God Says: You Will Cry Later If You Ignore Me |

as I hold you close my beloved child let

the soft D of my presence heal your

whole being this busy world is full of

things that want your attention like the

noise of instant

messaging I invite you to a sacred

Stillness there have been huge changes

in the world since I first whispered the

Timeless command be still and know that

I am God however ever this Divine truth

is still very important and a safe place

for your Soul’s Health in the same way

that do brings new life to soft grass

and flowers at night my presence gives

you New Life the Peace of our Union can

heal your mind and heart when you choose

to sit with me in quiet communion your

mind often gets caught up in the Small

Things amidst the constant noise like a

car stuck in mud and its Wheels spinning

helplessly yet as soon as you think

about me your mind starts to to move

toward our conversations like a compass

finding its true north I give your

thoughts meaning and Clarity leading you

away from the small and toward the big

this conversation with me must go on and

I will write my thoughts on your heart

and mind come close to me dear one and

rest in the way I embrace you I’m not

far away in fact I’m closer to you than

the air you breathe trust me the same

way you trust Every Breath You Take as

with your need for oxygen your need for

me is a constant beat in the Symphony of

your life do not neglect the sacred

practice of being in my presence your

mind tends to wander because there are

so many things to do in the world it

gets far away from your true Center

which is me don’t let these sidetracks

get you down they’re just part of Being

Human Instead make the necessary changes

with joy knowing that my love will never

change call on my name Jesus and feel

its power flow flow through you you can

whisper it in the Stillness of your

heart sing it with a heart full of

Melody or shout it with joy the Deep

truth is in that Holy Name the Lord

saves I am your salvation and your

Refuge so let your words fill my name

with love and Trust let your heart be

filled with thanks as you think about

how much I love you and all the things I

have done for you when you do these

things you get close closer to me and my

presence becomes your safe place so my

dear child pay attention to this private

call I’m waiting for you with open arms

in the silence let the due of my

presence refresh your tired mind and

heart and let our friendship comfort you

in this world that is always changing

I’m always here for you your loving

Savior and constant friend there are a

lot of wonderful things that will happen

to you today good things that no no one

can take away from you or rest from your

grasp there are no sad chains of Death

Around these blessings which are full to

the brim with plenty I want you to be

free from all the things that hold you

back on Earth and never get caught in

the traps that your enemies have set if

you believe in something without

wavering and wake up every day with

courage and Faith you will become

Unstoppable unbreakable and

unbeatable listen to me trust my voice

and hear what I say because I am the one

who gives you Victory I break your

chains and give you a reason to live

always remember that I saved you when

doors swing open in front of you trust

me and don’t let people who want to

trick you with lies get you down the

truth is that you belong to me and I can

see into your soul and heart I value

your good intentions and your desire to

obey me and do what I say your Victory

will come through faith not sight even

when you fail or feel weak share this

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