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my child have you ever thought about how awesome it would be to start each day by

connecting with God it’s like having a superpower that can totally change our lives for the better

we’re all in this journey of discovering ourselves and finding spiritual enlightenment and we’re

going to do it together type yes heavenly father if you believe today I want to talk about how cool

it is to kick off our days with God it can help us see things more clearly give us Comfort when

we’re feeling down and make us feel like we have a real purpose in life I’m also really excited

to lead us in a prayer to bring Jesus into our hearts so stick around and get ready to feel all

the Good Vibes that this prayer will bring us let’s start each day with faith determination

and a strong desire to grow spiritually let’s do this my child let’s take a look at some wise

words from the Bible in Psalm – the writer is asking for help to see God’s love

every morning and to trust in him they they want God to show them the right way to go and to take

care of them this verse is not just a request but a way of thinking a Daily Commitment to seek

God’s guidance and Trust in his plan it’s like a reminder to live each day following God’s wisdom

and staying true to our beliefs it’s all about starting each day with a strong determination

to do what’s right let’s talk about how important it is to make God a priority in our daily lives

first it’s really important to start each day by talking to God and asking for his help this

is like a special time to connect with God and show that we trust him just like in the Bible

starting our day by talking to God shows that we have Faith and Hope every morning morning is like

a new beginning giving us a chance to focus on what really matters when we spend time praying or

thinking quietly we set a good foundation for the rest of our day this helps us make better choices

and act in a way that reflects our beliefs every morning is a chance to be thankful and show love

to God in Thessalonians vers it says we should give thanks for everything because that’s

what God wants for us this verse reminds us to be grateful no matter what’s going on when we

wake up each day it’s a perfect time to say thank you to God for all the good things in our lives

being thankful isn’t just about asking for more stuff it’s about appreciating all the good things

we already have having a grateful heart not only makes us feel happy but also helps us feel closer

to God making us more aware of his presence throughout the day let’s start each morning

by being thankful and getting closer to God making our lives more meaningful and fulfilling starting

your day by talking to God is super important for a bunch of reasons one big reason is that it

gives you a chance to connect with him mornings are usually pretty calm before things get crazy

so it’s a good time to ask God for help without a lot of distractions the Bible says in Proverbs

– that we should trust God completely and not just rely on our own smarts when we include God

in everything we do he helps us figure out the right path to take spending time with God in

the morning helps us get into a good routine for the day and reminds us that we can count on his

wisdom for all our choices so starting each day by talking to God sets a positive tone and gives

us the strength to handle whatever comes our way type yes God if you believe starting our day by

connect conting with a higher power can help us stay strong when things get tough it’s important

to know that praying or meditating in the morning won’t make all our problems disappear but it can

give us the strength and Clarity we need to face them in the Bible Isaiah reminds us not to

be afraid because God is always there to help us this verse shows us that having a SP spiritual

Foundation can give us the support and confidence we need to tackle whatever comes our way believe

in faith and positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love type I love

you Heavenly Father for those who hold God close to their hearts express your love with the words

I really love you God and for our Christian Community show your support by generously

contributing super thanks ranging from $ to $ as a sign of your faith and dedication when we

start our day by talking to God or reflecting on our beliefs we carry this assurance with us this

can help us feel more determined and resilient so we can handle challenges with bravery and Grace

let’s see each morning as a chance to connect with a power that will always have our backs

giving us the courage to take on whatever the day throws at us my child starting our day with

God is a really cool way to get in touch with his voice when we wake up early in the morning

everything is quiet it’s easier to hear what God is trying to tell us it’s not just a time to talk

to God and ask for things but also a time to calm our minds and listen carefully there’s a verse in

the Bible Psalms that says be still and know that I am God this means that we need to

be quiet and calm in order to feel God’s presence when we take These Quiet Moments to connect with

