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God is saying to you today my child right now I want you to know that I love you so much even when

you feel like no one understands you I am always here for you I see you when you’re struggling and

feeling sad and I want to tell you that I will never leave you your pain and tough times were

never meant to be a part of your life my love for you is endless like a safe place for your heart

type yes God if you believe when things get tough and you feel lost remember that I am with you I

will guide you through the hard times and keep you safe you are never alone just reach out to

me and I will lead you out of the Darkness into a place filled with love joy and happiness trust

me because I have an amazing life planned for you full of purpose victories and blessings type Amen

to affirm your faith no matter how far you feel from me I am always here to give you a big hug I

forgive you for any mistakes you make and I love you no matter what trust me I can overcome any

obstacle and help you through any challenge I’m here to listen to your prayers and show you my

NeverEnding love even when you’re sad or hurt I will always be there to comfort you and show you

compassion you can’t push me away no matter what you do my love is so strong it can conquer any

problem and reach higher than the sky let me hold you close when you’re feeling down and I’ll show

you the forgiveness and kindness I have for you just know that I care about you a lot whenever you

make a mistake I’ll be there to help you get back on track my love for you is always there giving

you the strength to face any challenge that comes your way [Music] type yes Father if you believe

so close your eyes and feel my love surrounding you like a warm hug let it give you comfort and

peace I’ll be here to support you and cheer you on don’t worry just trust in me and I’ll make sure

you feel free peaceful and calm type yes Heavenly Father hey there trust me because I’m here to be

your rock and your strength let me give you a big hug and show you a love that can heal any hurt

and make you feel whole again remember you are so special to me and my love for you will never ever

change no matter what tough stuff you’re going through I’ll always be here to back you up my

child today let me give you a big hug and let me take all your worries away even if you feel far

away or like you’re in a dark place my love is all around you making you feel better right now don’t

think it’s all over because I’m right here with you today you can start fresh live your life to

the fullest dream big and aim high because with me you can get back everything you’ve lost T and

S you deserve a life full of wins and joy and that’s what I want for you so from now on when

you feel weighed down by your problems or stressed out just trust in me I’ve got your back so don’t

worry about a thing I’m here to help you out and make sure you’re taken care of today I’ll make

sure all your needs are met and your heart is full just know that I’ll always be by your side giving

you the strength you need to face any challenges that come your way trust me even when you feel

like no one understands or you’re all alone in your struggles I’m here to listen to you love

you and support you in every way possible right now feel the love I have for you surround ing

you and bringing you comfort type to affirm remember my love for you will never change it will

always be there for you ready to give you a hug or a shoulder to cry on whenever you need it so

go ahead reach out and feel my unwavering love for you it’s pure amazing and Will Never Let You Down

type yes if you believe I’m here to give you a big hug and some words of encouragement you’re going

through some tough stuff right now but I want you to know that you’re not alone I believe in you and

I know you have the strength to get through this I know it might feel like your dreams are Out Of

Reach but trust me I have some amazing things plann planned for you I’ve been with you since

before you were even born and I am so proud of the person you are becoming type amen if you believe

so don’t give up keep pushing forward in giving it your all I promise that I will always be here

to support you and help you find the strength to keep going you are capable of amazing things and

I can’t wait to see all that you will achieve type yes Father to affirm yes when you feel like you’ve

been beaten down remember that I am here to lift you up you will feel strong happy and loved when

you stand with me your life will change for the better showing everyone how amazing I am you will

shine bright helping others find their way in the dark type yes Heavenly Father people will come to

you because they can see my love and Power in you you will be like a tree by a river always growing

and never fading I will give back everything you lost and more your life and your family’s

life will be different filled with blessings that never stop so my dear child it’s time to stand up

and leave behind your fears and the lies that have held you back hear me and let my truth free you

from the grip of Deceit woven by those who wish to hold you back their lies have Shackled your spirit

sowing seeds of doubt and fear that threaten to undo all you’ve strived for but now is the time to

