God has

communicated the way to your gifts will

be blocked if you don’t read this

message all the way through do not

ignore it at all

costs my cherished child it is possible

for those who follow me to experience

both delight and fear

simultaneously when the ladies arrive to

my tomb and heard from an angel that I

had risen from the dead they were afraid

yet filled with

joy thus don’t let fear to prevent you

from enjoying my presence is Joy it is

not a luxury only for moments when you

feel in control of your issues and the

global crisis you are welcome to

experience my loving presence now

tomorrow and forever do not let worries

about the past present or future to

bring you down and lead you to a life

devoid of pleasure rather keep in mind

that nothing in all of creation past

present or future will be able to keep

you apart from my

love discuss your worries with me

feeling free to share your ideas and

emotions unwind in my presence and give

me all of your worries ask ask me then

to fill you with my joy so that no one

can take it away from

you if you believe in God then you

should like this

video my beloved one today marks an

occasion of great importance and

celebration a day you will always

remember with joah on this day the

promises I have made to you promises

sealed by the very essence of my being


reaffirmed I guarantee you a life filled

with happiness and I offer you the gift

of Eternal existence in my loving

presence in this realm the sorrow and

pain of the past will vanish look around

you for this is your sign that better

days are

ahead the burdens that currently weigh

heavily upon your shoulders will soon

lighten and the assistance you have been

seeking is just on the

corner understand deeply my dear child

that my love for you is

profound today my love becomes evident

share with me your love express your

faith in me I am fully aware of the

challenges you face the times when

things don’t seem to go as planned and

The Cloud of frustration that often

obscures is your journey I urge you to

remain patient trust in my guidance for

every aspect of your

life I am about to demonstrate thy

immense power and ways that will

transform Discord into purpose and

meaning your worth in my eyes is beyond

measure and I am dedicated to ensuring

that you never become trapped by

situations that could harm you be it

attentive to the signs I send you and

avoid paths that I have not set before

you much lies hidden from your view

dangers you might not see and intentions

Others May hi it’s a sad truth that not

all who offer friendship do so with

sincerity don’t lose heart when you

encounter false friends who react

harshly over minor issues and then

disappear from your life be assured that

your prayers are always

heard type if you I accept God’s

uniring love and

support the obstacles and delays you

encounter are often my way of protecting

you shielding you from harm from adverse

situations and from those with deceitful

intentions remember I am all always

listening always working to save you

from these

challenges take a moment to breathe

deeply and let peace fill your heart

Clarity and Solace are on their way to

you keep faith in my support and in the

preparation for the wondrous things that


ahead everything requires time and often

I need to alter circumstances clear your

path of obstacles and protect you from

hidden dangers when it’s time for you to

move forward you will do so

safely do you understand I have never

left your side nor have I ever stopped

supporting you I have remained true to

my promise now it’s your turn to uphold

your and trust in me maintain your faith

be bold and lift your head high let go


Sorrows I am here to assist to comfort

and to mend your spirit know that in

your toughest trials you are never alone

cast aside any thought that suggests my

love for you might be conditional or

absite regardless of the magnitude of

your struggles my love for you persist

unwaveringly and I am Always by your

side my love is eternal and steadfast I

seek to guide and protect you but I ask

for something in return your unshakable

faith in me I am your strength your

future your

protector walk confidently in faith my

dear and trust that the Miracles you

haven’t seen yet will manifest even the

smallest seed of faith in your heart is

enough for me and it’s all you need to

continue experiencing the beautiful

blessings I have planned for you your

unwavering Faith especially through the

hardest times has not gone unnoticed

I’ve seen your perseverance your trust

in my power and your resilience my grace

and mercy are being poured out onto

you and I I will ensure your faith

yields abundant growth in your life and

in the lives of those around you the

time for you to enjoy the fruits of your

faith and patience is fast

approaching I understand the true

desires of your heart they are not for

fame or material wealth but for the

wellbeing of your family freedom from

debt and the ability to support those

you love it is my desire to bless you

abundantly once more tell me with all

your heart that you love me affirm your

belief in me and you will see how I

miraculously touch your life and the

lives of you loved ones

today my love for you is boundless and I

eagerly await the opportunity to enter

your home and perform wonders I am

knocking gently at the door of your

heart hoping you will let me in to do

something new something powerful in your

life I am aware of your struggles and I

promise never to let scarcity or harm

affect your family your home will be

filled with blessings for many years to

come if my love resonates with you share

this message with your friends and

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words God claims write y if you seek my

