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don’t skip this video because God has a message for you today so watch this video till the

end my child the moment has come to acknowledge and harness the

extraordinary force that resides within you let not others perceptions of your

youth or history diminish your worth those who doubt you will stand in

awe of your achievements for they will witness the evidence of my spirit’s influence in you type yes God to

affirm the love that the world offers is often fleeting in conditional expecting

something in return such love can lead to deception betrayal and ultimately

Solitude I wish to spare you from this anguish I am here to embrace you with my

unconditional love and menend your heartaches release your sorrow for it shall

pass my love for you is boundless and I yearn for you to reciprocate it your

moment is near and no obstacle can hinder the blessings I have in store for

you Proclaim your belief in me affirm it within and inscribe it as a

testament trust in my words of Solace and motivation from the Divine real

stand firm for every door that closes another more Splendid one is set to open

leading to even greater Joys type yes heavenly father if you

believe be aware that a Celestial conflict rages over your existence and

beliefs numerous adversaries both visible and invisible seek to halt your

progress they assale you externally and wound you internally yet even as they lurk in

obscurity I will guide wise souls to your side bearers of divine insight to

navigate these trials humble yourself and heed their

counsel dedicate moments for prayer and I shall reveal greater

truths you are destined to Triumph the challenges before you will crumble to

dust I could Grant you immediate relief yet it is essential for you to recognize

the value of your faith talents and abilities Victory is not a solitary

Endeavor should you retract your belief and forsake my teachings adversaries

will seek to ensnare you plunging you into despair however I see your

potential you are destined for greatness to be a blessing to many your your kin

will flourish in wisdom and modesty succeeding in all walks of

life yet this journey requires our Unity extend your hand towards me for

you are on the cusp of attaining a spiritual Echelon where Destinies are forged and lives are

transformed this day is set to be filled with Marvels and splendors for you

Elders are currently laying the foundation for your and your family’s

future welcome them learn from them and dedicate yourself to

service each person brings unique talents knowledge and a Readiness to

prepare and grow dare to Envision realities that surpass your current perception

imagination or belief you and your kin are not destined

for Spiritual destitution emotional turmoil or financial burdens

unburden your heart and place your trust in my care I am the god of abundance and you

shall want for nothing open your hands to receive the Bounty I have arranged for

you set no bounds to your aspirations nor question my capacity to bestow

profound blessings upon you my love knows no confines and it is

my desire to grant you all that is good inhale deeply allowing the Divine

Essence of my spirit to envelop you as you Revel in this moment time will cease

to hold sway immerse yourself further in the affection and gifts I yearn to present

to you this Exquisite love is yours I implore you to never reject it labor not

for the approval of those who claim affection yet cause pain and dis

illusionment pursue not the favor of those who have yet to grasp the true essence of

Love rest assured in the knowledge that my love for you is eternal and

unchanging my commitment to you is unwavering and my designs for your life

are certain to unfold embracing my love is transformative it Heralds the beginning

of a new existence marked by Joy steadfast affection and the absence of

letdowns my love is not merely beneficial it is magnificent

compassionate and above all it is a gift freely given to you welcome it with open

arms my sacrifice was a conscious Choice a path I chose to demonstrate the depths

of my love by conquering death itself I have paved the way for you to lead a life

abundant while the full scope of my capabilities May elude you now trust that I am

capable of far more than you could ever seek or comprehend I am poised to reach into the

depths of your being to reveal the essence of who you are you will be instilled with a

profound conviction empowering you to make life-altering decisions the moment has come to harness

the extraordinary power that dwells within you disregard the judgments of those who

underestimate you due to your youth or history the Skeptics will stand

corrected as they witness the prosperity you cultivate a testament to the spirit’s labor within

you this sacred and exquisite love is accessible to all unlike the world’s finite and often

transactional love which can culminate in deceit betrayal and isolation the

love I offer seeks no recompense and knows no bounds I yen to spare you such anguish

to cradle you in my compassionate Embrace and mend your afflictions shed your sorrow for it

shall pass my love for you is profound and I long for you to reciprocate it the era

of fruition approaches and the blessings I have ordained for you are unstoppable

not hinder by any barrier Proclaim it affirm it within

inscribe it acknowledge your faith in me and ready yourself to receive these Celestial words of Solace and

motivation should a path close before you do not despair another more Splendid

passage is on the verge of unveiling ushering in even grander wonders believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the words I really love you

