God Will Give You A Miracle In 2 Minutes After Watching This‼️


my beloved little ones you are made to

recall me and forget me two I gave you a

thoughts to assume and be inspired with

the aid of many stuff you listen this

and experience that what you read and

see and hear the experience I have got

on this International all shape you

influence how you view the world and how

you pick how to stay in at your coronary

heart too is specific in how it isn’t

always wired to like me like a device

obeys a command a machine does no longer


the coronary horror I come up with Carl

love many stuff and yes you can neglect

me get distracted by way of this

International and shrink back from me

stop loving me those who believe in Lord

Jesus should hit the like button

and yes it breaks my coronary heart and

angers me too I each pursue you and

surrender you when I made you I knew you

would come to understand me comply with

me but I need you Woody pulled away from

me too and this is why I hold pulling

you returned

God says if you want my blessings type


and bible verse Psalm to to for

always says trust in the Lord and do top

stay in the land and revel and safe

pasture take satisfaction within the

Lord and He will come up with the goals

of your coronary heart

let’s pray dear Lord thanks for this new

month and all you have visible us fire

to date this year we ask for your

blessing in this month May well feel

your nearness pleasure and peace and all

that lies ahead

we thanks and boost for meeting our

needs and in your grace and power as a

way to sustain us we dedicate this new

month to you and ask you to lead and

manual us that we would glorify you

whisk these items in Jesus call amen

type yes if you have faith in God

my beloved Offspring I am your

Everlasting parent I am right here to

guard you from the storms that can rise

to your path like a loving Shepherd I

will manual you far from the treacherous

Cliffs and Lead You In the direction of

Greener pastors

you need no longer worry the darkness

that surrounds you for I am the

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