break free to seize the hand I offer beside me you will ReDiscover your dreams and envision greatness

once more your worries will fade away replaced by the confidence to achieve all you desire trust in

me dear one and together we will Forge A New Path forward fear not for I am always by your

side guiding you towards the destiny I have vision for you I will lead you to where you belong where

you will flourish in abundance and bask in my boundless love and grace all I ask is for your

faith in me and my promises follow my lead and I will lead you to prosperity and blessings beyond

measure remain Vigilant and attentive for when Opportunity Knocks do not let distractions sway

you seize the chances that come your way and watch your dreams materialize into reality have faith in

me trust my words and cling to my assurances do not waver when immediate results evade you

take my hand and persist in your faith I am by your side working tirelessly to shower you with

blessing know that I never falter always arriving at the precise moment even when unexpected have

confidence that I will fulfill my promises to you disregard the deceitful Whispers of Doubt

for they seek to undermine your success stand firm against those who oppose you for when you

challenge them they shall Retreat like frightened mice place your unwavering trust in me and do not

place your hopes in fleeting Earthly Pursuits remember worldly Treasures are ephemeral while

the rewards I offer are Everlasting in true the passing of Heaven and Earth and the fleeting

desires of the world are but temporary Illusions compared to the Eternal promise of my word and

the enduring strength of those who follow my path path therefore my cherished ones when faced with

adversity and hardship do not shy away from it but confront it headon when failure and setbacks come

knocking do not cower in fear instead lift your gaze with unwavering Faith and Hope refrain your

challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities to grow strong stronger wiser and more resilient

always remember I crafted you in my Divine likess shaping you into a Fearless Warrior I

have bestowed upon you the strength to overcome all evil fear not what the future may hold but

trust in me to guide your path I will fortify you empowering you with the courage and wisdom needed

to trust Triumph in this life listen closely for if you choose to align with me I will navigate

you through tranquil Pathways adorned with Grace and blessings where every Endeavor you Embark upon

will flourish open your heart to my counsel embracing the assurances I offer know this

prosperity and love abundance and success shall be your companions on this Journey rest assured

no harm shall befall you for your trust in me is well placed approach me for I am not inclined to

witness your suffering this is not the culmination it is merely a challenging chapter in your story

though the road ahead may seem daunting my love will sustain you fostering courage and

resilience within you you despite the efforts of your adversaries to dismantle you their trials

will not claim victory over your life rather they will fortify you strengthening your resolve in The

Darkest Hours as tears of Anguish threaten to fall I understand your pain and deepest worries yet do

not forsake the achievements you’ve earned due to the burdens imposed osed upon you take hold of my

hand and together let us tread the path of Faith permit me to examine your heart and in return I

shall Grant you Clarity guiding your steps towards wise choices and discernment trust in our journey

for together we shall overcome in all facets of your life today amidst the confusion that may

Cloud your Vision I urge you not to rely solely on your own efforts while I’ve indeed encouraged

you to strive and display courage it’s imperative not to lose sight of the support and guidance I

offer let not success Veil your memory of me your triumphs aren’t solely the fruit of your talents

know that you’re not feeble or timorous rather you’re brave and I discern this from my elevated

perspective your growth hasn’t gone unnoticed as others also recognize the profound transformation

within you your demeanor inspires and for your unwavering Faith perseverance and loyalty my

blessings shall persist Your Allegiance to me is acknowledged yet it brings me great joy when you

recall my promises igniting within me a desire to shower you with even greater blessings in the

face of adversity evade not your problems nor Retreat into isolation if slander is aimed at

you summon the courage to address it declaring that you’ve transcended past grievances your

heart has softened harboring no animosity toward others no longer do you awaken to the shackles of

resentment nor do you wield your words as weapons against those who wred you trust in my Providence

retribution is mine to dispense refrain from striking back or gloating over the downfall of

adversaries for stooping to their level will only drain your spirit dismantle your aspirations and