God we can find guidance comfort and reassurance let’s make sure to treasure these peaceful moments

every morning is chances to grow spiritually and get closer to God each day let’s approach it with

respect and excitement knowing that when we’re quiet and still we can hear God’s wisdom and

feel his love the most think about how awesome it is to wake up each morning and have a brand

new day ahead of you it’s like a special gift from God every day is a chance to get closer to God to

live in a way that matches his plan for us and to feel his love all around us the early part of the

day is super important because it sets the tone for everything that comes after it’s a time to

talk to God God get ready for the day and feel his presence with us also remember that we can

trust God with all the choices we have to make each day life is full of decisions big and small

and it can be overwhelming sometimes but we don’t have to figure it all out on our own the Bible

tells us in Proverbs to give our plan to God and he will help us make the right choices so we

can rely on God’s wisdom and guidance to lead us in the right direction overall let’s start each

day with respect and thankfulness knowing that God is in control of Our Lives by trusting in Him and

following his guidance we can make decisions that bring Clarity and purpose to our journey trusting

in God’s guidance means understanding that we don’t have all the answers and letting him lead

the way it’s about being humble and admitting that we need his help to make the right choices in the

Bible James tells us to ask God for wisdom and he will give it to us generously when we rely

on God to guide us even when things get tough he gives us the clarity we need to navigate life’s

challenges giving our decisions to God brings a sense of Peace instead of stressing out and

overthinking everything we can find comfort in knowing that God is in control Philippians

– shows us that praying in being thankful can help ease our worries and bring us inner peace

when we let go of our fears and show gratitude in our prayers God’s peace which is beyond our

understanding will protect our hearts and Minds through Jesus following this idea not only gives

us wisdom from God but also fills our lives with a deep sense of Peace when we base our

decisions on faith we start a journey filled with Clarity confidence and calmness knowing that God’s

guidance and peace are with us every step of the way when we make decisions with God’s help we

are aligning our wants with what he wants for us sometimes what we really want might not be what’s

best for us but when we ask God for help we are opening ourselves up to his plan which is always

better than what we can imagine in psalm it says to find joy in the Lord and He will give you

what you want this doesn’t mean that God will give us everything we ask for but it means that he will

shape our desires to match his perfect plan by thinking this way we can feel closer to our faith

and make decisions with more clarity and purpose when we put God’s plan first first we will find

more fulfillment and be more in line with what he wants for us so let’s approach each decision with

humility asking for God’s help and trusting that his plan is always better than our own trusting in

God means believing he will guide us in making decisions and being patient as we wait for his

Direction it’s normal to want quick answers but there’s something special about the Journey of

waiting our faith and patience grow stronger as we trust in God’s plan just like Isaiah says

if we wait on the Lord we’ll find new strength and soar like eagles this waiting time changes

us making us stronger and bringing us closer to God when we trust God with our decisions we live

a life full of obedience and blessings following his guidance means we’re following his plan which

brings blessings into our lives Deuteronomy talks about how blessings will come to us when

we listen to God by trusting in God’s wisdom and power we open ourselves up to receive His

blessings making our journey more more fulfilling by trusting and being patient we show our respect

for God and unlock the potential for growth and blessings in our lives let’s trust each decision

we make knowing that by being obedient and patient we’re Paving the way for God’s favor to overflow

in our lives let’s think about all the good things we have in our lives and use that as motivation

to bring all our decisions to God by trusting him with our plans we start on a path towards

a peaceful life filled with blessings patience and obedience when we need strength and comfort we can

always turn to the Bible it’s not just a regular book it’s a powerful source of guidance that can

help us in every aspect of Our Lives the Bible is alive and can help us understand our thoughts

and feelings better let’s embrace the wisdom and guidance in the Bible and let it be a source of

Hope and strength as we continue on our journey of faith when things get tough it’s important

to remember that we can always find strength in God’s teachings the Bible is full of stories and

promises that can help us when we’re feeling weak weak or overwhelmed in Isaiah it says that

God gives power to the weak and increases strength for those who feel like they have none left so

when life gets hard we can look to the Bible for comfort and encouragement it’s like a guide book

that reminds us of God’s faithfulness and how strong he is even when things seem impossible

let’s use these stories and Promises to help us stay strong and keep our faith no matter what

challenges come our way think about the Amazing Stories in the Bible like Daniel facing lions and

