my child hear these words from the depth

of my boundless love for you I am your

God your unwavering protector the

Craftsman of your existence and your

Eternal well

Wisher as Psalm

says God is our refuge and strength

and everpresent help and

trouble Embrace this truth and find

strength in the assurance that I am with

you navig ating the intricacies of your

life In This Moment a message of

profound significance awaits you

delivered through the medium of this

video just as Proverbs – encourages

trust in the Lord with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding

and all your ways submit to him and he

will make your path

straight trust in my divine plan for

within it Miracles stand and ready to

Cascade abundantly into your

life my precious one disregard the

clamor of the world’s opinions about

you instead anchor your belief in what I

declare over you you are a Marvel

exquisitly and wonderfully

fashioned recall Psalm

I praise you because I am

fearfully and wonderfully made your

works are wonderful I know that full

well let this truth be the foundation of


selfworth as my cherished child your

journey on this Earthly realm will not

be devoid of

Trials indeed challenges will arise but

fear not for I shall guide you through

them maintain unwavering Faith

recognizing that your achievements are

not solitary I have been your constant

companion orchestrating your to this

moment Proverbs reminds you commit

to the Lord whatever you do and you will

establish your

plans do not forget to bestow upon me

the honor rightfully due for I have yet

more blessings in store for your

life my love for you is immeasurable and

I implore you to extend that love to

others C of the world’s teachings that

Advocate reciprocity and and instead

treat people with love irrespective of

their treatment towards

you my Doctrine is one of mercy and


affection As Romans encourages be

devoted to one another in

love honor one another above

yourselves dear child the tribulations

you’ve endured were not your deserved

portion I comprehend the depths of your

pain pain and I invite you to confide in

me Psalm

assures you the Lord is close to

the Brokenhearted and saves those who

are crushed in

spirit your utterance a simple Amen in

the comments symbolizes your affirmation

of faith and opens the floodgates of

divine blessings upon

you I am your God the almighty father

and in my perfect timing I Breathe new

life life into every circumstance you

face even in the throws of spiritual

warfare rest assured that Miracles are

unfolding on your

behalf as a follower of Christ your path

will be woven with both sunshine and

storm yet never will you tread a day

without my

presence Isaiah

offers you Solace so do not fear

for I am with you do not be dismayed for

I am your

God I will strengthen you and help you I

will uphold you with my righteous right

hand through every season let your

Praises soar for in the waiting I am

crafting a symphony of

breakthroughs hold fast be resilient and

know that you stand next in line for a

miracle as Psalm

reminds you wait for the Lord be

strong and take heart and wait for the

Lord if you chance upon these words

understand that it is not mere

happenstance consider this a Divine

confirmation that you will conquer every

obstacle affirm your unwavering Faith by

typing Amen in the comments below and

witness the blessings that unfold in

your life




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