guidance God wants you to hear this five

things not

now one I have discovered someone who

helps me understand that everyone can

have hope she’s reopened my heart and

given me strength like I’ve never had

without a soul a heart cannot survive

and my soul has has found refuge in her

two I have spent my whole life waiting

for you at last my Hunt is finished the

other half of my soul is you I would be

nothing without you I can take over the

world with you I will always adore you

three I will always remember the first

time I met you your stunning smile and

captivating eyes even though it has been

a hard trip I am certain that it has

always been worthwhile because you are

in my

life for I’ve discovered that the sign

of real love is when you find someone

appealing despite their many

imperfections instead of finding them

unpleasant my darling you are the only

one I have five I used to search in all

the wrong places for love but I knew my

quest was finished when I did find you

my other half you are the one I

need six my love for you will never stop

expanding I’m eager for the day when we

have a family of oon and a house of our

own I want us to remain in one other’s

lives forever whether we are wealthy or

not Lord knows that only a few True

Believers will watch this movie all the

way through if you don’t skip any parts

of the movie Miracles will happen in

your life that you won’t

expect the almighty God declares the

core of the Christian Life is having

faith in God whether in good and bad

circumstances since I am the Lord of all

your situations I am actively engaged in

all facets of your life you may

establish a fast connection with me by

reaffirming your faith in me right now

my light will shine through you even

when it seems like the world is becoming

dark and you have faith in me by

demonstrating your transcendental Faith

you lessen the power of

evil and the people around you are

blessed and strengthened as my

superhuman light shines through you to

cling to me in the dark you must

continually use your

determination while you’re holding on to

me keep in mind that I will always hold

onto you and that my hand is always

clasped around yours in addition my

spirit encourages you to persevere cry

out for is help when you feel like

giving up by saying Help Me Holy Spirit

with one little prayer you may access

all of his resources despite the

appearance of darkness and Menace of

your situation my light continues to

shine with unsurpassed

brightness avoid overthinking things

avoid becoming fixated on unim pors when

your mind is empty you often find

yourself in a planning mode trying to

solve problems and come to conclusions

that you really need to

make this is a pointless attempt to

exert control and a waste of your

limited time you often end up regretting

your decision or forgetting what you

originally chose planning as necessary

sometimes but not always or even most of


time make an effort to live in the now

where my presence is always there to

greet you let my love seep into your

deepest being as you rejuvenate in my

proximity set aside your worries and

unwind with me so that you may focus on

me and experience more of my love your

spirit yearns for me yet often you are

unaware of what it is that your soul

really yearns for awareness of my

presence right I trust the scripture

plan to

agree allow me to guide you down Serene

rivers and Revitalize your spirit in

your connection with me the lover of

your soul you may communicate intimately

just as deeply as lovers can without

saying much never be afraid to own up to

your sins there has never been a sinless

person before me you are lying to

yourself and avoiding the truth if you

claim to be

sinless admitting your transgressions

and trusting that I will pardon and

cleanse you of all unrighteousness is

truly extremely liberating the good news

is that I have fully compensated for all

of your crimes and have redeemed

you admitting your mistakes takes as a

step toward realizing the truth because

I am the truth it brings you closer to

me that you confess it also releases you

from oppressive guilt sentiments admit

it right away if you have send in your

words Deeds or

thoughts you don’t have to make a long

or elaborate confession it might be as

easy as saying Lord forgive me and and

cleanse me the difficult part my death

on the cross to atone for your sins is

already done your role is to live in the

truth and

light I am the world’s light Ty your

savior you believe and me despite the

fact that you cannot see me I am far

more real full and constant than

anything you can perceive you are

placing your confidence in the

unbreakable rock me when you believe in

me I am the rock that you can stand on

no matter what happens in your life and

since I love you and you are a part of

me beloved I invite you to find safety

in me the rewards of believing in me are

endless the most valuable thing is your

Soul’s Eternal

salvation your faith in me also so

greatly improves your life by enabling

you to recognize who you are and whose

you are I support you in keeping hope

alive as you navigate this broken World

by staying in touch with me uh this

enhances your ability to experience

Joy I can fill you with an unfathomable

and wonderful Joy the more you seek me

and the more more thoroughly you know

me typ how man if you trust in Lord

according to the scripture one cannot

satisfy God if they are in the e or have

their attention on Earthly matters it

says that one cannot satisfy God if they

have not altered their

ways because of their relationship to

Christ his love and the grace and Glory

he bestows God’s chosen people are

always acceptable to him but when they

live in their flesh T depend only on

their own ideas and deeds they still

fall short of pleasing

him these individuals who are too

preoccupied with material goals are seen

as drifting away from God losing touch

with his Supernatural presence and

deficient in vital attributes like Grace

and Faith qualities that are essential

to winning God

over they are seen as filthy and is not

leading lives that enable them to feel

near to God and share in his happiness

God responds by sending his Spirit to

assist individuals and acquiring traits

that are consistent with what he

considers agreeable

the verse clarifies that these people’s

preoccupation on Earthly concerns has

caused them to lose sight of how to make

amends with God rather than that God

rejects them their thoughts are focused

on material things they wouldn’t know

how to approach God or what to do in

order to repair their connection with

him even if they desired to make peace

with him only via Christ can there be


peace this shows us how crucial Christ’s

effort was in making peace between God

and ourselves zeph’s look carefully

suggests that we should spend our lives

