my beloved child I am reaching out to

you today with a message of pure love

and genuine

affection I want you to receive this

message not just in your mind but deep

within your

heart allow yourself to be truly touched

by my words and feel the depth of my

care for you you don’t have to face life

feeling exhausted and discouraged I am

here to lift your spirits and fill you

with renewed strength my love for you is

unwavering and today I want you to

experience it in a profound way I will

demonstrate my love through various

means speaking to your soul with gentle

kindness and proclaiming my devotion

through powerful

words your beautiful soul has captured

my attention when you close your eyes

and talk with me it brings me great joy

I cherish your Beating Heart filled with

joy and divine happiness especially when

you come to listen listen to me in the

quiet of the morning today I am blessing

your day with peace tranquility strength


wisdom I have been attentive to your

prayers and it warms my heart to hear

you express your need for me if anyone

tries to bring conflict or stress into

your life today you will instantly sense

my Divine love surrounding and shielding

you my protective arm will guard you

from all distress ensuring that your

soul remains filled with joy

Joy those around you your family and

friends will be astonished by the change

they see in you they will wonder what

has caused you to radiate with such

Brilliance even your adversaries will

retreat in fear realizing their

powerlessness in the face of your


Faith you are surrounded by a

supernatural Shield of divine

protection countless angels are encamped

around your home watching over your

loved ones day and night in this moment

as you have come to listen to me in this

intimate space know that you are deeply

cherished just as you are I am fully

aware that you are not perfect but I see

the sincerity of your repentance within

your soul you are diligently working on

transforming your character attitudes

thought patterns and interactions with

others I have chosen you to be

abundantly blessed despite the

challenges you have faced you will no

longer be weighed down by such sorrow


pain my Holy Spirit and my word are

imparting Supernatural and wonderful

wisdom to you you are gaining the

ability to make wise choices and not be

influenced by those who seek to steal

your peace faith and

security from this day forward you will

stand firm in the face of any

adversity my authority will be evident

in your countenance your eyes will

Sparkle with with happiness and your

grateful joyful demeanor will open many

doors of opportunity for you chains will

be broken and I will shower you with

blessings in abundance rise up and begin

your day with confidence knowing that

you are not alone I will bring positive

influences into your life people who

will not judge you but will strengthen

your faith and promote Harmony and unity

within your

home however Be watchful of those who

attempt to distance you from your loved

ones by sewing seeds of doubt and

Division in your

heart it’s true that you have faith even

if some of your family members are still

on their journey of

belief I want to use you as a vessel to

demonstrate my love to them and deliver

a message of

hope I am giving you the strength and

courage to uplift and encourage everyone

in your

household remember it is crucial for you

to recognize your need for my presence

immerse yourself in my word and allow my

holy spirit to guide you if you ever

feel overwhelmed or discouraged remember

that you are living in a challenging

world but there is always hope for you

and your family you have my Assurance of

protection love guidance and Abundant

Blessings for your entire household

believe this truth with all your heart

the love I have for you is genuine and

tangible not a mere

illusion it is as real as the air you

breathe more powerful and beautiful than

any Miracle you could ask for my love

envelops you filling you with joy this

is the greatest blessing you can

receive I deeply appreciate your

grateful heart each morning when you

awaken expressing gratitude for your

life and entrusting your destiny and

your days to my care you are an example

of Faith even if others ridicule you for

believing in an all powerful God whom

you cannot see but you know with

certainty that I am real watching over

you and attentive to your needs with the

faith you possess you will rise above

challenges living each day with the

assurance that you are a child of the

creator of the

universe you will move forward with

confidence in every step you take your

face radiating with happiness your

steadfast and grateful heart so pure and

sincere touches me deeply you are always

welcome in my presence and I eagerly

await embracing you once more with my

love in the early hours of the day

before the sun rises I will be here for

you I love you my child now tell me do

you accept my love receive my strength

and answer me with the sincerity of your

heart assure me that you will remain in

my presence but even if you were to

stray know that I will never let you

wander too far the adversary of your

soul may try to convince you that you

are alone

and that I have abandoned you because

you are imperfect but that is a lie I

will never leave you or forsake you

nothing can separate you from my love

not shame rejection failure or

condemnation my love for you is deep and

unconditional you already know this

truth but I am reminding you to reassure

your heart even now your heart is

beginning to burn with the flame of my

eternal love

you can sense it can’t you I am

instilling within you A Renewed desire

to live despite the seemingly

insurmountable obstacles and attacks you

face today From This Moment On

Everything Will Change you will be

transformed for you have welcomed me

into your heart you are completely

renewed from within the past the

struggles and everything that once

troubled you are now behind you today

you are are reborn today you will begin

to receive the inheritance I have

prepared for you eternal life with me

awaits and my holy spirit is filling you

now providing you with the strength you