leave you in Ruins continue on the path I’ve set for you without hesitation I’ll guide you with

unwavering light ensuring you don’t stumble as you Journey I’ll clear obstacles and offer Solace when

weariness weighs you down release the shackles of your past let me shape your present and future

cast aside your fears and welcome my blessings with open arms the challenges you face serve as

reminders of your Reliance on me opportunities to shed burdens and rely on my Divine provision

embrace your experiences and Imperfections they’ll testify to my boundless love and faithfulness

those around you will witness my steadfast support through your trials reinforcing your trust in me

know that my love for you knows no bounds I yearn to fill your life with joy and astonish you with

miraculous blessings in every aspect of your existence trust in my wisdom relinquishing worry

about the future each step you take be mindful of the resources I’ve entrusted to you nurturing

them wisely even in times of scarcity I offer hope and blessing in trust in my enduring love

and prioritized seeking my guidance and you’ll find abundance in every facet of your life in

the journey ahead I stand ready to strengthen you shaping you into a Living Testament of boundless

Joy keep your faith unwavering holding fast to the Hope embedded in my enduring affection through

this steadfast dedication you shall uncover the tranquility and contentment your heart craves

my desire is not to witness you persisting in ceaseless struggle rather within my grasp lies

an abundance of joy peace and Harmony awaiting your Embrace rest assured in my presence trusting

in the Flawless timing of my guidance I shall respond to your call guiding you towards Victory

enveloping you in my tender care and instilling within you A Renewed sense of hope with immense

Delight I extend my hand to you beckoning you to Journey alongside me for in my company every

obstacle becomes surmountable I shall transform desolate lands into flourishing Springs quenching

The Thirst of your soul with lifegiving Waters and showering you with the sweetness of celestial

blessings your heart shall be endowed with a Divine courage that shall never wne rise now

take hold of my hand and step forward in sanctity share this Proclamation with your cherished ones

for a future brimming with happiness awaits the extent of which you cannot yet fathom in your

darkest hours when loneliness weighed heavy in despair loomed large know this I am here to lift

you up to wrap you in the warmth of my love and to guide you towards a brighter path my presence

is not just a fleeting Comfort but a steadfast Beacon of Hope in the storm I offer you more than

mere Solace I offer you transformation with every word I speak and every gesture I make I Infuse you

with the strength to overcome adversity gone are the days of feeling abandoned and forgotten today

marks the beginning of a new chapter one where you are empowered to rise above your struggles Let My

Words Be Your Shield my promises your constant companions know that you are never truly alone

for I walk beside you every step of the way together we will navigate the challenges ahead

Guided by the light of my unwavering presence embrace the joy that awaits you a Joy born and

not from fleeting Pleasures but from the profound sense of purpose that comes from knowing you are

cherished allow my Holy Spirit to wash over you like a cleans in Tide washing away doubt and

fear and filling your soul with boundless Peace So Stand Tall my dear for you are not defined

by your past hardships but by the resilience with which you face them and remember in the depths of

Despair there is always a glimmer of hope waiting to be found when weariness and worries weigh upon

your shoulder turn to me and find solace in The Refuge I offer know this I’ve never abandoned

you nor shall I ever my unwavering presence is your constant companion you’ve never trotten this

path alone every step you’ve taken every breath you’ve drawn I’ve been there a silent Sentinel

of love and loyalty why then in this moment of uncertainty do you falter I grasp that trials

May Tower before you casting Shadows that seem impenetrable yet in those Bleak hours remember

my steadfastness in The Crucible of adversity I’ve stood at your side a beacon Illuminating the path

to Redemption reflect on the countless instances where I’ve bolstered your resolve granting you the

fortitude to conquer life’s tribulations how can you doubt my devotion after witnessing the Myriad

ways I’ve championed your cause in the depths of your uncertainty in confusion know that my love

for you remains unwavering doubt May Cloud your thoughts but do not let it overwhelm you it’s

natural to question and feel unsure sure but don’t lose yourself in the Maze of uncertainty remember

