my beloved

child you stand strong in the face of

adversity great things are in store for

you the blessings coming your way are

immense through difficult days bitter

moments and nights when I gently

consoled your heart giving you Heavenly

peace that strengthened your spirit for

the next day I have shown you my love in

so many ways helping you understand your

incredible purpose and wonderful Destiny

your amazing faith is why I am pouring

out spirit ual renewal into your life

and the lives of your family now is the

moment to be healed to enter my presence

and set down Grievances and

unforgiveness it’s time to put

differences aside and welcome a

beautiful Rich compassion if you receive

this blessing allow me to work through

you I will give you wisdom to build your

character expand your understanding of

my word and equip you to lead those you

cherish many in your home may not yet

walk with me but they will have a change

of heart when they witness the

Transformations my love and power are

bringing about in you do not be afraid

you won’t face

embarrassment if anyone mocks or

troubles you respond with kindness for I

will take care of it keep your words

free of complaints instead soak in my

teachings immerse yourself in my word

feed your soul and love and value

yourself as I love and value you

extend to your family and all others the

same patience I have extended to you act

now and you will soon witness the

Miracles you’ve longed for the stubborn

will change their minds the Lost will


home when they come back I want them to

look to you as an example to never fear

coming to you but to sense your love

knowing they will be met with compassion

not judgment from you completely forgive

their mistakes even if you disagree with

their choices errors or

behaviors remember judging is not your

role I haven’t called you to condemn but

to love just as I have loved you you’ve

AED many times but I never disowned you

for it I have patiently forgiven you

again and again and will keep doing so

because that’s who I am my faithfulness

is boundless my grace

unending I always pardon you but realize

your errors can result in hurt so be

more cautious you’ve grasped this truth

recognize you are alive and forgiven by

my grace and love thanks to the patience

I’ve had with you I’ve never punished

you as severely as your mistakes might

deserve approach me each morning let me

fill you with peace and provide the

wisdom you need to achieve a position

that earns your family’s love and

respect you will guide them to my holy

way and in time they will all know me

because you have lovingly shared my

message and demonstrated it through your

actions how deeply I


care good and faithful servant prepare

for a time of joy and blessings

witnessing your whole family come to

acknowledge me as God and

Lord I want to express how much I admire

you seeing how you’ve learned to evade

the enemy’s traps brings me great joy I

love you wonderfully and eagerly desire

to bless you I will bless you richly

with peace and joy for each moment you

spend with me daily let’s make a

commitment to each other devote your

Mourns to me and you’ll encounter my

love in remarkable Supernatural ways all

day long wherever you go you will hear

my voice and sense the warmth of my

words I love you

profoundly tell me you love me too I’m

entrusting you with great blessings and

mighty promises

I will bless your finances and help you

prosper so much that you will be free of


debts I will raise you up so high that

even those jealous of you will see you

and not know you my word gives you

priceless wisdom to increase your

understanding empowering you to Choose

Wisely and avoid the snares set by your

foes remember I am also your friend my

greatest desire is for you to trust me

more than anyone else in

existence I give you immense strength

and open your eyes to perceive the lies

of those secretly scheming against you

those trying to hurt you won’t lay a

hand on you for I am your Defender my

angels surround you protecting you from

all harm I thwart the plans of the

wicked and all attempting to pull you

down so I watch your enemies with anger

their schemes fall apart each time they

try to attack you don’t fear them for I

will take them down one by one go

forward in life with peace and Assurance

knowing I am with you you have no need

to be afraid for I am your guardian and

I watch over you your children are safe

in my care and I have already blocked

any plans to harm them I’m directing

each step your children take ensuring

they don’t stumble and are always secure

In My Embrace keep praying and kneeling

daily this will fortify your faith

and you will see my mighty acts changing

things and resolving problems that worry

you love knowing all will turn out well

and take firm steps toward the amazing

future you envision move forward with

joy and a smile spreading my words my

light and my love this will perplex and

overcome those wanting to hurt you

leading them to give up and seek

forgiveness You Are My Chosen One and I

won’t let you be

defeated they may try but you will see

them ashar and overwhelmed by their

negativity while you declare words of

Faith and

Hope disregard lies slander insults and


reports you can reach the place I’ve

prepared for you but you mustn’t listen

to those trying to lure you into

darkness my plan is to bless you and it

will surely happen in your life take

this seriously for the time has come you

can only achieve your dreams by holding

my hand if you let go and wander you

will be

defeated because you know that without

me you can do nothing I want to see you

always Victorious never facing shame or

defeat stay under my shelter and

protection many distractions will come

but my spirit will guard your heart

keeping you from discouragement

confusion or depression if you ever feel

disheartened spend time alone talking

with me I know it troubles you but I

want you to share your feelings and lay

them before me I will turn your grief

into gladness your sorrow into joy and I

will fill you with strength removing all


weakness let’s battle this together you

aren’t facing this alone be confident

and Advance fearlessly even on dark

paths you are courageous and nothing can

frighten you I Delight in your bravery

and triumphant spirit I relish our joint

victories they demonstrate your

