my beloved child I want you to know that

in this life you should have unwavering

faith in me I long to work wonders in

your life and the lives of your loved

ones anticipate experiencing the

extraordinary I will Begin by surprising

you with small things helping you

gradually become accustomed to a

spiritual level you have never

encountered before this is The

Miraculous Journey you are meant to walk

your destiny unfolds on this path trust

in my word as written in the Bible

instead of being influenced by your

feelings or what You observe around you

I will lead you towards

greatness however be patient as I will

reveal to you the precise moment when

blessings will pour abundantly into your

life don’t behave like those who give up

to easily while waiting and attempt to

fabricate their own Miracles by speaking

lies just to receive praise

they end up trapped in sin become

discouraged and lose their

faith I urge you to devote your time to

blessing others because with every word

you speak I will bless you immensely

increasing your strength ensuring your

efforts are fruitful and opening

numerous doors for you allow yourself to

be guided on Paths of

Glory I will supply everything you

require to steadfastly spread my word

so even when faced with difficulties do

not be afraid for I will give you the

strength necessary to overcome

them I am your God holding your hand as

you progress ensuring that you receive

the blessings I have prepared for you

don’t dwell on your past I have forgiven

all your mistakes and errors today you

have the opportunity to follow my paths

blessed and filled with grace don’t be

troubled by old emotions or long for

past mistakes and

traps I am with you now and always you

will succeed as You Follow My will even

as your enemies predict your failure

your destiny is set and no one can alter

it I declare and affirm it in my

promises written for you you will find

everything you need Guided by Heavenly

wisdom hold tightly to my words

let them guide you day and night through

light and darkness and observe as things

work out well for you so be patient let

time pass but never lose faith in me

resist sin and overcome your enemies but

don’t shy away from my love the

difficult times will pass and after

these struggles I will bless you with

joy and peace embrace them for you are

worthy of them it is time for you to

enjoy the fruits of your labor

I will never abandon you even when it

seems everything is against you move

forward with confidence for I will fight

your battles and secure your victory in

all areas I am your God your savior who

loves and protects you always even in

moments of weakness and failure my grace

will cover you remember whatever you

sincerely ask for I will grant

it I have always heard you so here I am

addressing your doubts reaffirming my

love for you promising never to leave

you I say it again and again engraving

it in your mind so you will never

forget the distractions in this world

are many but I promise to keep my word

always in front of you don’t lose hope

hold tight to my love for

you so get up and

walk for I am right beside you

you give me your sadness and your

frustration hand over those feelings of

wanting to give up and walk away drop at

my feet all those thoughts that make you


worthless I want you to experience true

love to realize that someone loves you

with a genuine and deep affection A Love

Like No

Other continue to

pray I want you here with me you are

safe under my holy protection

the despair that attacks you tries to

pull you away to snatch you from My

Embrace and drag you through a desolate

Wilderness but that is not your fate not

what I have planned for you therefore I

speak to lift your spirits to give you

peace to ease your anxiety and to

provide the strength you desperately

need do you accept my love tell me do

you embrace my strength respond with all

the sincerity of your heart

assure me that you will not leave my

presence even if you try to go away and

the enemy tries to pull you from My

Embrace know that I won’t let you wander

far wherever you go I will be there with

you holding your hand and guiding you

back to

me the enemy will try to convince you

that you are alone abandoned by me

because of your flaws but this is not

true I will never leave you or forsake

you nothing can separate you from my I

love not shame not rejection not failure


condemnation I love you with a steadfast

Unforgettable love you already know this

I am reminding you again affirming it

with my words declaring it from a heart

Ablaze with the Eternal Flame of my love

I am instilling in you the will to live

despite the overwhelming challenges and

adversities you

face from today onwards Everything Will

Change you you will not be the same you

have let me into your heart you undergo

a complete transformation within

yourself leaving behind the past and

negativity everything that was causing

you harm has now faded into the

distance today you are

reborn today you will begin to inherit

the Legacy I have for you there is

eternal life by my side and my holy

spirit is filling you granting you the

strength you need to navigate this

world when you feel a fire ignite within

your soul your lips will burst into

praise you will then understand the

extent of my power I will take your

hands and lift you to Heights you’ve

never imagined your lips will Echo with

joyful singing and all burdens weighing

you down will melt away you will see

yourself as I see you an exceptional

person raised to triumph over your

struggles and to welcome a new season of


you are not like those who shy away from

believing in my words waking up to

Darkness rather than embracing the light

of day feeling abandoned by their own

decisions they have turned away from my

love and care thinking they must be

perfect to earn my grace but all I

require is simple honest faith if there

are those who try to steal your joy do

not entertain them do not accept their

gifts and do not seek their friendship

surround yourself with people who value

and Elevate you who do not try to

