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my child in the depths of fear there is

a comforting presence

God he stands ready to infuse you with

courage and strength when you need it

most confront your fears by entrusting

your burdens to God the sole bearer of

the trials and tribulations you

face alone without his strength your

body and soul are like a seed devoid of

water and soil

just as a seed needs both elements to

grow into a towering tree you too need

God to Foster your growth and transform

into a person cherished by him be a

person unburdened by fear and doubt

someone who holds on to Faith and Hope

in God resisting the fear and doubt that

may arise from the devil recall the

comforting words of Jesus come to me all

of you who are burdened and laid aen and

I will give you rest when faced with

insurmountable problems and uncertain

circumstances turn to God before seeking


elsewhere he has the power to move

mountains still storms with a mere

utterance and create Heaven and Earth in


days nothing is beyond his capability

for God is a miracal worker even in

seemingly hopeless situations he will

carve out multiple paths for you the

Bible resounds with reminders that God

is a deity of Miracles reflect on the

Wonders he has wrought the Miracles

performed and the righteous judgments

pronounced our Lord Jesus Christ

throughout his life perform miracles in

the Holy Spirit a gift from him empowers

us to confront our

fears though challenges may arise

remember that through God’s

transformative work you are more than a

conqueror in moments of tribulation when

despair looms large resist the

temptation to give in

easily as children of God we are

reminded that our struggle extends

beyond the Physical Realm we battle

against spiritual

forces both in our spiritual and natural

lives the fight against fear is an

inevitable part of our

journey therefore let the the verses in

the Bible echo in your heart so do not

fear for I am with you do not be

dismayed for I am your God I will

strengthen you and help you I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand

and for I am the Lord your God who takes

hold of your right hand and says to you

do not fear I will help you embrace the

truth that God desires you to live free

from fear and in moments of struggle put

your trust in his plan for it is not to

harm but to prosper you today instead of

dwelling on the size of the storm

ahead Marvel at the enormity of your God

in him you find the strength to weather


storm the Bible beautifully reveals that

we as humans are crafted just a little

lower than the

angels in the grand tapestry of creation

we are wonderfully made because God’s

care for us is

boundless this truth allows us to place

our unwavering trust in him recognizing

that God is firmly in control of Our

Lives each of us is made in the Divine

image a testament to our preciousness

and value in the eyes of our

creator keep steadfast in your belief in

him for he has the power to dispel all

your fears and endow you with the

strength you need most remember God

never assured us that trials and

tribulations wouldn’t come our way yet

in every trial God has made an

unshakable promise to be by our

side ready to engage in the battles we

face and to sustain us through every

Storm release the grip of bad

experiences let go of fears and doubts

that cloud your mind trust God

wholeheartedly even if your past has

been challenging for his plan for your

life is not to bring destruction but

Prosperity so as today unfolds refrain

from detailing to God the enormity of

the storms before you instead declare to

the storms the magnitude of your God he

is the omnipotent one unparalleled and

unmatched place your trust in him

believe in his promises and have faith

that he will fulfill every word

spoken pray pray this potent prayer to

dispel the fear within you heavenly

father I humbly come before you burdened

with fear and

anxiety guide me through this day this

hour and every moment that

follows I Surrender every problem and

worry Into Your Loving

Hands as I focus on your boundless love

and care for me allow me to release my

burdens and be enveloped by your peace

joy and contentment

I express my gratitude for all you have

done and will continue to do Lord in

this tumultuous and chaotic world you

understand the struggles that sometimes

make life

overwhelming help me draw near to you

calming my thoughts and

emotions open my heart to your peace

comfort and

wisdom I choose not to dwell in fear

diminish the feelings of anxiety that

weigh on me great grant me the ability

to rest in you trusting you as I

navigate through this broken

World strengthen me to stand when I feel

on the verge of

falling Empower me to carry on when

taking another step seems

impossible gently Lead Me in the

direction I should go guiding me to a

place of peace and Security even amidst

the turmoil around me draw me closer to

you in the powerful name of Jesus I pray



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