I Stand By Your Side a steadfast companion through it all trust in me as you always have I’ve never

faltered in my support and I never will even if you can’t see me with your eyes know that I’m

always present a silent Guardian watching over you embrace the search for me wholeheartedly in

your quest You’ll Find boundless goodness beyond your imagination I’m not confined to predictable

places or moments I exist in the unexpected in the smile of a friend the gentle breeze and both

joyous and sorrowful times I patiently await your Discovery so don’t let worries or doubts consume

you cast them aside and you’ll find me there ready to guide you forward do not waver in your belief

in my unwavering devotion and unwavering loyalty I am your steadfast Ally ever ready to bolster you

through the trials that beset your path place your confidence in me and you shall confront

every challenge that life presents with unwavering resolve know this my beloved my affection for you

knows no bounds even in your moments of error or deviation from the righteous course my presence

remains unyielding regardless of the passage of time my steadfast companionship shall endure

a beacon of love and counsel therefore fear not my cherished one rely upon me for I shall

never forsake you press forward with conviction and fortitude persist with Valor secure and the

knowledge of my constant support propelling you towards wisdom prosperity and divine favor it

is out of profound love that I offer these words seeking to stir your innermost being I implore you

to heed my counsel for it is born of the deepest affection my love for you is boundless and it is

with this same love that I beseech you to heed my words today I come bearing a unique message

amidst the clamor of your obligations I implore you to lend me your ears for I aim to penetrate

the depths of your soul with my words know this I shall accompany you on every step of your journey

no matter how arduous or trying it may be in times of hardship and adversity fear not for my presence

shall never Wan I shall be your unwavering Ally a constant companion by your side wherever your path

may lead rest assured that my voice shall Echo within you a steadfast reminder that amidst the

indifference of others you are cherished even if the World Turns its back on you forsaking

friendship’s falter I shall remain steadfast awaiting your return with open arms my love

for you knows no bounds it envelopes you like the air you breathe tender as the gentle caress of the

wind upon your face regardless of the judgments cast by Society or the fleeting opinions of others

remember this your worth transcends Earth measures you are my beloved child and your validation need

not be sought from the transient accolades of this world for what it offers is Emeral destined to

fade entrust your heart to me for my love knows no bounds nor deceit In My Embrace you’ll find

blessings beyond measure tailored uniquely for you my cherished wife one embrace my love let

it permeate your being for within it lies Solace for your soul hold tight to my promises for they

possess the power to mend fortify and transfigure your existence remember always wherever you tread

my love shall be your steadfast companion lifting you through the day and guiding you by night yeah

be wary of the Folly of haste and pride for they lead astray from the path of true fulfillment seek

wisdom for therein lies the key to prosperity and contentment in moments of confusion and ambition

do not forsake my guidance for it is the beacon that steers you towards genuine success Embrace

humility and wisdom for they shall pave your way to a abundance my dear one I implore you to heed

my words with Earnest attention for within them lies the guidance necessary to navigate

life’s intricate challenges I sense the weight you bear upon your shoulders and though it may

seem burdensome know that you do not Traverse this path alone I stand beside you unwavering

in my support amidst your trials the Allure of Swift resolutions May tempt you yet I caution

against such Folly for Life seldom yields to Hasty Solutions instead I urge you to embrace wisdom and

patience as your guiding lights cultivate these virtues earnestly for they shall pave the path

to genuine fulfillment and Triumph understand success is not a mere destination but a journey

Frau with twists and turns should you find yourself progressing sluggishly fear not take

pause reflect and recalibrate your course with diligence but beware the seductive Whispers of

Pride for they may blind you to the vast expanse of knowledge yet to be explored remain steadfast

in your pursuit of wisdom for therein lies the true essence of progress trust in my unwavering

presence and the wisdom I impart in me you shall always find a beacon to illuminate your

way believe in faith and positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love type I

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