God Says, You Will Receive $700,000,000….✝️ God’s Message #

cherished child I am the Fountain of

Grace and Mercy offering solace in your


hours when despair weighs heavy on your

heart know that I am here extending my

hand to guide you towards the light

empowering you like the mighty eagle

healing your wounds and nourishing your

spirit with my eternal

words I have opened the gates to a realm

beyond the ordinary granting you

strength to navigate life’s dangers

unscathed and

fearless today my message is one of

Peace a beacon to calm the storm

within my gaze is ever upon you guarding

your path towards

Redemption I am fully aware of the

battles you face each day and though

Temptations and foes may assail you you

you are never alone my love for you

grows with each passing day place not

all your hopes infallible humans or

fleeting possessions but in my eternal

commitment to you as you journey in this

world know that I am with you absolving

your sins and pouring forth my Holy

Spirit upon you those who rise against

you will stumble for none can snatch you

from my hand

come close to me put your faith in my

promises and let my compassion reshape


mind ahead of you lies a path filled

with purpose and achievements waiting to


unlocked but true strength and blessings

are not found in worldly things they

start within your heart make me your

first thought and let the warmth of my

presence fill you with

joy take moments of your day to bow in

prayer drawing strength upliftment and

refreshment stand ready to claim

victories and face challenges knowing

you are embraced and chosen by My

Sacrifice though you are not flawless I

envelop you in my grace lifting you from


failures seek guidance in my word and

seek counsel from those who serve me be

attentive for I will speak to you

through various means aiding your

success I have never promised an easy

life but with responsibilities come

opportunities for growth and

Triumph my dear child in your trust lies

life’s Essence and genuine trust in me

breathes joy into your soul I Crown you

with Victory adorning you with authority

and and courage to surmount obstacles

and transcend

boundaries you’re equipped to Triumph to

stand firm as a beacon for those lost in

their pasts unable to grasp the

blessings I

offer it brings me joy to ease your

journey opening doors listening to your

prayers and guiding you through

challenges to Foster your growth and

humility entrust your heart to me and

I’ll unveil a New Journey bathed in

splendor where the unattainable becomes

achievable and abundance

flows amidst turmoil and despair no I’m

with you witnessing every tear and every

smile your beacon in Frailty your

strength in

perplexity place your trust in me find

Solace In My Embrace and let me guide

you towards a blissful existence

declare with sincerity your trust in me

your heavenly father release your

worries and allow me to lead you to

Green Pastures satisfying your soul with

Divine affection and holy

tenderness fear not the evils that may

come for I Am with You firm and

unwavering you felt weak but I speak to

your heart assuring you of my presence

there’s no need to roam lost instead

come and rest with me focus on what

truly matters your loved ones your

spiritual journey and feeding your soul

with my teachings and

prayer extend forgiveness to those who

wrong you showing love even in the face


mistreatment hold fast to your faith

standing Fearless amidst the world’s

turmoil witness wonders as the Heralds

of change Blair for your deliverance


near in your lowest moments remember

you’re cradled in my hand enveloped in

sacred protection and boundless love

embrace my blessings for I am faithful

to my

promises your future your family and

your health are secure in my

hands appreciate value and TR treasure

your blessings for faithful stewardship

leads to Multiplied favor your faith

Stands Strong propelling you forward on

the path of

righteousness Embrace transformation for

I shower you with blessings that

transcend the

ordinary press on my dear child Standing

Tall with unshaken

self-respect trust in my might boldly

walking through the the storms of life I

am Forever by your side guiding you

towards Triumph March th is a

Victorious Warrior for you are strong

and you are not

alone prepare for a time of bliss where

your loved ones recognize you as a

blessing as I fulfill my purpose for

your life through

you my beloved child you are positioned

in a garden of growth and Prosperity

where the guide to your blessings lies

within your grasp absorb my teachings

with belief and Zeal treasuring them

within your

soul your history does not define your

destiny declare my past is not my future

and embrace a life under a mantle of

blessing Proclaim my teachings openly

for within them lie everlasting life

Grand wonders and Divine

interventions when faced with seemingly

insurmountable obstacles seek wisdom and

divine words delving into the pages of

your Bible with a thirst for knowledge

and a desire to

grow never doubt the steadfastness of my

love or fear abandonment when mistakes


made my presence resides within your

heart carrying blessings Grace and

forgiveness the days of fear are behind

you surrender yourself entirely to me

trusting in my unwavering commitment to


happiness I wrote these words out of

deep love for you long before your

existence began you will be protected

and rescued from difficulties signs of

my love’s magnitude signaling a future

filled with joy and

prosperity reject any notion of failure

and immerse yourself in the warmth of my

sacred vow transform sorrow into Distant

Memories for your Liberation is

approaching your tears will not be shed

in vain your reward shall come in due

time a testament to your courage and

sacrifices stand firm in your prayers

for challenges aim to shake your belief

but know that my voice guides you

assuring you of Victory age is no

barrier to my blessings press on with

your dreams and aspirations for with

faith you shall achieve great

things today I come to relieve your

inexplicable anguish uprooting anything

causing Melancholy within your soul I

hold your letter of Liberation sent from

the heavens as I embrace you tenderly

dispelling every Affliction and healing


wound you are healed free and made

whole approach each day with unwavering

Faith embracing the vitality and bravery

bestowed upon you rejoice for soon you

shall embrace my answer unshaken by

adversity uplifted shielded blessed and

guarded against all

harm remember remember my strength and

loyalty are unwavering I will never

abandon you seek me out daily reflecting

on my words for they hold the power to

set you

free know that my love for you is

eternal and my blessings are

Everlasting find the fortitude to carry

on through your day putting your faith

in me for a future filled with peace and

happiness awaits you hold tight to my

love and the precious gift of Life

enduring and moving forward no matter


hurdles when You Face trials do not lose

heart or give in to

despair when troubles surface do not be

overwhelmed recall the courage you have

in my sight believing with every fiber

of your

being from the trials and lessons of

your current

circumstances great spiritual wealth and

everlasting blessings will

emerge pursue me in prayer soften your

heart and passionately present your

requests to me day by day Embrace this

opportunity for yourself and your loved

ones for my blessing is upon

you open the doors of your soul to me

witness miraculous changes and find

solutions to your

situation seek me always dedicating your

life to me and experience the profound

shift my presence will ignite within

you those who wounded you will seek

forgiveness doors once shut will open

wide and those who dismissed you will

recognize your worth I’ll bless you with

genuine friends erasing sadness and

Solitude from your

life do not let unexpected challenges

dismay you or deter your path ignore the

harsh words and Scorn of others knowing

you are held safely within my grasp

start each day with my words on your

lips residing under the protection of

your Almighty and loving

God you are cradled and cherished by the

arms of your heavenly

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all things he does for you do thanks for

watching amen

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