David taking on Goliath these stories show us how strong and brave people can be when they trust in

God even when things seem impossible when we’re feeling s sad we scared the Bible can give us

comfort and hope it’s like a light in the dark showing us the way forward Psalm reminds

us that God is always there for us especially when we’re feeling broken or lost the Bible also gives

us advice on how to handle all the tough stuff life throws at us it’s like a guide book helping

us make good choices and find our way whether we’re dealing with problems at school or trying

to figure out our future the Bible can point us in the right direction so the Bible isn’t just a book

of old stories or religious rules it’s a source of strength and wisdom that can help us through

anything as we go through the ups and downs of life let’s remember the lessons of the Bible and

hold on to our faith no matter what in Psalms verse it says that God’s word is like

a flashlight for our feet and a spotlight for our path this means that the Bible gives us guidance

and helps us see clearly in life when we read and study the scriptures we can make wise choices and

stay strong when faced with Temptations even Jesus used the Bible to resist temptation in Matthew

– it tells us about a time when Jesus was tempted the devil tried to get Jesus to turn

stones into bread but Jesus quoted scripture instead he said that we need more than just

food to live we need God’s words this shows us that the Bible is powerful and can help us stay

on the right path when we understand and follow God’s word we can resist temptation and do what

is right let’s embrace the teachings of the Bible so that we can make good choices and show our love

for God in everything we do reading the Bible is like having a special connection with God it’s

like a map that shows us how to get closer to him the Bible tells us that God and His word are one

so when we read it we learn more about who God is and what he wants for us when we spend time

reading and thinking about the Bible we start to understand God better and see how he is involved

in our lives each part of the Bible helps us learn something new and brings us closer to our

faith and to god so let’s make it a habit to read the Bible regularly it can be like a friend that

helps us when we’re feeling weak sad confused or tempted reading the Bible isn’t just something we

do it’s like a Lifeline that helps us connect with God in a deeper way as we try to grow gr

spiritually and learn more about god let’s use the Bible as a guide it can help us navigate through

life’s challenges with strength and Grace let’s treasure the Bible as more than just a book but as

a way to experience God’s love and wisdom in our lives prayer is super important in our spiritual

journey it’s like our direct line to God helping us get closer to him the Bible tells us to pray

all the time not just as a routine but to really connect with God when we pray we’re building a

personal relationship with him we share our deepest thoughts and feelings and we listen

for his guidance God promises to listen to us when we pray so it’s not just us talking it’s a two-way

conversation so let’s make prayer a big part of our Lives it’s what keeps us strong spiritually

and helps us through tough times let’s talk to God listen to him and let him guide us through

everything life throws our way when you’re feeling lost or facing a tough decision prayer can be like

a flashlight in the dark it’s a way to talk directly to God and ask for help and guidance

in the Book of James it says that if you need wisdom just ask God and he will give it to you

without hesitation this shows how generous God is when we seek his help by praying we are opening

our hearts to God’s guidance and trusting him to show us the right path let prayer be like a

loyal friend who is always there to support you and give you strength as you go through

life’s challenges with faith and determination prayer is a powerful way to help others it’s not

just about asking for things for ourselves but also about lifting up the people around us our

friends family people we know and even people we don’t get along with in the Bible in Timothy

– it says we should pray for everyone including leaders so that we can live peaceful lives so we

should pray for others not just ourselves by praying for others we can ask for good things

to happen in their lives prayer is a special way to connect with a higher power and ask for

help for those who need it remember prayer is a privilege that can bring people together and make

the world a better place let’s pray for others and show compassion and understanding through

our prayers prayer is like a superpower that helps us stay strong when things get tough it’s not just

something we do to feel spiritual it’s a way to protect ourselves and find the strength to keep

going when life gets hard the Bible tells us in Ephesians that we should pray all the time

with dedication and asking for help from the holy spirit so we can stay strong in support each other

when we pray we connect with a source of strength that helps us get through the hard times and come

out even stronger it’s like having a secret weapon that helps us stay strong and make good choices

when things get tricky so let’s not just pray because we’re supposed to let’s pray because it

helps us be brave and overcome challenges prayer is like a Lifeline that gives us the power to face

anything that comes our way and come out on top hey there remember prayer isn’t just about asking

