my beloved I am bringing you this message today to strengthen and

encourage you I see the unrelenting spiritual attacks you are facing the

unusual hindrances and barriers that appear from nowhere to slow your

progress I see accusers rising up to speak lies spreading false reports to

undermine what I am building through you their slander Grieves me but I tell you

do not lose perspective of or heart the very intensity of this opposition signals that breakthrough is imminent

you are on the verge of a major advance of my kingdom and the enemy is panicking

his resistance always intensifies when my light is poised to break through I

want you to remember who you are my child I crafted you with my own hands

stitching together each detail of your personality and giftings you are an

original work of art not a copy how it brings joy to my heart to see you

fulfilling your purpose displaying my glory in unique ways do not expect your

path to look like anyone else’s Journey the qualifyings I take each of my children through are tailored and

personalized yours have prepared you well for the assignments set before you so move forward in confidence no need to

second guess or compare yourself keep your eyes fixed on me as you walk out your calling my opinion of you is all

that matters anger stirs within me at the sight of the injustices you have faced the harsh

words that break spirits and seow seeds of bitterness are a stark contradiction to their intended

purpose the power of speech meant to inspire and heal is too often turned

into a tool of hurt and Division in you however lies a profound

wisdom in the face of evil choose to act with kindness Embrace forgiveness even when confronted

with acts of Spite and cruelty by pardoning those who wrong you

you rise above and set a higher standard such acts of forgiveness especially

under extreme hardship are the truest form of strength and Grace thus let go of minor grievances

against you offer blessings in place of curses steer clear of the poison of

bitterness leave the matter of justice and retribution to me for these are

burdens not meant for you rest assured in the fullness of time balance will be

restored rise above every wound of betrayal through eyes of Faith fixed on

me I remain your shelter in life storms your strong tower upholding those who

take refuge in me I long to pour out unreasonable favor upon you even in the

midst of opposition wait for me with patient endurance the troubles will pass my plans and

purposes for you stand secure upheld by my hand no human schemes can override my

intent for you those who tried to harm you will answer to me lift your head

high beloved walk forward with dignity and boldness this is no time for fear or

settling for compromise there is too much at stake have I not prepared you for such a

time as this the fields are ripe for Harvest my child as you give yourself

fully to the work I have called you to be amazed at the acceleration I will

bring opposition Rises to match the size of the Breakthrough promised so do not

be surprised at the intensity of battles ahead but remember greater is he who is

in you my power prevails always Heaven’s full force is backing you no weapon

formed against you can hinder what I decree each test of your faith results in an

increase of Glory believe in my goodness dear one have confident assurance that I

am for you unconditionally who can stand against that any curse from the fall is reversed

in Christ sickness and disease must flee At The Mention Of jesus’ name lack and

insufficiency dissolve in the light of Heaven’s provision even deepest sorrows and

losses will become sources of joy those Bound in any kind of prison will

walk free the Lost will be found wholeness shall be the new

normal goodness and mercy shall pursue you all your days I will bless you

thoroughly so you can turn around and let it overflow freely you receive freely give

be my outstretched arms hugging a hurting World Pour Out Rivers of Living Water

Everywhere You Go you my Precious Child are the light in this world a city on a hill glowing

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