my child just a little reminder for you

all your past mistakes don’t Define who

you are the haters might try to make you

feel guilty but guess what I’ve already

forgiven you with my divine

grace your sins are washed away and

you’re standing before me all clean and

forgiven type yes Holy Father if you

believe believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you God for those who hold

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$ as a sign of your faith and

dedication if you happen to mess up

again don’t freak out I’ve got your back

protecting you from anyone trying to

bring you down get ready for some

amazing things to happen in your life

because I’m about to show up in a big

Way Type yes God if you believe don’t

let anyone scare you or question my

authority I’ll shut down anyone trying

to mess with you and keep you on the

right path just trust in me and know

that I’m always here for you guiding and

looking out for you type amen if you

believe don’t pay attention to the

nonsense of people who don’t know any

better and don’t get caught up in

spreading rumors that can tear families

apart be mindful of what you say and

avoid talking badly about

others keep your spirit free from the

negativity that surrounds you deep down

you have a special spark within you

that’s filled with blessings from a

higher power it’s a source of kindness

that can bring Comfort to those who are

struggling lift up those who are feeling

down and even bring about miracles and

healing for those who need it if you

listen to this advice you’ll find the

inner peace you need to get through


times these words are like food for your

soul giving you the strength stren to

face whatever challenges come your way

they’re a powerful tool that can help

you overcome any obstacles that try to

bring you down even when things seem

really tough trust that I’m always here

for you I’ll give you the strength to

keep going and the resilience to come

out on top type yes Holy Father if you

believe your ability to stay strong in

tough times is truly impressive my loyal

follower your dedication to your beliefs

is a source of inspiration for those

around you even when faced with

challenges you have stayed true to your

faith remember that your trust in me and

your connection to my spirit bring you

to a higher level of spiritual

understanding your struggles have not

gone unnoticed and your sacrifices have

not not been for

nothing as you start each day do so with

a heart full of faith and

bravery I have taken away your sadness

and given you the confidence that your

efforts will pay off repeat after me I

believe it what I have planned for you

cannot be undone by anything in this

world type yes if you

believe this is a special agreement

between us formed through tough

times stay strong in your faith as the

future holds incredible blessings beyond


imagination don’t let the tough times

get you down because I promise you

there’s no crisis or shortage that you

can’t handle forget about your worries

and fears and know that I’ve got your

back as your loyal guide and

protector Ty amen if you believe in my

words I’m sending you these words from

my Divine Throne so hold on to them like

a precious gem when you’re feeling tired

and overwhelmed come to me for comfort


renewal trust in my endless love for you

if you’re facing a ton of problems don’t

try to handle it all on your

own Just Surrender to me and let me give

you the the strength you need to

overcome any

obstacle with me on your side you’ll

come out on top against any darkness

that comes your

way from sunrise to sunset I’ll light up

your path and guide you through even the


nights embrace the supernatural things

happening around you as a sign of my

constant presence in your

life type

if you

believe don’t give into temptation or

dwell on past mistakes because I have an

amazing future planned for

you keep pushing towards your dreams

with confidence because with me as your

partner success is

guaranteed my dear

child let’s walk this journey of life

together hand in

hand don’t worry about any obstacles

that come our way just give me a shout

and I’ll work some miracles for you in


time I promise to always have your back

and be a solid friend through thick and

thin as we walk side by side you’ll see

amazing things happen right before your

eyes your past mistakes will be fixed

and those who once held a grudge will


you with each step we take

your path will become clearer while your

enemies tremble in

fear chains holding you back will break

and you’ll feel the joy and freedom

waiting for

you for every moment of Shame you’ll be

rewarded with peace and

abundance type yes Father if you

believe you were not meant to hide in

fear or

laziness whenever you feel scared scared

just remember me and push those feelings

away it’s okay to take a break when you

need it I don’t expect you to work

endlessly don’t stress yourself out with


worries your strong faith and calm

attitude make me

happy take breaks when you have to fight

when you need to and make sure to

recharge your

spirit I’ll fight for you because your

faith makes me happy and your honesty

warms my

heart my main goal is to protect you

from evil and keep you away from

sin my light will guide you shining

bright to keep you safe from darkness


deceit let’s keep walking together my

child towards a brighter and better

future don’t seek revenge but find

strength in my my teachings to get

through tough times and stay

strong let go of anger and grudges and

instead offer forgiveness and prayers

for those who hurt

you move forward with confidence because

good things are waiting for those who


going remember everything you get is a

gift from Grace and

Faith so I’m calling on you to have

faith and look ahead with

confidence God has made a promise to you

he will lift you out of Despair and take

you to new

heights approach him with faith and

anticipation for he is the source of all

blessings let go of frustration and

limitations and embrace fulfillment and


favor believe in faith and

positivity if you AG agree type


and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you

God for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the

words I really love you

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setback is a setup for a

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