need to navigate this

world when you feel this fire in your

soul you will be compelled to offer

praise at last you will comprehend the

magnitude of my power I will take your

hand and lift you up you will sing to me

with joy and all the burdens weighing

you down will be lifted you will see

yourself through my eyes a unique and

cherished individual I am raising you up

to overcome your challenges and step

into a new realm of

blessings you do not belong to those who

are pessimistic ashamed to believe in my

word or those who wake up each day

clinging to Darkness and

lies feeling forsaken by their own


they have rejected my love and affection

mistakenly believing they must be

perfect to receive my

grace but you my child have embraced my

love you have acknowledged your need for

me and have chosen to walk in the light

of my

presence and for that I will bless you

abundantly and guide you every step of


way never forget how much I love you my

love for you is Everlasting and

unconditional Rest In My Embrace and

allow my love to fill every part of your

being you are mine and I am yours

forever and

always my dear child I want you to know

how proud I am of your faith your

unwavering belief in me even in the face

of adversity brings me great joy when

others doubt and question you remain

steadfast in your trust your faith is is

a shining example to those around you

and it does not go

unnoticed I see the challenges you face

daily the struggles that sometimes make

it difficult to hold on to your faith

but through it all you continue to seek

me to rely on my strength and to believe

in my

promises this resilience and

determination are a testament to the

depth of your faith your faith is not

just a fleeting emotion or a superficial

belief it is a dee rooted conviction

that anchors your soul when the storms

of life come crashing down your faith

keeps you grounded and secure you know

that I am your rock your refuge and your

everpresent help in times of trouble I

am proud of the way you live out your

faith you don’t just profess your belief

in me you demonstrate it through your

actions you show kindness to others even

when it’s difficult you extend

forgiveness even when you’ve been deeply


you love unconditionally just as I have


you these acts of faith are a reflection

of my presence in your life your faith

has the power to move

mountains When you pray with confidence

believing in my ability to work miracles

I am moved by your

trust your faith can bring healing

restoration and

transformation it can change lives and


Generations I am proud of the way you

continue to grow in your faith you don’t

settle for a stagnant belief but instead

seek to deepen your understanding of me

and my word you hunger for righteousness

and thirst for my presence as you spend

time with me in prayer and meditation

your faith becomes stronger and your

connection with me becomes more intimate

your faith is a precious gift my child

it is a gift that I have given you and

it is a gift that you have nurtured and

cultivated never let let anyone or

anything rob you of this gift guard your

faith fiercely and continue to hold on

to it with all your might when doubts

and fears creep in remember that I am

always with you I will never leave you

or forsake you your faith may be tested

but it will not be destroyed I will use

every trial and challenge to refine your

faith and make it even stronger so keep

holding on to your faith my child

keep trusting in me even when you can’t

see the way ahead keep believing in my

goodness even when the world around you


dark your faith is a light that will

guide you through the darkest of nights

and lead you into the brightest of days

I am proud of you my child I am proud of

your faith keep walking with me keep

believing and keep

trusting your faith will be rewarded and

your life will be a testimony to my

faithfulness my beloved child I ask only

for your genuine uncomplicated faith

when people attempt to rob you of your

joy do not invite them into your life

reject their offerings and do not seek

their companionship surround yourself

with those who lift you up and encourage

you resist the temptation to control

your life or meddle in your family’s

choices do not allow the enemy to have

power over you turn away from words that

bring you down or make you feel defeated

choose to be with people who value and

respect you who refrain from interfering

in your personal affairs or spreading

gossip about others cherish those who

sincerely support you without expecting

anything in

return your faith journey is A Private

Matter between you and me I desire to

connect with you and reveal my plans for

your life if you wish to deepen our

relationship meet with me in the early

hours of the day set aside time when

others are still sleeping to bring your

prayers before me and listen attentively

to what I share with you each day place

your trust in me and I will answer in

various ways bringing blessings to you

and your loved ones reach out to me and

I will

respond I will reveal wonders to you

through dreams and Visions making my

plans clear to you I am preparing you to

witness Supernatural miracles

Embrace these words with faith and share

them and great blessings will surround

you I do not want you to be anxious

upset or discouraged about anything I

hear each of your prayers I am creating

a path for you through the Wilderness

and from my Throne flows a powerful

river that carries away all your

troubles leaving your soul pure peaceful

and Serene ready to be filled with faith

hope and tranquility

stop allowing negative thoughts to

assault your mind invite me into the

hidden Corners where painful memories

reside causing you

sorrow I am your lord and

savior I have forgiven your errors so

there is no need for you to torment

yourself with doubts and

guilt if you truly love and believe in

me stop thinking that your problems have

no solution it is not my wish for you to

live in anxiety and

distress I do not want you to spend your

days looking down lacking the faith to

look up to the

heavens I desire for you to be free from

all worries

today you live in a world full of

