

and lead your steps when you walk you

are about to start a new season full of

many blessings do you trust me type amen

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