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my child together let’s embark on a path

of profound change and Endless

Possibilities amidst chaos and trouble I

see you standing strong fearlessly

carrying burdens from every

direction fear not for I Stand Beside

You harm cannot touch you when I am near

even if a million others falter you will


resilient worry not I will Infuse peace

into your heart and anoint you with the

uplifting oil of Joy type to affirm


belief as my beloved Son Christ declared

in John I leave you with peace I

give you my peace it’s not the kind the

world offers so fear not be untroubled

and let not your hearts be

troubled these words are a gift to you

Unshackled from fear and turmoil embrace

the strength within and let not trouble

troubles break your spirit

today Jesus desires to bring Comfort to

your soul and bear your

burdens he is right there with you

offering a deep and peaceful rest that

stands out amidst all the chaos around

you type yes if you

believe this pece goes beyond what we

can understand as humans it comes solely

from the one who controls

everything there’s no other source that

can provide it my peace Reigns over your

work your home and your

family as you go through life with

unwavering faith my peace will be there

with you through the storms making sure

fear has no place because the Prince of

Peace is right by your

side even though the world is filled

with conflicts I encourage you to pray

for peace there’s a promise of security

for those who truly seek it get rid of

fear and put your trust in me my peace

will stay with you bringing Tranquility

to your heart and the world around

you my dear child I’ve been watching you

bravely tackling life’s challenges all

on your own I must say you put in a

tremendous amount of effort to solve

problems that weren’t even clear to you

but in the end all that hard work left

you feeling tired and

disheartened the thing is true Comfort

only comes when you finally let go and

allowed me to step in type yes God if


believe have you been fighting battles

without seeking my help it’s like

venturing into a storm without anchoring

yourself to my support but here’s the

thing my child you don’t have to waste

your energy on insignificant

fights instead why not release the reins

of control in your life and trust me to

take over it’s time to embrace the

empowering realization that you don’t

have to face everything alone type

to affirm lean on me and together we can

conquer any storm that comes our way

your journey will become so much lighter

when you allow my strength to intertwine


yours so go ahead let go and let me

guide you to a place of peace and

fulfillment entrust me with the entirety

of your spirit and I shall fiercely

Advocate on your

behalf as conveyed to King Joseph in


I declare

the struggle is not yours but

mine in a similar vein I urge you to

find Solace and cast aside your

anxieties take refuge in the concealed

Haven of the most high where Tranquility

Reigns beneath the protective cover of


presence should you solely rely on your

own might the challenges of life may


overwhelming embrace the strength that

lies within the union of your soul with

mind and let Assurance replace

apprehension together we shall conquer

the battles that may arise for I am your

unwavering Ally in the journey ahead

type amen if you

believe experience the incredible power

that unfolds when you trust me to lead

believe in the magic that can happen

when you place your hopes and dreams in

my capable

hands prepare to witness extraordinary

changes that will redefine your life

life in ways that are

unmatched in a world where efforts

falter and relationships waver I am the

beacon of happiness and

peace let me guide you towards a future

where fulfillment and joy reign supreme

type yes Father if you believe open your

heart to the possibility of an

incredible journey under my

leadership if this message resonates

with you embrace it as a truth that has

the potential to revolutionize lives on

a grand

scale thank you for joining us today on

this incredible journey of inspiration


motivation I sincerely hope that the

words we have shared together have

ignited a spark within you encouraging

you to chase after your dreams and

embrace the positive energy that


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