God Says, You Are Going To Lose Most Loved Thing….✝️ God’s Message

pause for a moment my cherished one and

lend me your full attention there’s

something of great significance I wish

to impart to you the trials you’ve

endured are nearing their end and the

blessings you fervently awaited are

poised to manifest before your very

eyes your season of recompense is

imminent know that none of my beloved

children are ever ever

forsaken whenever you call upon me with

genuine faith and a sincere heart I am


attentive our bond is

unbreakable you’ve steadfastly clung to

your faith amidst adversity resisting

the Allure of Temptation and persevering

along my path with patience and

determination I’ve been your constant

companion aiding you in reaching this


now you stand on the threshold of

Tranquility where you and your loved

ones will discover all that you require

and a newfound

happiness equipped with fresh

perspectives in Divine Zeal you’ll March

forward with renewed

Vigor I stand ready to assist you and

your family in shedding harmful habits

and negative thoughts that burden

you together will cast off spiritual

shackles and dispel feelings of

resentment or

anger by immersing yourselves in the

Living Waters of my Holy Spirit your

lives shall undergo Supernatural

transformation even your adversaries

shall Marvel at your

metamorphosis drawn by the radiance of

your new found

joy therefore I reaffirm that your

trials and anxieties are not ever

Everlasting you’ve entrusted me with

your heart embracing my word with


sincerity today marks the dawn of your

salvation the onset of your

Liberation will you now rise and take

the necessary steps to seek me and abide

in my love and

presence I’ve witnessed your unwavering

faith and commend your patience in

awaiting my perfect will despite

challenges you’ve maintained trust in my

promises your children though they may

seem disinterested are integral to my

plan approach them with love and

patience guiding them gently toward me

though change may not be immediate do

not lose hope for the breakthrough will

come your prayers have been heard and

the blessings you seek are on their way

trust in my faithfulness for what you

long for will soon be

realized I forged a covenant with you

inscribing my Commandments upon your

heart I forgive your transgressions no

longer holding them against you find

solace in my presence where healing and

boundless strength await those with

faith patiently awaiting the Fulfillment

of my


let go of bitter complaints and Cast

Away doubts and scoffing pay no heed to

mocking tongues should weariness and

anxiety besiege you call upon me and I

will grant you the perseverance to

endure I bestow upon you the gift of

patience ensuring emotional

stability receive wisdom to govern your

speech that no foolish Words May offend

I shower Abundant Blessings upon your

life with love and tenderness akin to a


parent I ask only for your gratitude not

presumptuous demands born of

Pride though many show me disrespect I

patiently await them with love in

moments of frustration and conflict pray


strive envious adversaries May challenge

you and obstacles may seem

insurmountable but press forward without

looking back endure trials for the

blessings you

seek I seek bravery in your heart

observing your reaction when

expectations are

unmet will you await with Joy or will

bitterness consume

you I desire strength wholehearted love

and un wavering commitment even in times


waiting I long to see the spirit of

Steel instilled within you a character

more precious than

diamonds loyalty is Paramount do not

betray me or compromise your convictions

for material gain dishonesty only leads

to defeat in the spiritual

realm your desired blessings will

materialize through faith Faith resist

doubt and the counsel of

fools seek not the opinions of

unbelievers instead hold these words

dear in your

heart return each morning enveloping

yourself in strengthening words of

Faith find peace for I love you dearly

your blessings are on the verge of

arrival speak these words aloud write

them with your hand

beloved God I await you with all my

heart I entrust myself to your loving

care knowing you’ve never abandoned me

no harm shall befall me pay heed for you

shall emerge from this trial and your

current sorrow shall

cease I shower upon you Torrance of Joy

amidst life storms cradling you in my

arms ready to wipe away your tears and

release pent up emotions

within remember this day for I have

loved you with eternal love providing

strength to rise from the depths of

Despair and fill your heart with

joy happiness awaits you amidst the

darkest clouds of conflict if you

believe in me and allow my word to guide

your path fear not falter not for I Am

With You you strengthening your heart

easing your anxiety and imbuing you with

peace and Supernatural strength rise

with courage for you are truly strong

wise and

intelligent I Infuse you with spiritual

Vigor to witness Miracles and

wonders advance to witness crumbling

walls and broken chains persevere pray

believe and persist for I grant you