faithfulness and love for me I want to

entrust you with many significant

responsibilities because you have been

trustworthy in smaller things therefore

a greater blessing is coming to you

offer me your worship and praise I want

to be the most crucial part of your life

always I will show you incredible things

you’ve never heard of or seen because

you take our relationship seriously and

it will remain this way you’re entering

a new season of Supernatural

abundance banish all fear from your

heart and mind I Empower you to

succeed I will help you overcome

challenges if you rely on me I ask you

do you trust my promises you say I trust

you with all my

heart I’m the only Divine and

Supernatural answer to all your problems

I’m your God your guide the one who

opens doors and clears the way for you

I’m your provider your protector your

life and future are in my hands you and

your family are enveloped in my love

today you sense my presence in a real

and Powerful way you’ve been waiting for

me to speak to you approaching with a

humble and grateful heart ready to

listen to me so treasure these words I

give you walk onward with confidence and

Faith though you can’t physically see me

you can feel me and you can believe in

me trust deeply in the Miracles and

wonders I can work in your life and in

the lives of your family my precious

child let me guide you on the path of

love where my will Reigns

Supreme the Raging storms and churning

Seas grow still at the sound of my voice

you are surrounded by an unbreakable

Shield of

protection immense peace and security

belong to you now so that even the

darkest night holds no

fear do not be deceived by this world’s

confusions never release your grip on my

hand or allow your gaze to wander each

New Day brings a valuable opportunity to

press onward let go of past stumbles

discouragements and

grumblings banish them from your

thoughts you need not be weighed down by

burdens that keep you from refreshing

your mind begin with the words you speak

avoid hurting yourself with negativity

Do Not seow seeds of defeat into your

life instead let wise words pour forth

from your mouth to nurture growth and

Build You Up pay no heed to the enemy’s

lies that change is impossible that your

future holds only failure hardship and a

forgotten Destiny mired in

despair with me all things are possible

cling to this truth no matter the

circumstance look at your life your

future your very self your finances your

marriage your family conflicts however

hopeless they may appear I have the

power to transform them if you but ask I

will begin this very

moment the road may be difficult but I

offer you my unfailing help support and

strength my love for you is unending and

I deeply desire your Eternal

well-being the miracle you long for is

the very one I yearn to perform


trust me there was great purpose in the

suffering I bore carrying my cross

enduring the worst Agony On that cross

was not without meaning I knew full well

the path of torment and contempt that

lay before me you too have been deeply

wounded by others but today I will lift

all sorrow and frustration from your

heart my suffering death and

Resurrection were for you so that you

could have the chance to experience a

complete liberation and joy filled

eternal life put your faith in my words

allowing your mind to be wholly renewed

with pure thoughts flowing where once


ruled let Joy replace sorrow and a

vibrant passion for living overcome

despair love and forgive

yourself your mistakes are long

forgotten in my

eyes entrust your heart to me my child

fix your eyes on my

ways in this fleeting world through

through which you journey and seow seeds

receiving my blessing is your true

destiny I long for your steps to trace

the path of my love once more I implore

you give your heart to me today and I

will flood you with joy lifting the pain

that clouds your countenance I will

impart to you the strength to finally

triumph over the battles that have beset

you since

childhood you understand my meaning

don’t you my love for you has always

been complete just as you are yet I have

destined you for victory to overcome and

guide others to their

fate through one as humble and heart as

you many will witness the Fulfillment of


purposes accepting such immense

spiritual blessings may seem

daunting but what I hold out to you goes

beyond fleeting superficial

riches humbly receive it and be infused

with Valor for I stand poised to enact

momentous change in your life I am your

very life allow me to demonstrate how I

can remake you so completely that you

will scarcely be

recognized people will Marvel at your

unwavering resolve strength and joy

accept my invitation place your heart in

my hands today a profound transformation

begins in you peace Harmony and blessing

will envelop you and your loved ones

these words have not reached your ears

by chance with me you will never know

defeat or

failure together we will face adversity

when conflict rages I will draw you

close fortifying your soul with my

tender words as I have told you time and

again your life and circumstances are

immensely precious to me you inhabit a

world rif with trouble but never forget

Through My Sacrifice on the cross and my

Rising again I have

overcome this triumphant power I long to

impart to you I desire for you to know

the ceaseless Fountains of Living Water

rejuvenating your soul washing away

sorrow purging all impurity and

breathing new life into your weary

Spirit whether morning Dawns or

nightfalls in plenty or in want in good

times or bad always pursue my presence

defeat is not your portion regardless of

circumstance relinquishing the blessings

gathered on your journey and succumbing

to loss need not be your

fate after the Tempest comes the calm

waves May Surge and foam but the sea

will grow

still this peace enveloping you as you

attend to my voice is a gift born of my

love seiz it do not spurn or deem

yourself unfit for such

devotion you know well the daily

spiritual struggles the enemy seeks to

Rattle and Crush you but you do not

stand alone I am at your side all I

require is a measure of your

faith decide here and now to believe and

accept this boundless love that attends

your every step shielding you from

danger when the enemy

attacks in an instant life can shift