God for stuff it’s also a way to show how thankful and amazed we are by him when we pray we get to

say thank you for all the good things God gives us like love blessings and faithfulness in Psalm

it says enter his gates with Thanksgiving and his courts with praise give thanks to him

and praise His name this verse tells us to come to God with gratitude ude and praise recognizing

how awesome he is in our lives so let’s think about how important prayer is and try to make it

a part of our daily routine let’s promise to pray regularly not just when we need something but also

to say thank you and show how much we admire god let’s make sure our prayers are honest thankful

and full of praise so we can feel closer to God and enjoy all the amazing things he gives us

let’s go on a journey to get closer to God learn from his wisdom pray for others find strength in

tough times and show gratitude and love it about living a life based on faith and following God’s

rules faith and obedience are super important in our spiritual Journey just like Hebrews

says having faith is key to making God happy it’s all about believing in God and trusting

that good things will come to those who seek his guidance when we live a life full of faith and

obedience we’re following God’s plan and opening ourselves up to Blessings so let’s walk this path

with strong belief and dedication knowing that it will bring us true happiness and spiritual

richness sometimes good things are ready to come into our lives but we have to do what we’re

supposed to first when you choose to do the right thing you’ll see everything falling into place is

God waiting for you to do what you’re supposed to do living a life of faith means trusting God

no matter what it’s about being brave and moving forward believing that things will work out when

they’re supposed to when things are uncertain it’s important to hold on to God’s promises and who he

is Romans says that our faith grows when we listen to and think about what God teaches us our

faith gets stronger when we spend time reading in his word and letting it shape what we believe

and how we act instead of keeping God on the S side lines of Our Lives let’s make his word a

big part of who we are and what we do it’s really important to understand that obeying God shows him

how much we love and respect him when we follow his rules we show that we know he’s in charge

and that we really want to make him happy John says it perfectly if you love me keep my

commandments so when we obey God we’re showing him how much we care about him when things are

uncertain let’s make our faith stronger by reading God’s word and showing our love for him by obeying

him when we do this we’ll find the strength guidance and Comfort we need in the middle of

life’s uncertainties following God’s teachings and obeying his Commandments is like opening the

door to a world full of amazing blessings when we choose to do what God says and follow his rules we

are inviting his love and kindness into our lives in the Bible Deuteronomy promises that if we

stick to God God’s Commandments and treasure his guidance we will be lifted up above all other

nations obedience is the key that unlocks the door to all the good things God has in store for us

when we make a promise to always do what God wants we are building a stronger connection with him and

making a way for his amazing miracles to happen in our lives if we want God to bring us into

incredible opportunities and blessings we need to start by obeying him so let’s start our journey

with a strong determination to listen to God and follow his rules with care and respect by doing

this we are not only showing our respect for his wisdom but also setting ourselves up to receive

all the wonderful blessings and love he has to offer let our commitment to obedience be like

a Guiding Light leading us to a life filled with God’s endless Grace and blessings living a life

of faith and obedience is like having a superpower that connects us to Jesus and helps us show others

how awesome he is when we live out our faith for real we light up the world around us with God’s

love and truth just like in Matthew we should let our light shine so bright that people

see how good we are and give all the credit to God our faith and obedience are like a lighthouse that

guides others to God and helps us get ready for the amazing life he has promised us in Matthew