with intention and caution our

activities need to be motivated by a

desire to serve God rather than just our

own willpower or worldly desire

through discernment and assessing our

courses we Endeavor to live lives that

are in harmony with his will living not

as foolish but as wise sets us apart

from the rest of the world as Christ

followers we are expected to base our

choices on the wisdom of God rather than

fleeting human

whims it entails reading God’s word

seeking wise guidance

and letting the Holy Spirit mold our

attitudes and deeds as we Traverse the

intricacies of life we may Endeavor to

exemplify wisdom because of Christ’s

redeeming work in

us the Apostle Paul does however also

warn us that having knowledge is not

enough we also need to actively use it

by making the best use of the time God

has given us the gift of time and it is

our duty to manage it well every n

offers a special chance to plant seeds

of the Gospel make connections and give

selflessly to

others type I trust the divine plan to

agree given the fleeting nature of life

we should give the Eternal precedence

over the temporary values greater than

an order to convey to Timothy the value


concentration and focus in his service

to God Paul Compares it in this line to


soldier Paul exhorts Timothy to put his

Devotion to God and his ministry first

just as a soldiers first priority is to

satisfy his commanding officer and

fulfill his military obligations this is

for us Believers as well living as a

Christian is a spiritual

battle in the course of our religious

Journey Christians encounter obstacles


difficulties but we are obligated to

persevere and fight a good fight this

calls for bravery

tenacity and faith in God’s

might we should refrain from being

sidetracked or involved in Earthly

matters since they might impede our

ability to serve God effectively and

develop spiritually rather we need to

stay committed to our goal and strive to

satisfy God who is ultimately in

charge this serves as a reminder for us

to hold fast to our beliefs and put our

connection with God above anything else

in the world it inspires us to remain

focused on our commitment to God’s

Mission rather than allowing the world’s

problems and diversions to divert

us additionally be understood

symbolically and spiritually signifying

the church as God’s dwelling as builders

in this spiritual home Christians

construct the church but in inside the

church there are excellent Builders and


Builders those who weaken the basis of

fican reject Christ will learn that

their efforts are in vain they could

combine opposing philosophies distort

the facts and eventually destroy the

foundations they work to

build however those who develop the

church by firmly laying the foundation

of Christ imparting good Theology and

depending on God’s mercy and direction

in their ministry will help to edify

Believers win over Sinners and fortify


church however the success of even the

most devoted Builders depends on God

blessing their labor and this in the end

anything that is not created by God is

meaningless in the big scheme of things

all human efforts and attempts are

pointless without his involvement and

Direction true

satisfaction and purpose are only

possible via the wisdom might and Divine

Design of God when we attempt to

construct or achieve anything without

consulting God we will always fall short

and often experience disa appointment

emptiness and

futility it is crucial to recognize that

anything that is not founded by God as

devoy of the Everlasting importance and

strong basis that only he can

provide right I love you Jesus if you

believe listen carefully do rational

individuals scour the grocery store

aisles for some common sense I find

myself selecting among fruit reading

greeting cards and taking in the scent

of flowers every day everything in

Disguise observe people as they

are can listen to their noses while they

pick up an impulsive pack of smokes or

purchase their evening’s meal I believe

it’s difficult to refuse to live another

person’s life there is no such thing as

time at a

supermarket people enter with lists and

desires and as soon as they have what

they came for they exit via automated

doors everyone seem to be returning to

something more significant all the time

they’re returning to a new existence

whether it be the open road a friend’s

home or a party it’s all better than

aimlessly walking around a dimly lit

grocery store on a week night hoping to

find anything but Solitude I’m sorting

clementines as if there’s a Flawless

gold ball at the base of the pyramid

there isn’t and never will

be however while I do this deliberate

search I see a young couple packing

avocados into canvas tote bags I see a

gorgeous red lipstick wearing lady with

a champagne bottle in her hand a guy

with balloons and a birthday cake is

standing at the registered as I can

see I imagine myself in their shoes as

everyone is living and I am just

existing it makes me both joyful and

equally weak I imagine what it must be

like to still be in the honeymoon phase

when go food shopping is in enjoyable

rather than a pitiful attempt to seem

human God says right yes if you trust me

pay attention listener say this prayer

with me greetings heavenly father in the

name of your son Jesus Christ I come

before you I put my confidence in you

today because your word says that you

are my stronghold and Haven Lord please

provide provide me and my family your

heavenly protection please envelop us in

your kindness and compassion so that we

won’t suffer any harm protect us from

harm disease accidents and bad forces

that attempt to harm us I beseech the

blood of Jesus to guard our existence

let it act as a wall that the adversary

is unable to breach your word declar at

every knee should bow before the name of

Jesus who is greater than all names I

claim that all that concerns us belongs


Jesus please send your angels to keep an

eye on us day and night may they keep us

safe both throughout the day and when we

sleep so that we don’t trip or fall

father please watch over our hearts and

thoughts Deliver Us from Evil and let us

not be lured into

temptation assist us in keeping our

attention on that which is Honorable T

and good so that we might live in peace

and walk in your light remind us that

you are our constant support when we are

in need grant us the discernment to

maneuver around life’s obstacles and The

Bravery to confront them headon

confident in your unwavering presence

throughout claiming your promises of

safety and

protection we have trust that you will

keep your

word we are grateful to you for being

our buw workk and protector for always

being there to support us when we need

it I ask that you keep us safe as I seal

this prayer in the power powerful name

of Jesus

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