God Says: YOU WILL LOSE ME FOREVER | God Message | God Message Today |

God is saying to you today

my child in the commotion and Rapid pace

of life it’s easy to feel overwhelmed

we all have moments when the weight of

the world seems too much to bear

but in those times of doubt and worry

there’s a comforting presence that

Whispers to us saying believe in

yourself for I believe in you

with my guidance you will find a way to

overcome the challenges that come your


type yes God to affirm your belief

do not worry for I will not fail you

I am always here guiding and supporting

you every step of the way

my child I see the numerous things

occupying your mind right now

your health your family and your


these are the threads that we the

intricate tapestry of your existence

it may feel like the weight of the world

is on your shoulders and that’s

perfectly okay

life’s challenges can be daunting but

there is something greater at play

let me reassure you you are never alone

on this journey

in your darkest moments there is a

Guiding Light That Never flickers or


type amen if you believe

trust in me and surrender all your

worries Into My Loving Hands

I will take care of you with all my love

and compassion

type to affirm your trust

I will send help in your times of

difficulty bring healing to your pains

and provide for your needs

remember that you are loved beyond words

and hope is within your reach

trust in me for I am your refuge and


with faith and perseverance you will

attain the peace you seek

believe my child The Best Is Yet To Come

type yes God if you believe


so my dear child when life feels heavy

in the road ahead seems uncertain

remember these words of comfort from a

higher power

you are never alone and The Best Is Yet

To Come

have faith believe in yourself and Trust

in the love and guidance that surrounds


your journey is one filled with promise

and Hope

thank you for watching

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someone who may need it

together we can spread love and support

to those who need it most

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until next time may you find strength

love and endless Hope on your journey

take care and remember you are never

alone amen

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