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how did Jesus pray according to the

Bible number one Solitude and seclusion

Jesus often withdrew to solitary places

to pray Luke verse says but Jesus

often withdrew to lonely places and

prayed this emphasizes the importance of

finding a quiet and private space for


number two early morning prayers Mark

describes Jesus rising early in the

morning to pray very early in the

morning while it was still dark Jesus

got up left the house and went off to a

solitary place where he

prayed number three praise and

acknowledgment of God’s will in the

Lord’s Prayer Matthew Matthew

– Jesus begins by praising God and

acknowledging God’s will our Father in

heaven Hallowed Be Your Name Your


Come number four asking for daily needs

in the same prayer Jesus teaches to ask

for daily sustenance give us today our


bread number five seeking forgiveness

and deliverance from Temptation Jesus

also instructs to ask for forgiveness

and guidance away from Temptation and

forgive us our debts as we also have

forgiven our deers and lead us not into

temptation but Deliver Us from the

evil number six submission to God’s will

in difficult times during his agony in

the garden of gain Jesus models

submission to God’s will even in the

face of immense suffering father if you

are willing take this cup from me yet

not my will but yours be done Luke to


number seven prayers of intercession

Jesus also prayed for others including

his disciples and those who would

believe in him through their message


this shows the importance of


prayer number eight prayer of

Thanksgiving Jesus often gave thanks to

God and His prayers as seen when he gave

thanks before the feeding of the ,


– and before raising Lazarus from

the dead John

Number Nine prayers of blessing Jesus

blessed the children who were brought to

him through prayer Mark

number prayers of forgiveness

even on the cross Jesus prayed for

forgiveness for others father forgive

them for they do not know what they are

doing Luke

these instances reflect

Jesus deep commitment to prayer and

provide a template for Christians on

various aspects of praying including

Thanksgiving supplication intercession

and submission to God’s will drop an

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