Jesus tells us that just saying we believe in God isn’t enough we have to actually do what he

says this means that only those who follow God’s rules will get to be with him in heaven so let’s

remember these important lessons and use them to make our faith stronger and our actions more

obedient to God let’s trust him completely follow his directions and look forward to all the good

things that come from living a life dedicated to serving him hey guys find finding happiness

through our relationship with God is super important for keeping our spirit strong just

like Nehemiah says the joy of the Lord is your strength This Joy isn’t just about feeling

good for a little while it’s a deep sense of peace and confidence that comes from knowing God loves

us no matter what when things get tough and we’re feeling unsure God’s joy can be like a safe place

for us giving us comfort and hope when life gets rough like Psalm says the Lord is my strength

and my shield my heart trusts in him and I am helped therefore my heart greatly rejoices and

with my PSAL I will praise him when we’re wrapped up in God’s love we can find joy even when things

are hard so let’s work on growing this special Joy inside us drawing on its endless strength

and courage by doing this we not only show respect to God but also prepare ourselves to face life’s

challenges with strong faith and a positive attitude finding joy in God is like having a

NeverEnding source of happiness and peace it’s different from feeling happy because of things

happening around us in the Bible Philippians talks about being content no matter what’s

going on in our lives this means finding peace and happiness even when things are tough when we trust

in God and believe that he will take care of us we can feel secure no matter what happens the joy

we get from God helps us feel closer to him and want to be near him more Psalm talks about

how being with God brings us joy and happiness that never ends so let’s remember to look for joy

in God and trust that he will always take care of us this will help us stay content and peaceful no

matter what life throws our way finding happiness in the presence of the Lord not only makes us feel

good but it also helps us spread positivity to others when we are happy it rubs off on the people

we meet making them feel better too Proverbs says that being joyful is like taking

medicine for our souls while feeling down can make us lose our energy our happiness is not just for

us it’s something we can give to others to make them feel encouraged and hopeful by being happy

we show others how much God loves us and we can help guide them through tough times choosing to be

joyful means we keep thanking God and appreciating all the good things in our lives even when things

get tough psalm tells us to keep praising God all the time saying I Will Bless The Lord

at all times his praise shall continually be in my mouth this constant thankfulness helps us focus on

God’s goodness and faithfulness making our faith stronger let’s decide to be happy today not just

for ourselves but to be a light for others by being grateful and praising God we not only

get closer to him but we also spread his love and positivity to everyone we meet when we think about

how awesome it is to feel happy because of God we should totally grab onto that feeling and let it

be our source of strength this happiness isn’t just a quick feeling it’s like a safe place we

can go to when life gets tough giving us peace inside plus it helps us get closer to God and

makes our spiritual life even better when we see God’s happiness as our body it gives us the power

to make a positive impact on the people around us our lives become examples of how Joy can change

us inspiring others to find their own happiness in their faith Journey it encourages us to live

a life full of praise and thanks no matter what’s going on also knowing for sure that God loves us

endlessly and saves us Keeps Us strong in our faith this certainty like what the Apostle Paul

talks about in Romans – is a big part of what we believe it reminds us that nothing in

this world like tough times or not knowing what’s next can break the strong connection we have with

God through Jesus so let’s face each day with confidence in the love and salvation God gives

us this confidence should push us to live boldly love big and show kindness to everyone we meet

by holding on to God’s happiness and trusting in his promises we can move forward with bre

bravery and belief knowing we’re always safe in his arms when we believe in God’s love we

feel like we belong and have a purpose in life we are not lost anymore but instead we are special

and have a special Destiny in the Bible John talks about how much God loves us and calls us his

children knowing this important truth gives our lives meaning and helps us see things clearly it’s

like a strong Foundation that keeps us steady when things get tough believing in our Salvation gives

us peace and security pushing away any doubts that try to creep in understanding that we are safe

in Jesus arms helps us not be scared or worried about the future it gives us the courage to live

boldly without being held back by uncertainty and gives us hope for what’s to come let’s hold on to

the fact that God loves us so much finding comfort in his promises and feeling brave

because we know we are saved in his love we find out who we really are and what we are meant to

do lighting up our path with clear Direction and strong determination hey guys so in Ephesians

