God says “YOU WILL PASS BY ME!! ️। Advice from God today.

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said my dear son in this Divine moment

my words Echo like gentle breezes

through the fabric of time I wish for

you to feel the intensity of my love a

constant torrent flowing from my heart

to the deepest re esses of your being as

a loving father I am always present

observing every step of your journey in

the pursuit of overcoming fear remember

the inspiring words I found in the

scriptures when you pass through the

waters I will be with you and through

the rivers they shall not overwhelm you

when you walk through fire you shall not

be burned and the flame shall not

consume you Isaiah

this passage speaks of my constant

presence even in the most challenging

situations fear not for fear is but a

shadow in the light of my love Faith is

the key that opens the doors of

understanding and Trust in times of

uncertainty remember that faith is the

Assurance of things hoped for the

conviction of Things Not Seen Hebrews

believe my son even when the path

seems unclear your faith is the light

that illuminates the darkness trust in

me for I am the god who makes the

impossible happen when you put your

faith into action hope like a radiant

Sun disperses the clouds of Despair find

comfort in these words for I know the

plans I have for you declares the Lord

plans for welfare and not for evil to

give you a future and a hope Jeremiah

even when challenges seem

surmountable remember that my plans for

you are of love and prosperity hope is

the anchor that keeps you steadfast even

in life storms in overcoming fear trust

in my constant presence in the Journey

of Faith trust in the certainty of the

Unseen in the pursuit of Hope trust in

my perfect plans remember the story of

David who faced the Giant Goliath with

just a sling and a stone fear was

present but his faith in me was greater

he declared the Lord is my shepherd I

shall not want Psalm

just as David overcame fear you

have conquered your own Giants with the

faith residing in your heart when

surrounded by fear draw inspiration from

David’s courage remember that faith can

move mountains as Jesus said if you have

faith like a grain of mustard seed you

will say to this mountain move from here

to there and it will move and nothing

will be impossible for you Matthew

in the story of Peter walking on

water When Faith faltered fear sought to

Prevail however when he cried out for my

help I reached out my hand and saved him

similarly when You Face moments of Doubt

cry out to me for I will extend my

powerful hand to lift you up hope is the

star that shines in the darkest nights

remember the story of Joseph who faced

numerous hardships but never lost hope

in the end the plans I had for him were

fulfilled and his life was restored

trust in my faithfulness for as it is

written hope does not disappoint Romans

my beloved Son you will face many

storms on your journey but know that

your heavenly father is with you in

every moment overcome fear with your

faith nurture Faith with hope and thus

you will find the strength to face any

challenge life presents with love God I

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