control your life or interfere with your

personal matters do not let the enemy

trap you reject any words of defeat or

disrespect choose friends who respect

you who do not meddle in your Affairs or

spread rumors about others walk with

confidence in the path I have set before

you knowing that I am always by your

side guiding your every step trust in my

love for you for it is Everlasting and

unconditional I will never abandon you

or Leave You To Face life’s challenges

alone remember you are precious to me

and I have great plans for your life

plans to prosper you and give you hope

in a future so hold fast to my promises

and let my love be the anchor that keeps

you steadfast in the storms of life I am

your God your protector and your

provider trust in me and you will never

be put to shame as you walk with me I

will open doors that no one can shut and

close doors that no one can open I will

make a way where there seems to be no

way and I will lead you into the destiny

I have prepared for you so do not fear

for I am with you

always I will never leave you or forsake

you and my love for you will never fail

keep your eyes fixed on me and let my

word be a lamp to your feet and a light

to your path as you trust in me and

follow my leading you will experience

the Abundant Life I have promised you a

life filled with joy peace and purpose a

life where you are blessed to be a

blessing to others and where my glory is

revealed through you so rise up my child

and take hold of the life I have given

you walk in the fullness of my love and

let your light shine brightly for all to

see I Am With You Always and together we

will do Great and Mighty

things trust in me and watch as I

transform your life in ways you never


possible I love you with an everlasting

love and my grace is sufficient for you

now and

always my beloved child in this world

full of noise and confusion it’s easy to

feel lost and

overwhelmed but I want you to know that

I am always here ready to listen and

guide you through every challenge you

face when you wake up each morning

feeling the weight of the world on your

shoulders remember that I am right

beside you I know the struggles you’re

going through and the burdens you carry

but I also see the Incredible strength

and resilience that lies within you you

have the power to overcome anything as

long as you hold on to your faith in me

it’s time to let go of the expectations

and judgments of others you don’t need

to live up to their standards or gain

their approval what matters most is your

connection with me and the people who

truly love you focus your energy on

nurturing those relationships and

finding happiness in the blessings I

have given you I know that money worries

can keep you up at night but trust in me

and I will take care of your needs I

will bless your efforts and help you

find answers to your

problems believe that I am working

behind the scenes creating chances for

you to succeed and

Thrive when you feel unsure or lost come

to me in prayer share your hopes your

fears and your deepest

longings I am always listening and I

want to help you achieve the good things


desire whether it’s health strength or

the ability to help others I have an

abundance of resources waiting for you

all you need is the spiritual wisdom to

recognize them don’t let the Troubles of

this world bring you down instead use

them as chances to grow stronger in your

faith when you feel weak remember that I

am your source of

strength when you feel lonely know that

I am always with you holding your hand

and guiding your steps the road ahead

may not be easy but it is filled with

meaning and

hope I have a plan for your life and it

is far better than anything you can

imagine trust in my timing and my wisdom

even when things don’t make

sense I’m working everything out for

your benefit as you go through your day

take time to pause and connect with me

find a quiet place where you can let go

of your worries and find peace in my

presence let my love wash over you

healing your pain and restoring your joy

remember my child that you are never

alone I am always with you supporting

you and celebrating your triumphs when

you stumble I am there to lift you up

and set you back on the right

path my love for you is unconditional


unchanging so don’t be afraid to dream

big and follow the desires of your heart

I have given you special talents and

passions for a

reason use them to make a difference in

the world and to bring honor to my

name trust that I will give you

everything you need to

succeed as you continue on this journey

of Life hold tightly to my promises

think about my word and let it change

your mind and heart surround yourself

with people who encourage and support

you in your faith and never forget how

deeply I love you I know that the future

may seem uncertain but I have already

gone ahead of you you I have prepared

the way and planned out your steps all

you need to do is follow my guidance and

Trust in my

direction when you feel overwhelmed by

the pressures of Life remember to take

care of yourself rest when you need to

and don’t hesitate to ask for help I

have placed people in your life who care

about you and want to support you rely

on them when times are tough most

importantly keep your focus on me I am

your source of Hope strength and joy

when the storms of life come I will be


shelter when you feel lost I will be

your guide and when you doubt yourself

remember that I have created you for a

reason my child you are precious to me I

take Delight in you and rejoice over you


singing I have called you by name and

you are

mine no matter what challenges you face

face or mistakes you make my love for

you will never change so step out in

faith knowing that I am with you every

step of the

way trust in my goodness and my plan for

your life and never forget that you are

love beyond measure as you go through

this day May my peace fill your heart

and my joy overflow in your life may you

find strength in my presence and courage

in my promises and may you always

remember that you are never alone for I