unyielding strength and

faith yet should you falter should

things not unfold as planned I shall

always be there to lift you up my grace

and mercy are Eternal place no limits

upon my love or forgiveness for I chose

you knowing all the trials and

tribulations you shall

face your desired blessings will

materialize through faith resist death

doubt ignore the counsel of Fools and

seek me with all your heart rejoice in

patience trusting in my timing for I

appreciate your patience and know how to

fulfill your

needs be encouraged for I cover you with


strength times of sadness will pass and

happiness will

return serve me by sharing this word

blessing many Souls

I bless you for your pure heart and

Faith great and beautiful things are

coming into your life walk in faith for

everything is possible for those who

believe in me cling to my promises even

when the enemy attacks you walk by faith

trusting in the Miracles yet unseen your

faith no matter how small is all you

need to keep receiving in wonderful

blessings recommit to prayer

surrendering your thoughts and decisions

to me trust in my guidance and your

heart will be filled with truth strength


peace cling to Faith for your journey

ahead holds unimaginable

blessings prepare for what’s coming for

it surpasses anything you’ve dreamed

of embrace forgiveness he healing and

Reconciliation hold fast to truth

avoiding gossip and

negativity trust in me for I am

orchestrating profound miracles in your

life prepare for abundance Joy courage


well-being trust in my promises for I

shall fulfill them Embrace wisdom and

stewardship multiplying the blessings

bestowed upon you gratitude ude and

Trust will lead you into a season of


opportunities endure trials with

unwavering faith for victory awaits

those who

believe I am with you always providing

Grace and strength walk in faith for

your journey is Guided by my love mercy

and love overflow upon you and now with

my mighty hand I shall cause the seeds

you have sown to flourish abundantly in

your life and in the lives of those


you the time approaches to reap the

rewards of your

faithfulness what I shall bring to your

home is infinitely greater than you can

imagine you deserve the best and even

more your invaluable faith and humble

demeanor will carry you

far prepare yourself for I shall open

open new doors introduce you to New

Horizons and bring abundance to your

home fear not for your life is in my

hands disregard the negative reports and

do not entertain the insults hurled by

tongues seeking to harm

you do not believe all that is said for

adversaries seek to instill fear and

steer you away from the divine plan

designed for you

many Envy the blessings you have

received and seek to benefit from what

rightfully Belongs to

You therefore when faced with insults

and slander cling to my love and my word

seek my presence and spend time with me

to unburden

yourself I do not want your faith and

love for me to weaken due to these

attacks I am transforming everything

around you relieving in you of burdens

and uprooting hindering feelings you are

a new creation liberated from depression

loneliness hatred and

envy your spirit has been reborn into a

new life filled with faith optimism

strength and joy even your enemies shall

be astonished by your

transformation frustrated because they

can no longer assail you open your eyes

to a new day of peace and

happiness embrace it and believe even if

you cannot yet see it with your natural

eyes feel my love embracing and healing

you for you are not weak you are strong

not a failure but Victorious not

defeated but risen by my

power tell me with all your heart that

you believe in me you are not alone I

have not forsaken you you’re tears have

reached the heavens where your destiny

is determined and I console you in your

distress you are growing stronger each

day becoming more acquainted with me you

are seeking my face and my word

signifying your loyalty wisdom and

intelligence today when you close your

eyes and reflect on my words Feel My

Love embracing and healing you

I aim to protect you from harm fortify

your character instill dignity imbue you

with strength and shield you from

humiliation adjust your attitude wear a

smile on your face come talk to me every

day with trust in your heart knowing I’m

here to help you through

everything celebrate the love I pour

into your life with happiness and

songs when you sing praises to me I wrap

you in my presence chasing away all

worries and filling you up with my

spirit even when times are hard keep

smiling singing and praying with your

hands lifted high in love and

devotion if anyone asks why you’re so

joyful tell them it’s because God Is by

your side not everyone will understand

but don’t let that bother

you my powerful forces are ready to

support you as you let go humble

yourself and open your heart pushing

aside anything that stands in the way of

embracing my

forgiveness you’re longing for a fresh

start and very soon you’ll see how I

cover you with my endless

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