difficulties but you were chosen for

this specific time you were born in the

right place and at the right moment

regardless of how challenging things

have been it is all part of my plan to

ignite your faith

today through your hardships you have

gained the humility necessary to receive

the wisdom and blessings I am ready to

bestow upon you your financial

difficulties will ease when you release

your attachment to material possessions

your family health and future hold much


value if you know that I love you you

should also love yourself with

gentleness and kindness do not demand

Perfection from yourself as it only

leads to confusion

everyone makes mistakes everyone

sins but I am with you and I understand

the pain you experience when you stray

from my teachings and act out of emotion

doing things you later

regret however there is always

forgiveness and Grace for those who


repent each New Day brings fresh mercies

from me directly to you I will

personally awaken you Sheen a light upon

your face and reveal the depth of my

love for you now is the time to trust in

me completely you have a destiny to

fulfill a purpose to achieve dreams to

pursue and a family to

nurture all I ask for is your respect

and loyalty your heart already belongs

to me but you must take your journey to

Freedom seriously I did not give you

life so that you could waste it being

tossed about by the winds that crash you

against harsh waves

do not blindly trust Fairweather friends

who lift you up only to let you fall

when you are at your

Peak they then blame you for everything

mock your struggles and you find

yourself believing them once more do not

fear being alone hold on to my love and

my care give me your pure childlike

faith and trust in my deep love for you

I will watch over you and ensure that

you are never alone when you are

struggling I will provide health and

strength giving you the perseverance to

carry on without giving up allow

yourself to feel loved do not be afraid

release those who do not truly support

you and do not beg anyone to stay I will

be your companion during those lonely

nights when all you need is

encouragement a comforting hand and a

listening ear someone who understands

and does not judge


I will provide for you when you come to

me humbly and

sincerely not just because I ask but

because you truly love me show me your

commitment and

loyalty I am not interested in how well

you perform I am not impressed by mere

outward displays of faith I do not

listen to those who pretend to love me

in public but then speak ill of my

faithful followers behind their backs

I will reward your loyalty your faith

and your commitment I will answer your

prayers when you approach me with a

sincere heart you know how deeply I love

you and I do not need to say it

again from today onward your fears will

disappear I will strengthen your resolve

and we will walk together towards

Victory your heart will be at peace and

your soul will be wrapped in my love and

filled with my

peace this has always been true is true

now and will always be

true a wonderful blessing is about to

come your way accept it for you truly

deserve it your remarkable faith and

your courage despite many challenges

have shown that you do not give in to

fear you are a person of great courage

and steadfast character only the

sweetness of my love and divine

affection can touch you so deeply that

you are moved to

tears you have a profound spiritual

sensitivity aware of my presence around

you and alert to the spiritual

adversaries who try to battle against

you my precious child when you so seeds

of kindness generosity and love you are

investing not only in yourself but also


others these seeds planted in faith will

grow and bear fruit in due time as you

nurture these seeds with your actions

and words you will see the blessings

multiply in your life and the lives of

those around

you remember when you face troubles and

challenges I am with you every step of

the way I will not abandon you or Leave

You To Face these trials

alone instead I will guide you through

them strengthening you and providing you

with the wisdom and resilience you need

to overcome them

and as you emerge from these

difficulties you will receive double for

your trouble your faithfulness and

perseverance will be

rewarded the seeds you have swn in the

midst of adversity will yield a

Bountiful Harvest you will experience

joy peace and abundance in ways you

never thought

possible your cup will overflow with

blessings and you will have more than

enough to share with

others as you continue to invest in

yourself growing in your faith and

relationship with me you will discover

the unique gifts and talents I have

placed within you nurture these gifts

and use them to bless others as you pour

out your life in service to others you

will find true fulfillment and purpose

do not be afraid to step out in faith

and take risks trust in my plan for your

life even when it seems uncertain or

challenging I will direct your path and

open doors of opportunity that you never

knew existed be bold and courageous

knowing that I am with you every step of

the way and as you sow seeds of Faith

Love and Hope in the lives of others you

will witness the transformative power of

my love lives will be changed Hearts

will be healed and communities will be

restored you will play a vital role in

my plan to bring Redemption and

restoration to the

world so my child continue to sew seeds

of of goodness and

righteousness invest in yourself and

others trusting in my promise to bring a

harvest of blessings and when troubles

come remember that I will give you

double for your trouble your

faithfulness will be rewarded and your

life will be a testament to my goodness


Grace hold fast to your faith and trust

in my love for you I will never leave

you or forsake you I will be with you

always guiding you protecting you and

blessing you beyond measure your future

is bright and your best days are yet to

come keep sowing seeds of faith and

watch as I bring forth a Bountiful

Harvest in your life and the lives of

those around you amen

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