am with you

always my beloved child a powerful wind

of acceleration and blessing is blowing

through the spiritual realm those who

have stayed true to me will be caught up

in it and moved quickly into new areas

of impact things are going to happen

fast so I need you to be

prepared that’s why I’ve been telling

many of you to get your lives in order

make things more efficient get rid of

messes and

distractions eliminate death

cut off unhealthy relationships bring

peace and structure to your

homes when I release a flood of

blessings on your life I don’t want you

held back or tied down to the Past

you’ve been calling out for things to

speed up and for promotion but before I

can rapidly Advance you I have to know

you’ll handle greater responsibility and

favor with wisdom and

character some of you have gone through

intense trials that have broken you down

so I could reshape you from the inside

out to reflect my

nature I’m pleased with how you’ve let

me refine your motives get rid of

unhealthy thinking and develop a heart

of service in you through the

challenges I will now reward your

perseverance by moving you into the

promotion you’ve waited for the

intensity of your struggles shows how

big the promotion will be the testing

proved you’re ready in the coming months

stories of my goodness will Echo across

the world my presence will fill every

part of society media business

government education family I’m bringing

my kingdom in new ways the suddenly I

told many of you about will start


rapidly The Perfect Storm is here in the

months after I’ll keep speeding up the

advance of my kingdom the world will be

astonished at how fast and powerfully

I’m moving there’ll be in awe of what I

do through willing people unrest is

coming to Nations but so are incredible

moves of my spirit the world hasn’t seen

anything like what I’m about to do

through my people Miracles Mass

salvations prophetic words coming true

faster than ever I’m removing

limitations and restraints I’m

unleashing Mighty spiritual weapons to

tear down the enemy’s

strongholds this year has been hard and

painful in many ways as I prune away

dead branches pull out roots of pride

expose hidden sins and tear down Idols

in my temple but it laid the groundwork

for unparalleled growth of my kingdom

the refining fire produced pure

undiluted power and

authority I’m looking for those who will

Steward the new season with passion and

dedication as my

Representatives I need commitment and

determination that won’t give in Under

Pressure the road of promotion isn’t for

the weak or half-hearted it’s for the

wholehearted and fully devoted who will

do whatever it takes to see my kingdom

established in every part of

society I’m clothing this group of

pioneers with extraordinary wisdom

discernment and spiritual sight to lead

in turbulent days with peace while


acceleration those who draw near to me

will gain access to crucial Heavenly

wisdom for advancing into New Kingdom

territory with skill and GR race Divine

strategies for creating thriving

outposts of Eden in every

sphere I’m preparing leaders not

followers Trailblazers who will run the

race with endurance and unwavering Focus

not turning aside from my call they will

invade places of influence with my love

and disrupt lifeless systems with my

light no more

hiding I’m equipping reformers to take

back areas the enemy tried to cut off

from my influence a holy fire is blazing

through as I set apart people for

Kingdom building assignments my heart

rejoices as you step into the roles I

created you for how wonderful are the

ones who Proclaim that the king is

taking his throne and the kingdom is

here misrepresentations and labels cast

off true identity

unveiled Heavenly blueprints opened

mantel of authority and keys to the

kingdom long a a waited Justice and

Vindication push back will only prove

you’re moving in my timing break through

after breakr as you step into the new

season in sync with my spirit

unmistakable Victory and Kingdom

blessings will overtake you as you stay

close to me the world will Marvel at the

favor and explosive blessing on my


ones though mockers will try to diminish

and undercut my end time Army don’t

listen to them stay firmly grounded what

my word says about you don’t get

sidetracked arguing with those who

reject truth don’t waste energy trying

to persuade them move forward boldly in

what I’ve told you their arguments may

sound logical but are full of unbelief

in human reasoning they can’t understand

my ways because they don’t have my

spirit but you have an anointing from on

high that reveals mysteries of my heart

you don’t need anyone’s approval or

permission to do what I destined you for

long before time

began stay hidden in me away from

contrary voices and I’ll keep revealing

insights and wisdom to navigate the days

ahead I’ll equip you to rise above

negativity with solutions to shift

atmospheres of lost

hope my child don’t be discouraged by

those who can’t see what I’m doing they

are blind to the spiritual Realm

and operate solely in the

natural but you have eyes to see and

ears to hear you perceive with spiritual

senses stay in tune with my spirit and I

will continue to give you divine insight

and understanding I will show you things

that are hidden from the wise and

learned I will confide in you and share

the secrets of my

heart as you step into this new season


acceleration there will be a clear

distinction between those who know me

intimately and those who only have a


understanding the depth of your

relationship with me will be evident in

the fruit you bear and the impact you

make so don’t be swayed by popular

opinion or the approval of man keep your

eyes fixed on me and your ears attentive

to my voice I am your source of wisdom

strength and direction I will guide you

in the way you should go and lead you

into your destiny trust in me with all

your heart and lean not on your own

understanding in all your ways

acknowledge me and I will make your path

straight amen

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