GOD TOLD ME- “DON’T PANIC ABOUT THIS” I God’s Message Now Today |

my beloved I know you have been battling

hard lately I see the weariness and

frustration settling on your shoulders

as the enemy relentlessly tries to block

the destiny path I have prepared for

you this threshold season has been

intense the Breakthrough is so close yet

just Out Of Reach let me assure you that

everything happening right now the

confusing disruptions relationship

strife this feeling of running in place

it is not for nothing I am allowing a

necessary testing and refinement process

so that you can fully step into all I

have planned without distraction or

disqualification the enemy sees this too

which is why he is frantically trying to

knock you off course he knows his time


short so let me refresh your perspective

today you are so close to stepping into

breakthrough do not give up now now for

you will reap a mighty Harvest if you

persevere consider the Journey of

transformation a path walked by those

closest to me among them Peter an

impassioned heart quick to act yet

equally Swift in his Retreat to the

shadows of doubt and fear my teachings

to Peter were not merely lessons of the

moment but preparations for a destiny

far greater than his immediate

understanding in the face of life’s

great trials the enemy lurks seeking to

sift the faithful as wheat to challenge

and dismantle their

belief yet in these moments of impending

despair my intercession remains

steadfast even when he stumbled caught

in the snares of betrayal or denial my

resolve did not waver for in his

weakness and regret in the bitter tears

he shed there lies an opportunity for

profound growth and Redemption

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