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my child

I’ve been by your side an unwavering

presence your guardian in every moment

know that as you walk along the path

I’ve laid out for you I am already there

waiting ready to catch you if you


my greatest joy is guiding you carrying

you through the storms and always

standing by your side

all I ask is that you focus on me not on

the chaos of the world around you

trust in me surrender to my plan for I

see what you cannot

type yes if you believe

in moments when uncertainty clouds your

mind remember that I am the radiant

light that pierces through the darkness

illuminating your way

in your loneliest hours know that I am

your most loyal friend the one who never

leaves even when all others May

when sadness overtakes you understand

that I am your comforter wiping away the

tears that fall

feel my presence in every aspect of your


in moments of pure joy I share in your


in times of Triumph I celebrate your


in your toughest moments I am there

pushing you forward

type to affirm your belief in me

I am your Sanctuary your Fortress and

your unshakable shelter

never forget dear child that your

journey on this Earth holds a purpose

trust in my divine plan for it is

perfect and crafted with love

place your fears and worries into my

capable hands for I tend to all that

burdens you

now I urge you to take a step open your

heart to me and embrace my peace and


seek me with unwavering faith and

complete surrender and you will witness

miracles unfurling in your life

fear not for I am with you in every


let me be your guiding star your inner

strength and your endless inspiration

and so my cherished child I want you to

flourish overcoming obstacles and

embracing your full potential

have faith in my words and you shall

become a Living testament to my

boundless Grace and love in this world

always remember I am here and I shall

forever be

simply surrender to me and believe in

your heart that I am your father your

God and I shall never abandon you

choose to place your trust in me and you

will witness Miracles Beyond imagination

my love for you knows no bounds it is

infinite and it endures for all eternity

type amen if you hold this belief close

to your heart

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