God Says: Your Bad Luck Will Be Destroyed, If You Watch |

remember to spend time with me my dear

child and enjoy the pure joy of being in

my arms my power is to bring light into

even the darkest cloudiest days adding

Sparkle to the mundane tasks of daily

life if you’re stuck in a cycle of

repetition where you have to do a lot of

things every day this NeverEnding

pattern could cast a shadow over your

mind it’s possible for your mind to

become stuck losing its focus and

opening itself up to the devil in the

flesh these things act like gravity on

your thoughts covering them in a cloud

of confusion and lack of Direction

realigning your thoughts and feelings

with me your Eternal companion is the

best way to get better Mysteries reveal

themselves as you walk along my path

with me even on the most confusing days

my presence follows you on your journey

and guides you in a bright way please

understand that my my thoughts and ideas

are higher than yours just like the sky

is higher than the earth when you set

aside time to be with me think about my

Divine Essence look at it and be amazed

at how amazing it is to be able to talk

to the supreme ruler of the universe at

any time or place take advantage of this

once in a-lifetime chance at all costs

although there is a huge gap between my

nature and yours I am working on you so

that you can understand my thoughts as

you enjoy my company my thoughts start

to take shape in your mind the spirit

who is in charge of your transformation

is leading this process the spirit will

sometimes bring you verses from holy

books to help you think he sometimes

gives you the power to hear my voice in

your head you become stronger through

these ethereal exchanges which prepare

you for the journey that is unfolding in

your life spend some time getting in

tune with my voice by giving me your

most valuable resource time I give you

blessings that go far beyond your most

audacious prayers through this if you

believe type

amen beloved child pay close attention

to what you say it is said that language

has great power and can either heal or

hurt speech can come out of nowhere or

be mean which can be bad for both the

speaker and The

Listener having the ability to speak is

a great gift that is only given to

people who look like me you need to get

help figuring out how to use this

powerful influence wisely Society May

value quick-witted responses but my

ideas about how to communicate are very

different listen quickly speak slowly

and let your anger build up slowly ask

my spirit to help you every time words

come to your mind as a result of my

teachings you now say Aid me holy spirit

before answering the phone and and this

practice has paid off use the same

technique when talking to the people

around you if they don’t say anything

ask them before you speak up treat

before responding when they go into more

detail even though these are only short

prayers they keep you in my presence in

this way your speech becomes a way for

my spirit to rule as a result positive

Expressions Take the Lead over negative

ones and the rise in your happiness is

truly amazing hold on to tight to the

hope you’re evaluating because I’m still

here there are times especially when bad

things are happening all at once when

your soul needs to hold on to me the

desire to sort your thoughts out and

figure out what to do next is appealing

but it’s not always easy to find at this

point the best thing to do is to look at

me and say out loud that you still have

hope when you profess hope you say it

out loud the things you say have meaning

they have an effect on you as well as on

other people their effect on your

overall health and happiness is felt in

many ways saying things that are

negative has a downward Force but when

you say out loud that you hope and

depend on me you gain the strength to

move forward with confidence being

faithful is what this promise is based

on aside from that I will not let you be

tempted beyond what you can handle I

place my trust in you Jesus My Hope

resides in you these kinds of statements

can help you hold on to your hope

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