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my child as you reflect on how you begin

your day consider the transformative

power of starting it with the holy

spirit it’s more than the routine of

brewing coffee or checking

messages it’s a conscious decision to

invite God through his Spirit to inspire

and guide you in all you

do Acts illustrates the spirit

guiding Philip to a chariot where he

AIDS a man in understanding The Words of


this highlights how the Holy Spirit can

lead us to the right place at the right

time just like philli and Peter in Acts

who were guided and taught by the

Holy Spirit we have access to the Same

Spirit every

morning our challenges may vary Health

crises financial difficulties personal

struggles but when we start our day with

the Holy Spirit we Face these trials

with the assurance that if God is for us

who can be against us Romans

inviting the Holy Spirit into our

mornings begins with a simple heartfelt

invitation in The Quiet Moments before

the day

unfolds no elaborate words are needed a

sincere holy spirit guide me today let

the Bible be your morning nourishment

for as Deuteronomy reminds us man

does not live by bread alone but by

every word from the mouth of the Lord

this Daily Commitment is a journey

filled with growth Discovery and

transformation there may be challenging

days questioning if the holy spirit is

truly present remember his presence is

not based on feelings but on God’s

promise anticipate the transformation as

you start your day with the Holy Spirit

peace amids chaos strength in weakness

and Clarity in

confusion Embrace this spiritual will

practice daily and you’ll develop a

deeper more intimate relationship with

God in Corinthians we’re reminded

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

the love of God and the communion of the

Holy Spirit be with you all begin each

day with God His Holy Spirit and watch

His blessings and transformation

unfold let us wholeheartedly embrace the

sacred practice of starting each day

with God inv invting his holy spirit to

guide our steps as Corinthians

beautifully encourages us May the

grace of our Lord Jesus Christ the love

of God and the communion of the Holy

Spirit be with you all to all who can

hear these words let us come together in

prayer seeking the Abundant Blessings

that flow from our gracious God Heavenly

Father you are the alpha and the Omega

the the creator of the universe the

light in our darkness and The Refuge for


weary today we seek your holy presence

making it known to us Lord Holy Spirit

you intimately formed us knowing every

thought beat of our hearts and detail of

Our Lives we invite you into our lives

to fill guide teach and Empower us be

our everpresent friend helping us from

the moment we wake until we lay our

heads to rest

may we feel your comforting presence in

every moment fill the space around us

holy spirit be present in every part of

our being so we may experience God’s

special power and live as his beloved

children overflow in our Spirits souls

and Minds leaving no room for anything

that is not of God in times of attack

May the enemy only see you father shape

our minds and thoughts Holy Spirit

transforming us to think in new and

better ways grant us strength for you

are our shield in times of

weakness in the pursuit of wisdom source

of all wisdom guide our choices words

and actions that they may be pleasing to

you in the dwelling place of our bodies

Holy Spirit we pray for complete and

divine Health May each cell organ and

system function as designed

strengthening us to fend off illness and

disease Shield us from harm and dangers

protecting us from anything that could

compromise our

well-being Lord pour out your blessings

upon us bless our work our loved ones

and the lives we lead make us

instruments of Joy help and hope to

those around us Divine protection be our

Shield keeping us safe and delivering Us

from Evil remind us always holy spirit

that with God on our side nothing can

stand against us in moments of

difficulty remind us that nothing can

separate us from God’s love may we find

solace in the assurance that we are

precious to God and understand our

identity through Christ Jesus change us

holy spirit molding us into reflections

of Jesus filled with love joy peace

patience kindness faithfulness

gentleness and

self-control as we pray May every heart

open to you be filled with with your

Holy Spirit In Love For Those needing

strength grant them

courage comfort those in pain and be a

guiding friend to those feeling lost we

declare that all the blessings of this

prayer are upon us in the name of Jesus

if this message resonates with you type

Amen in the comments let us share this

uplifting message with others for we are

blessed to be a blessing

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