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dedication in the celestial struggle for your essence and belief know that adversaries

abound both visible and hidden seeking to halt your Ascent they strike From Shadows and

wound from within yet remain unseen fear not for I shall Place

Sentinels of sacred wisdom along your journey to guide you through these

tribulations humble yourself and heed their counsel dedicate moments to commune with

me in prayer and I shall unveil greater truths Victory shall be yours the

obstacles you face shall crumble before you I could Grant you Swift Deliverance

yet it is essential for you to recognize the value of your faith talents and

endowments solo Triumph is unattainable should you retract your

belief and forsake my teachings the the adversary will end snare and plunge you

into despair’s Abyss yet I perceive your vast

potential you are destined for remarkable Feats to bestow blessings

upon many your kin shall flourish in sagacity and modesty prospering in all facets of

existence together we must embark on this Voyage extend your hand towards me for

you stand on the brink of a spiritual awakening where Destinies are shaped and lives

transformed this day promises to unfold with Splendor and joy for you Elders

among you are laying the foundations for your prosperity and that of your kin welcome them learn from them and

dedicate yourself to my service for each possesses unique talents knowledge and a

Readiness to prepare dare to Envision a future that transcends your current perceptions

dreams or beliefs it is not your destiny nor your

families to languish in spiritual destitution emotional turmoil or

financial burden embrace my teachings and dare to

dream I will bolster your faith and equipped you with the necessary resources to welcome and manage the

forthcoming blessings despair should never take hold of you I

am everpresent offering Aid even before you voice your need for I am attuned to

your silent please you have been selected to be a Beacon of Hope in this

world choose a life filled with joy Serenity and

contentment as you go about your day strive to reflect the spirit of Jesus so

that through you others might feel his influence when you encounter obstacles

take comfort in knowing that God is always with you our connection is unbreakable fortified by his boundless

love let every thought word and deed you express be an offering to please and

honor God if these words resonate with you express your affirmation by liking this

video Jesus teaches us that God’s love knows no limits for he gave his only son

to grant us everlasting life this love is ours not because of

what we’ve done but as a gracious gift we simply receive it’s a love that includes

everyone you are valued simply because you are God’s creation like Jesus you are loved not

for what you have or do but for who you are in God’s eyes your understanding of God might be

unique to you involving ideas like blessings compassion and

optimism you might hold a classic view of God as the sole ruler and caretaker

of the world and its people your daily rituals could include

prayers of thanks for the good things in your life or maybe your belief is more

intimate or spiritual you might recognize one God or many each

interested in the specific wishes and needs of every individual alternatively you might not

believe in any deity seeing yourself as a lone Spirit tied to a larger Cosmos

that doesn’t focus on any one being my love for you is vast and I hope

your life’s deeds will reflect the magnitude of my care for everyone you the heavenly father are the

very essence of love and virtue you I am thankful for your constant love

let my heart stay true radiating Your Love tranquility and joy in all

places type yes heavenly father if you believe I’m not here to give you

temporary Joy with an easy life instead I’ll give you obstacles and

hardships to guide you to real happiness I won’t just hand you quick

fixes to make things simple I’ll give you deep questions to ponder leading you

to find the wisdom within you are cherished deeply my love

for you is Limitless I aspire to be your ally your

partner and your most reliable Confidant as God’s creation he has given

you the breath of life and the Liberty to use it along with the duty to use

these gifts with wisdom no matter how much time has elapsed on

this Earth be it a day a week a month or

years God’s message to you is clear you are his you are not your

own he promises to fulfill your desires and needs for a joyful

life he will steer you towards wiser choices because of his love for

you his love is so deep that even when he allows certain events to unfold he

wants you to know that it’s part of a greater plan and that ultimately it’s for the

best type yes God if you believe your joy and your struggles are

equally important to me I am here to support you in any

situation even if it means allowing things to happen that could upset me you

can count on me to be there for you even if we can’t meet or talk here on Earth You Are My Chosen