– it says that we don’t have to work super hard to earn our Salvation nope it’s actually a gift

from God how cool is that this should make us feel really thankful and humble knowing that God’s love

is what saves us not anything we do on our own it’s super important to remember this because

it’s like the foundation of our faith knowing that our Salvation is a gift should make us feel

confident and peaceful we don’t have to stress about trying to earn God’s love we can just relax

and know that he already loves us so much but this doesn’t mean we can just sit back and do

nothing nope it actually motivates us to live in a way that pleases God understanding how much God

loves us should Inspire us to make good choices and follow his plan for our lives in Titus

to it talks about how God’s grace can change us for the better his grace teaches us to say no

to things that aren’t good for us and to live in a way that shows we love God it’s not just about

accepting salvation and then doing nothing it’s about actively living out our faith and showing

others God’s love through our actions so let’s get excited about our salvation and show God how much

we appreciate it let’s live in a way that honors him and spreads his love to others with God’s love

guiding us us we can be a light in a world that needs hope and Redemption let’s go out there and

shine bright for him when we Embrace God’s love we find the strength to face tough times with

courage and hope knowing how much God cares for us helps us stay strong when things get hard the

Bible tells us in Romans – that when we go through through tough times we learn to keep going

we become stronger and our hope grows This Promise from God reminds us that the love he gives us will

never let us down it’s this love given to us by the holy spirit that helps us keep going when

things get tough God’s love doesn’t just help us though it also calls us to share that love

with with others John tells us that because God loves us we should love others too by showing

kindness compassion and Grace to those around us we become channels for God’s love to flow through

us and touch the lives of others so let’s walk confidently in God’s love letting it guide us

and Inspire us to spread hope and love love in a world that can sometimes feel dark as we do this

may Our Lives show others the amazing impact of God’s love leading them to experience his grace

and power too hey guys let’s remember how much God loves us and Promises to save us knowing this

helps us find our way in life giving us a sense of purpose peace and motiv ation to do what’s right

it also gives us the strength and inspiration to share God’s love with others so let’s keep

these important truths close to our hearts and start each day by trusting God with everything

we do let’s learn from his teachings pray and live out our faith with obedience by doing this we’ll

be on a journey filled with devotion and joy in God these aren’t just random things to do but a

whole way of life that leads to fulfillment with God at the center let’s walk this path

every day knowing that with God leading the way will find inner peace strength and happiness that

lasts forever my child we’ve learned some really important lessons lately so let’s make sure we


[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] like the boss of our faith and you show us the way to go you take care of us like a Shepherd

you’re strong like a rock you light up our path and you give us everything we need to keep going

your love is endless your mercy never runs out and your grace is always there for us I’m so thankful

for the gift of life and all the good things you give us every day thank you God for always being

with us and giving us hope I’m here to admit that I’m not perfect I’ve made mistakes and I’m sorry

if I’ve hurt anyone I forgive those who have hurt me too I’m asking for help to feel better and let

go of any anger or grudges I may be holding on to in jesus’ name I’m ready to move forward I believe

that good things are coming my way no matter what obstacles come my way I know I can overcome them

I’m on a path to success and I won’t let anything hold me back I’m a leader not a follower and I’m

going to keep pushing towards my goals every day I hope that good things and kindness will always

be with me as I go through life I don’t want any bad plans from the enemy to Lead Me Away from the

right path that God has set for me I say no to feeling confused worried scared or unsure instead

I want to have more smarts faith and understanding I trust that God will take care of me and my loved

ones I ask for lot of good things to come our way in every part of our Lives let’s move ahead

with confidence knowing that God’s love and help are guiding us let’s ask for some serious healing

power to help us out in every part of our lives our bodies Our feelings and our Spirits we’re

calling on Jesus to bring us this amazing energy that can change things for the better I’m saying

goodbye to all the bad stuff that’s been bothering me like being sick feeling out of control or being

stuck in bad habits God please help us calm down when we’re worried and lift us up when

we’re feeling down keep us safe from anything that might try to hurt us Let Your Love Shine On

