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in the midst of life’s trials and


let us be reminded of a simple truth

you are cherished beyond measure

my precious child do not be disheartened

by those who may hurt or Harbor ill will

towards you

instead fix your gaze upon the radiant

Souls who surround you with genuine love

and unwavering support

type yes if you believe


for in their sincerity lies the key to

your happiness

do not squander your precious time

seeking the affection of those who

remain blind to your worth

invest your moments in the company of

those who truly care

those who can discern the unspoken

emotions behind your smile

the love concealed within your anger and

the reasons failed by your silence

bear in mind dear one that every great

journey commences with a single step

what may appear daunting at first soon

becomes manageable with patience

when I implored for strength God blessed

me with trials to forge my resilience

when I sought wisdom he bestowed upon me

problems to solve

I yearn for prosperity and God furnished

me with the tools to toil diligently

I begged for courage and he placed

formidable challenges in my path

urging me to rise above

I prayed for love and God granted me the

chance to extend compassion to troubled


I petitioned for favors and he bestowed

upon me opportunities

in the end I did not receive everything

I wanted but I obtained everything I


Taipei men to affirm your belief in

Jesus our Holy Father

place your trust in the divine

I am here to shower you with boundless

love unwavering guidance and unceasing



know that my words are drenched in

infinite compassion and a profound

yearning to witness you flourish in

every facet of your existence

you are a distinctive and extraordinary

being with a purpose that only you can


your presence is a gift to those who

surround you intended to be a radiant

Beacon of light and love in a tumultuous


remember you are never alone I am

perpetually by your side in folding you

in a Divine Embrace that transcends the

boundaries of time and space

type if you believe


draw from the Wellspring of wisdom and

strength that resides within you to

attain greatness

welcome challenges as opportunities for

personal growth and transformation

tend to your body nurture your mind and

elevate your spirit

engage in activities that ignite your

joy and envelop yourself in the warmth

of uplifting companions


extend forgiveness both to others and to

yourself to unburden your soul and

strive forward with a heart that feels


embrace your missteps as stepping stones

on your journey of self-discovery

allow love to be your guiding star

directing your actions with kindness

compassion and empathy

even the smallest acts of love and

compassion possess the power to set in

motion waves of positive change

throughout the world

dream Grand and permit your imagination

to take flight

for your dreams are the blueprints of

the reality you can manifest

Revel in the voyage itself not solely

its destination and find joy in the

simplest of moments

cultivate a heart brimming with

gratitude and you will witness blessings

multiplying abundantly

when faced with uncertainty turn inward

and seek solace in prayer meditation or

tranquil contemplation

place your faith in your intuition for

it echoes the Divine wisdom residing

within you

if your heart truly resonates with these

words let them be affirmed with an amen


may you find solace in these words dear



if you hold unwavering faith in God

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