God Says: You Will Cry Later If You Ignore Me | | God Message Today |

my beloved child you can be sure that

the person who leads you every day will

never leave you I am always there for

you I go before you and stay by your

side I’m going to hold on to your hand

forever I show you the way with my truth

and teach you my rules which help you

make smart choices the Bible is like a

reliable map that shows you the way or a

lamp that shines on your path

follow my word because I am the only one

who can tell you the right way to go

believe in my unwavering love and don’t

forget to thank me for the good things

you can see and the good things you

can’t see know that I am not helpless or

unaware even when it seems like evil is

taking over the world I am still in

charge and working behind the scenes to

make things better in a world that is

full of chaos so thank me not only for

the blessings you see but also for the

ones you can’t see my knowledge and

wisdom are beyond what people can

understand my decisions are hard to

understand and I can’t be tracked down

the practices of trust and Thanksgiving

will hold you close to me when the world

seems unstable remember that I am always

with you leading you and getting you an

eternal reward many people don’t realize

how valuable it is that I’ll always be

there for them most of them believe that

I am always with them but they often

live as if they are alone this makes me

sad love me and Whisper my name to me

come close to me even when things are

hard this small action shows that you

trust that I will always be there for

you and care for you the fact that I’m

here with you is more important than any

problems you may be having you can

always count on me to help you feel

better and keep you safe I am your

strength and shield your heart can dance

with joy the more you trust me with all

of it I want you to always trust me and

believe that I am in charge of

everything in the universe hold on to me

and know that I am in charge when things

in your life seem to be getting out of

hand every part of your life is planned

by me to be good for you now and in the

next World when bad things happen your

biggest test is to keep believing that I

am both Sovereign and good my ways are

as far away from yours as the sky is

from the earth so you might not always

understand them it makes me very happy

when you deal with problems with a

thankful heart and believe that I can

make even the worst situation better

this Act of Faith makes you stronger and

brings glory to me during hard times I

feel blessed when my beloved children

sing songs of

Thanksgiving continue to be alert and

pray every day you can become more and

more aware of my presence with the help

of my spirit it’s not easy to do do this

because the world is full of noise and

other things that are meant to take your

attention away from me but remember that

I am always with you just a whisper away

people who are in love want to be alone

with each other and just think about

each other I want to be with you by

yourself because I love your soul

focusing on me without any other

thoughts makes your soul awake to the

joy of being with me this makes your

love for me stronger and keeps your

spirit awake when when you are aware of

my bright presence prayer is easy don’t

forget that your prayers bless you and

give you a way to serve me share this

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