tears may fall and heaviness of heart

descend at times unshackling your Soul’s

burdens facilitates healing but never

imagine your sadness is Without End your

tears won’t cease or your lot is


defeat foes and fickle companions May

spare no effort to keep you down to

thwart your rising up and renewed

fight but I have come to impart life to

bid you lift your eyes and clasp my hand

I long to suffuse you with boundless joy

and unshakable courage Your Heart is

known to me at times you may reckon the

fight feudal that capitulation and

resignation to your fate would be

simpler but my love for you is steadfast

I hold a grand purpose for you and yours

concession is not an option do not

relinquish your blessings or sink back

into despair that is not my desire for

you I have come to bestow a rich potent

life your identity is not determined by

fleeting feelings or others opinions

even if trials and repudiation confront

you today heed my voice my love for you

is constant sudden hardships do not

signify any lessening of my love I am

etching these truths upon your heart as

a daily remembrance Come What May Come

What challenges my love for you only

grows with each passing

moment let let not these hurtful

emotions overwhelm

you resist the urge to sequester

yourself believing you are alone that no

one cares or

understands and who am

I these words are no mere figment of

imagination I am speaking directly to

you let each love infused word permeate

your being mending your heart who am I

to you speak plainly I long to hear it

if friendship with me is not not your

desire if you wish me to leave you be

say so boldly but know this regardless

of your stance I will not depart even if

spurned I will remain my arms are ever

open to you and though you may turn away

Hear My Vow I am unlike any other my

love for you is genuine and unfailing

loyalty to you is my eternal

unassailable resolve my choice to love

you is unwavering

though you bid me go I will yet abide

each day proclaiming this profound

affection till it resonates within the

depths of your heart and I perceive that

even now you sense it come let my Divine

love envelop you and uphold you in this

trial you face my cherished child I see

your weariness the way your shoulders

slump under the weight of countless

struggles but I tell you this you are

are far stronger than you know with each

breath each step you are displaying a

resilience that astounds the very

heavens though the path seems endless

and the obstacles

insurmountable I urge you do not yield

do not give in to The Whispers of defeat

that echo in your

mind for You are not alone in this fight

I am your constant companion your

unshakable ally

when you feel you can’t go on when your

legs tremble and your resolve wavers

Lean on Me let my strength be your

strength let my love Infuse your very

bones with the power to press

forward remember even the mightiest Oak

began as a tiny seed growth

transformation these things do not

happen overnight they are the product of

countless small changes day by day

Moment by moment so it is with you my

child do not despise the Small

Beginnings the tiny victories celebrate

each step forward no matter how

minuscule it may seem for it is these

very steps that will carry you to the

Mountaintop when you stumble and fall do

not berate yourself do not give in to

shame or self-loathing

instead extend yourself the same Grace

and compassion you so readily offer

others dust yourself off lift your head

high and continue on each morning brings

a new chance a fresh

slate yesterday’s failers need not

define you today’s triumphs await your

Embrace so let us Walk This Road

Together you and I let us face each

challenge as it comes one step at a

time and when the night grows dark and

the winds howl remember Dawn is always

just on the horizon there will be days

when progress seems non-existent when

you feel you’re spinning your wheels

going nowhere fast in those moments I

invite you to shift your gaze look not

at the road ahead but at how far you’ve

already come you have weathered storms

that would have broken lesser Souls you

have overcome odds that once seemed

insurmountable you my child are a Living

testament to the power of

perseverance and when the Temptation

arises to compare your journey journey

to that of others resist

it for each path is unique each story

woven with its own threads of Triumph

and trial fix your eyes on your own

racetrack not the lanes of

others as you go about your days I

encourage you to be gentle with yourself

speak to yourself as you would a dear

friend with words of affirmation and

encouragement silence the voice of

self-doubt and replace it with a chorus

of Truth you are capable you are worthy

you are loved embrace the power of small

changes for they will be your greatest

allies on this journey a kind word a

healthy choice a moment of

self-care these are the building blocks


transformation Brick by Brick Choice by

choice you are crafting a life of

resilience and purpose and when you need

rest take it there is no shame in

pausing to catch your bre breath in fact

it is in these moments of Stillness that

you will find renewed strength for the

road ahead so keep going my precious one

keep putting one foot in front of the

other keep believing in the beauty of

your dreams even when the world Whispers

doubt for you are not defined by your

past but by the courage you display in

this present moment you are not Shackled

by yesterday’s mistakes but liberated by

today’s choices

each Breath You Take is a declaration of

Hope a testament to the indomitable

spirit that recedes within you and with

each step you are moving closer to the

life of abundance and joy that I have

always intended for

you so take heart my child the road may

be long but you are not traveling it

alone I’m with you every step of the way

cheering you on and catching you when

you fall keep on keep pressing forward

for The Best Is Yet To Come and I can’t

wait to see the Masterpiece you will

create with the canvas of your life

remember always you are loved beyond

measure Beyond Reason Beyond condition

you are precious in my sight and nothing

can ever change that onward my child

onward to the life of Victory and

purpose that awaits you I am with you

now and always


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