Heavenly Alert: A Must-See Message For The Faithful! | God Message | I LOVE JESUS |

don’t skip this video because God has a

message for you today so watch this

video till the end God is saying to you

today my child you are meant to

experience NeverEnding happiness wealth

and spiritual richness protected from

anything that tries to steal your joy or

achievements type yes Heavenly Father if


believe let go of any doubts because

your Victory is certain promised by my

unchanging love allow yourself to be

consumed by this amazing love that fills

your heart changing you from the inside

out getting rid of any uncertainties and

confirming your true self know that I

the creator of everything am here to

express my deep love for you let these

words sink in because I want to touch

your heart right now and encourage you

to embrace all the amazing possibilities

that are waiting for you no matter how

tough things get my love for you never

wavers you’re always in my

heart trust me completely follow my

advice closely and you’ll see all the

promises I’ve made to you come true type

yes ask God if you

believe to my amazing daughter to my

awesome son you are the best things I’ve

ever created you mean everything to me

your existence isn’t just luck it’s a

result of my love and plan for you even

before you were born I loved you

endlessly I carefully made you with love

and purpose giving you life and a

special Mission I set you up for success

and filled your life with

blessings respond with Amen to reaffirm


belief you are a shining example of

beauty and value in my

eyes remember nothing can change that

believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly Father for

those who hold God close to their hearts

express your love with the words I

really love you God and for our

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dedication my child I know there are

times when you feel lost or stuck you

might wonder why things aren’t going as

planned but as my beloved child I want

to reassure you the delay in blessings

isn’t because I don’t want to help but

because you’ve drifted away from me

you’ve gotten caught up in the

distractions of this world and lost

touch with my

message come back to me follow my lead

and see how your life falls into place

with my

plan it’s clear that the pressures of

society have led you astray causing you

to forget the teachings prayers and

faith that used to keep you

grounded now is the perfect time to come

back to me with a humble and repentant

heart ready to let go of the

distractions and worries that are

keeping you from connecting with me

reconnect with the strong belief in my

power to bring about change and my

endless Grace to offer salvation

it’s through this renewed faith that you

will see a shower of blessings come your

way type yes Father if you

believe remember these blessings come

when you trust me completely as I am

your reliable

guide by putting your faith in me you

will Thrive like a tree planted by a

stream bearing fruit in due season and

never withering even in tough times

your Prosperity will be unwavering my

dear today I encourage you to trust me

completely as only I have the ability to

restore what you’ve lost heal your

wounds and mend what’s broken

inside Embrace this opportunity with

confidence and certainty knowing that

your faith in me will bring you

unmatched fulfillment and

renewal Let My Words inspire you and

fill your future with hope trust in me

and see the amazing things I have

planned for you come to

life I am always working in your favor

guiding you towards the incredible life

I have prepared for you so don’t give up

when things get tough and don’t let

challenges bring you

down keep moving forward with the

knowledge that I have given you the

strength to overcome any obstacle

believe in me and hold on to my promises

because everything I have said will

happen embrace the power and beauty of

my plans for

you don’t just rely on what you can see

and touch but open your mind to the

endless possibilities that I have in

store for you even in the darkest times

remember that my guidance is always

there to light the way enter to

claim this Divine

promise let’s move forward together with

confidence knowing that my promises will

come true for those who trust and

believe in me believe in my ability to

change your reality and open doors that

may seem

closed don’t question the guidance I

offer today even in your toughest times

I am working for your

benefit trust me completely in instead

of just relying on your own

understanding shift your trust away from

Human efforts and put your faith

entirely in me as I have the power to

bring life to what seems lifeless and

create a path even when there isn’t one

now is the time to speak words of

blessings into

existence you will see my blessings

unfolding in every area of your life

embrace my teachings especially when

facing challenges and you will see


results remember true faith is shown in

the face of life’s

trials so rise up and come to me stop

wasting time trying to do things your


way instead share your plans with me and

trust your goals and dreams to my care

reach out and grab hold of my promises

trust that as you do your faith will

ignite liting the way to your

dreams I am reliable those who trust in

me are never

disappointed no matter what challenges

come your way face them headon with

confidence my love for you is unwavering

offering forgiveness and renewal without

hesitation don’t be afraid to come

closer to me because my love is is

greater than any mistakes you may have

made today I invite you to lean on me

once again let my love fill your

thoughts and guide your actions knowing

that I am always by your side seek me

earnestly whether it’s morning or night

give me your worries and I will take

care of them for you I’m not just a

protector I’m also a source of constant

support and advice

together we’ll face life’s challenges

with the unbreakable Bond we share you

mean the world to me and I want you to

know that I am dedicated to making sure

you are free from sadness and pain trust

in the power of my love which sets you

free and is full of unwavering

commitment your freedom is not something

you have to earn it’s a gift given to

you out of Endless Love

Embrace this new chapter in your life

one that is free from loneliness and

fear surrounded by my comforting Embrace

As you move toward

success believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly Father for

those who hold God close to their hearts

express your love with the words I

really love you God and for our

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striving for greatness and keep

spreading love and inspiration wherever

you go thank you for being a part of


community until next time stay inspired

stay motivated and keep shining your


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