One you are precious to me and I wish for you to find true happiness and

success type if you believe God wants us to feel the Deep

peace and happiness that comes from knowing we are his without this Bond we will always

feel something is missing we belong to something greater than ourselves we have been saved for a

reason realizing that we are part of God’s family gives our lives meaning and

importance it makes us feel valued and confirms our unique place in the

world in the image I have crafted for you I call you to step up as my

child I’ve given you a heart full of love and eyes bright with hope your

purpose is to ch cherish me holy with all your heart thoughts soul and

might God is eager to shower you with blessings to glorify his name through

you he wants to infuse your life with the joy that comes from his love leading

you to happiness and prosperity yet this can only happen if

you choose to return the favor by loving others as Jesus did God’s love is given freely to

everyone he adors each one of us with a special love that’s unmatched a love that he

alone can give this love comes from the fact that we are made in his likeness filled with

a spirit of Love and Hope believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the words I really love you

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dedication God proclaims I will bestow my spirit upon those who are downtrodden

the poor the heartbroken and the humble he will make known to them his profound

love his deepest wish for you is to lead a life filled with purpose and

meaning he seeks to harness your unique abilities for the greater good to uplift

others you are held in such high esteem by him that he would forego all for your

well-being your worth is beyond measure and nothing can disrupt the steadfast

Bond we share God’s love for you is so immense that he sent his son Jesus Christ to Bear the

cross of igny and suffering so that you might have eternal life if you haven’t yet embraced Jesus

as your lord and savior now is the moment to welcome him into your life many people think they have to work

for God’s love to be good enough to deserve it but the truth is God’s love

isn’t something you earn it’s given freely you don’t have to prove you’re

worthy you’re accepted just as you are right now if we had to be worthy of his love

we’d already have it but God has made a way for us to feel his love through

Jesus Christ as the creator of all God longs to be a central part of your

life your life is a precious gift and I aim to enrich it for you

everything you need to lead a virtuous life has been provided now it’s your

turn to bring it to life God is ready to give you all that’s necessary for joy and

success he wishes for you to lead a life that’s full of purpose meaning and

satisfaction when we encounter hardships we often wonder if God has a grander

plan than what we’ve envisioned we may even doubt his love for

us but remember you are his beloved child and there’s no need to fear life’s

abundance or the unknown of death God’s presence is a constant by

your side offering reassurance and love fear nothing in this life for the

Divine has already set everything in motion for your benefit instead of being daunted by the

magnitude of your troubles see each one as an opportunity to overcome and pave

the way for Solutions remember the power of a timely

idea is Unstoppable it can change lives and reshape the

world you are a Divine work of art endowed with endless potential and

love hold true to your essence and shine your light upon the world believe that every step you take

is guided towards your ult ultimate purpose let go of your concerns and

welcome the Journey To Your Divine Destiny within you lies the ability to

heal forgive and bring about change tap into the source of love in

your heart and watch as wonders unfold don’t be afraid of what’s to come

for you are never alone trust in the guidance that comes from within and we

will move through life with Grace and in sight you are always accompanied for the

divine presence resides in your soul in the quiet of your soul find the

constant presence of Sacred Love when lost look within to reconnect

with the Divine Essence at your heart know that you are a conduit of

celestial light your prayers do not go unheard your yearnings are

acknowledged have faith in the divine plan for I am aligning the cosmos for

your ultimate benefit hold on to gratitude for it is the key that unlocks

wonders nurture a thankful spirit and watch as Prosperity fills your

life each obstacle is a chance for personal growth and spiritual

awakening welcome hardship as the spark for your inner development surpass your constraints and

