God Says: You Are Not Allowed To Ignore This | God Message |

my beloved child no matter where you go

I will be with you and keep an eye on

you as the prophet Isaiah said in

quietness and confidence is your

strength I want you to have quiet faith

in me your living God people in this

world tend to see loud voices and big

promises as sources of power but real

strength comes from trusting me and what

I say be glad that I am a living God and

not an idol that doesn’t move I am the

living one I was dead but now I will

never die again I have a lot of power

but I come to you in a gentle and loving

way spend time with me loved one and

trust me completely between

us as you rest in my presence let the

bible guide your prayers say to me in a

loving voice I Love You Lord my strength

I am filled to the brim with Grace and

truth Grace talks about how much I love

and favor you over and above what you

deserve getting something you haven’t

worked for is humbling and keeps you

from being proud Grace is a Priceless

gift that guarantees your salvation for

all time my beloved because you know

that I saved you I will always be kind

to you if you trust my unending love and

rejoice in my salvation know that I love

you even though you don’t deserve it or

earn it I’m not just full of truth I am

truth itself in a world full of news and

messages that are tainted with lies and

manipulation I offer the only truth that

never changes knowing that I am the

truth gives you a strong base that you

can stand on you can shine like a bright

beacon in a dark and relativistic world

because you’re on Solid Ground let your

light shine so that many people can see

it and trust me being thankful is the

best way to fight entitlement the

unhealthy belief that everyone owes you

something this false belief is very

common in the world but it goes against

what the Bible says Christians were told

by the Apostle Paul to stay away from

any brother who is an idol Paul set a

good example for others by working hard

all the time he even said if a man will

not work he shall not eat gratitude is a

deep appreciation for what you already

have while entitlement is the idea that

you deserve something if I were to give

you what you really deserve you would

end up in Despair and have no chance of

being saved so be thankful that I have a

lot of Mercy you were saved by grace

being unhappy comes from thinking you

deserve more than what you have but

being thankful for what you have will

fill you with joy also when you say

thank you you worship me properly with

awe and respect I want you to give other

people the Comfort you’ve received from

me in no matter what situation you’re in

my presence and comfort are more than

enough for you as a Christian everything

you go through has a reason for

happening suffering can make you a

better person and give you the tools to

help other people through

theirs tell me honestly about the

problems you’re having and ask me to use

them for my good

plans while you’re looking for relief

from hardship don’t forget to see the

blessings that are hidden within it when

you get close closer to me during hard

times and ask for my help you grow up

and become smarter this gives you the

tools to comfort others while they’re

going through hard times people who are

in pain will feel your compassion and

you will find that you are most

effective at comforting people who are

going through hard times similar to the

ones you’ve been through you can become

more peaceful by going through hard

times they may hurt in the moment but

they lead to the peaceful fruit of

righteousness in the end trust me to

show you the way every

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