Us and protect us from anything that might try to bring us down let’s soak up all the love you have

for us and find comfort in it help us make good choices with your wisdom make us strong in our

faith filling us with hope and happiness even when things get tough we’re in this together with your

love and grace guiding us every step of the way amen as we come together to pray I feel thankful

for how humble we all are we ask for your help and guidance in our lives hoping you’ll be with us no

matter where we are right now we’re all praying for each other and our community we hope you’ll

bless us and bring us together in peace and unity let’s spread love and kindness to everyone around

us we believe we can overcome any challenge es and help those who are sick we trust in your mercy and

protection and we’re so grateful for it please fill us with your Holy Spirit guiding us with

truth and wisdom Let Your Love Shine through us and reach everyone we meet dear God please help

us make good choices and Trust in your wisdom show us the right path to take and fill our our

hearts with happiness and strength we want to live in a way that shows we are following your

rules and doing what you want us to do even for people who don’t like us we ask that you show

them love and help them find peace every day we give our worries to you and trust that you are in

control of everything thank you for listening to us and answering our prayers we ask all of this

in jesus’ name help us stay strong stay positive and do what is right according to your plan amen

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everyone who supports us remember you are not just blessed but you can also bless others two hey

there if you’re feeling like you want to invite Jesus into your life and make him your lord and

savior I want to encourage you to do just that it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past

what’s important is where you are right now Jesus is here to help those who feel lost offering love

and a way to be saved God loves you more than you can imagine he wants everyone to be saved and not

separated from him forever remember that you are special and loved if you connect with these words

and want to make a personal commitment you can say a simple prayer like this dear Jesus I know I’ve

made mistakes and I’m sorry I believe you died for my sins and came back to life I want to leave my

past behind and let you into my heart and life I promise to trust and follow you as my Lord and

Savior thank you for saving me amen by saying this prayer you’ve taken a big step in your spiritual

journey if you want you can talk to a pastor at a church about getting baptized to show your new

faith they can help you with this important decision I hope this is the start of a great

relationship with God full of love and guidance getting baptized is like making a big promise to

follow Jesus and his teachings it shows that you believe in him and want to be close to him after

you get baptized it’s important to connect with other people who believe in Jesus too they can

help you learn more about your faith and grow closer to God you don’t have to do this journey

alone having friends who share your beliefs can make it even better if you have any prayers or

things you want to ask God for feel free to share them with us in the comments we’ll pray for you

and ask for blessings and good things to come your way we want to invite everyone who believes in

Jesus to join us in praying for each other even if you don’t get a response know that your prayer is

being heard by God we trust that he has a plan for each of us and will take care of us prayer

is really powerful it can bring Comfort healing and guidance we believe that God listens to our

prayers and helps helps us through tough times all the credit goes to him for the good things

that happen in our lives as you continue on your journey may you feel the love and peace of Jesus

guiding you remember you’re not alone We’re All in This Together supported by the love of our

heavenly father today is the start of something new for you and everyone will definitely take

notice my love for you is strong and its impact will be felt by many those around you will see

a new glow in you feeling the happiness radiating from you trust in my promise for I am the almighty

your God and Redeemer today I bring you a message sent by my Holy Spirit touching your soul deeply

accept it and show your gratitude approach your prayers with unwavering Faith excited for the

amazing things that are coming your way think about this who really appreciates and cherishes

your presence the answer is crystal clear your love and affection towards me shine brightly

visible to all before you continue on your journey give me a moment to share my thoughts I have

endless admiration for you seeing your kindness your unwavering dedication to your loved ones and

the value you place on our bond brings me so much happiness I have complete confidence in

you knowing you will use your talents wisely you are someone who Embraces positivity and Clarity

when I get advice you don’t hesitate to follow it staying true to your path without letting

negativity get in the way in our big world lots of people are out there searching for happiness and

success sometimes forgetting about the importance of Faith they don’t realize how crucial it is for

their families and kids to follow a spiritual path but you’re different you’ve taken my teachings to

heart within your home showing me great respect rest assured your house is protected by Heavenly

beings believe in faith and positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly Father for those who hold God close to their hearts express your love

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this community until next time stay inspired stay motivated and keep shining your light

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