and the universe will align to support you creating a mosaic of Fortune open up to the generous

blessings given to you your calling is distinct and

essential pursue your spiritual Quest boldly for the world anticipates the

gifts you have to offer forgiveness frees you let go of

past weights and step into the Liberty that comes with wholehearted love your thoughts have the power to

mold your reality choose to focus on love joy and

prosperity and you’ll see wonders take shape before you release the urge to

control everything and instead yield to Life’s natural rhythm in this release you’ll discover

true Liberty and the Fulfillment of your wishes you are a vessel for divine

inspiration trust in your innate creat ity and let your inner Muse direct your

artistic Journey each step you’re taking is directed by a higher

wisdom Have Faith In the Journey that’s unfolding for it’s leading you to the Fulfillment of your deepest

yearnings fear is merely a shadow that blocks your progress Embrace bravery and move Beyond

fears constraints and you’ll see your dreams become reality you are an embodiment of divine

love let your light shine upon the world and observe as your kindness transforms

those around you your value isn’t determined by external factors remember you inherently

deserve love prosperity and all that brings you happiness deep within your heart the

silence holds the answers you seek listen closely for it is through

the soft Whispers of your in inition that I speak to you let go of comparing

yourself to others you are unparalleled and extraordinary Embrace who you truly are

and let your genuine self shine forth Your Dreams Are Holy signposts

guiding you to your destiny follow them with Relentless belief and watch the Wonders that emerge

on your path the obstacles you face carry within them the the potential for

change welcome these challenges as chances to evolve and see your spirit

flourish you are deeply valued by the cosmos embraced and adored at every

turn Have Faith In The Grand Design and be assured that I am perpetually with

you if these words resonate with you respond with Amen to acknowledge their

receipt gratitude to you you for pursuing Divine connection as the creator of all my love

for you is boundless and I am here to offer my support I aim to share insights that

have enriched my existence and may likewise enhance yours each person is distinct and while

finding your Earthly purpose can be challenging remember that seeking wisdom

is a sign of strength should you find yourself UNC of your life’s calling consider turning to

the Divine for direction guidance will be provided Perfection is not a

prerequisite for Mastery if you encounter hurdles seek

Divine assistance and expect a response to your entreaties in this moment I extend a

message for all to hear I am present with you and my affection for you is

profound the world’s expanse May intimidate yet I stand alongside

you God’s commitment to you is unwavering his love boundless as

evidenced by the selfless Act of his son’s sacrifice in every moment of need God is

there he won’t leave you or give up on you he gets the struggles we all go

through the big and small hurdles in our way luckily God’s got our back through

it all he gave us Jesus Christ to free us from our wrongdoings and offer us a

forever life that’s why it’s key to turn to God’s teachings they guide us give us

strength and fill us with insight as we make our way through life these teachings shared through

Jesus help us get to know God better love him more and stay close to him

every day more than than anything God wants a close relationship with you

because his love for you is huge you are inherently virtuous and

though you’ve stumbled those missteps are lessons in Disguise the Divine holds you dear ready

to extend forgiveness upon your request in these trying times the Divine

is tirelessly working to soothe and mend the hearts of those in sorrow there’s a distinct blueprint for

each life and if you’re open to it you’ll be gently guided through these

trials you are enveloped in Divine affection and during these tough times

that love is actively seeking to comfort and restore those in

distress there’s a purposeful path laid out for everyone and with your consent

you’ll be navigated through these storms the world may seem intimidating

but remember it’s within your power to change that perception you are of incredible value

and strength rest assured I am with you at every turn you are

cherished it’s natural to sometimes feel isolated or misunderstood but know this

I am actively present in your life I will never leave you not even

when it appears I might my Pres presence is a constant ready to offer support whenever you

reach out believe in faith and positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love type I love you Heavenly

Father for those who hold God close to their hearts express your love with the

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go thank you for being a part of this community until next time stay inspired

stay motivated and keep shining your light

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