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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video as it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son each word is an

invitation to reflection a window to

deeper understanding of yourself and the

universe around you open yourself to

this experience allow the essence of the

Eternal to touch your weary heart

renewing your strength and illuminating

your path do not let this moment pass

unnoticed for within it lies a unique

opportunity for connection with

something greater let the words

intertwine within you not merely as

simple sounds but as a symphony of love

and wisdom emanating from the infinite

accept this gift with gratitude and

respect all allowing it to permeate

every aspect of your being guiding you

towards change and Awakening to your

true self be prepared to receive the

inner light for it is there that the

most authentic manifestation of the

Divine resides do not worry about the

challenges currently surrounding you for

they are but threads in the grand

tapestry of my perfect plan watch as

each piece falls into place under my

Dominion my vision for you is one of

supreme Splendor reminiscent of The

Prodigal Son as it is written in Luke

and he arose and came to his

father but while he was still a long way

off his father saw him and felt

compassion and ran and embraced him and

kissed him just as the prodigal son was

welcomed into the arms of his father

with immeasurable love and joy so do I

envelop you in my arms of ET eternity

offering you a warm and welcoming

Embrace fear not for I am with you in

every moment guiding you with love and

wisdom trust in my plan for your life

for within it lies Beauty even in

adversity as it is written in Jeremiah

for I know the plans I have for you

declares the Lord plans to prosper you

and not to harm you plans to give you

hope and a future though my ways may

seem inscrutable and you may feel as if

you are walking blindly believe in my

ceaseless activity in the Symphony of

life I align each note and pause

according to my Divine composition trust

in my promise and your heart will

overflow with joy understanding that

each tear shed is part of a greater

purpose even when uncertainty looms know

that I am guiding you with love and

wisdom weaving the threads of your

existence into a beautiful pattern just

as a conductor leads his orchestra I am

orchestrating every aspect of your

journey for your well-being and

spiritual growth keep the faith for even

in darkness the light of my presence

illuminates your path revealing the

hidden Beauty in challenges and

preparing you for the triumphs to come

pay attention to my words for they are

the beacon that will light your way at

this very moment I grant you the

attitude to endure your trials do you

accept if so demonstrate it in the

comments by writing I accept Lord adhere

strictly to my guidance breathe deeply

and rise in moments of Despair move

forward Knowing You are not alone my

angels are sent to surround and protect

you fear not those who lurk in the


plotting against you in every challenge

remember your inner strength and my love

that sustains you for even in The

Darkest Hours the light of my presence

shines guiding you to victory and peace

my protective Embrace envelopes you like

a mantle that nothing can violate

preserving the sanctuary of your home

recognize in me the one who walks beside

you the king of kings the Lord Lord of

lords your heavenly father ever Vigilant

from above my presence is sufficient to

propel you toward Victory free from fear


hesitation I am your Shepherd your guide

your strength and the source of your

Victory when challenges confront you

fear not for You Are Not Alone In Your

Darkest Hours cling to my words they

will guide you through the shadowy

valleys strengthening you to Prevail in

the midst of Life Storms remember that

you are loved and protected and that in

me you will find safe Refuge even when

darkness seems to envelop you entirely

the light of my presence will dissipate

the shadows and lead you to peace trust

in me for I am your sustenance and your

unshakable Fortress May the certainty of

my love and care accompany you in every

moment renewing your hope and and

strengthening your faith I am always

with you ready to guide you toward the

fullness of life I desire for you be

steadfast for in me you will find the

strength to face any Challenge and the

peace that surpasses all understanding

set aside your worries for today I bring

the answers you sought doubts I hear I

understand your thoughts your hopes and

the deepest longings of your heart

nothing is hidden from me to fulfill

your prayers action is necessary I will

equip you with the tools and wisdom

necessary to fulfill my purpose proceed

carefully in the execution of my plan

avoiding haste and the pitfalls of

unchecked ambition be thoughtful and

judicious for diligent efforts lead to

Prosperity while impulsiveness plunges

into adversity not everything is

predetermined I Empower you to change

the tides in your favor you navigate

without my guidance and experience has

proven my wisdom yet there is still time

for correction you have heard my counsel

and my timing is perfect never too early

nor too late but exactly when needed be

encouraged for significant and favorable

opportunities approach though they may

bring challenges with your trust in me

there is there is nothing to fear

remember that behind every adversity

lies a profound blessing on the way

blessed son blessed daughter allow me to

transform your thoughts influence your

perspective and shape your life forging

you into a vessel of my strength these

words are an invitation to trust to

reflection and to conscious action each

word resonates with the promise of

guidance wisdom and and blessings if the

individual opens themselves to them it

is a call to transcend impulsiveness and

embrace diligence recognizing that

thoughtful efforts lead to more lasting

and satisfying results even your

adversaries will witness the collapse of

their plans against you I possess the

power to bring about change beloved Son

You are not alone I have not forsaken

you ceased dwelling on the past for I

will not allow you to Forfeit what I

have reserved for you focus on the good

and keep your path steady your blessings

await you and I have transformed you

completely do not return to the place

from which you were taken for it is all

behind you you are now purified and

saved you are no longer alone never

return to the days of loneliness close

your eyes and feel my spirit walk

walking by your side you will now

Prevail over any adversity for you are

courageous you will have dominion over

your emotions avoiding

impulsiveness maintain peace in the

midst of the storm and do not lose the

faith I have instilled in you Proclaim

my word to the world declare that I am

your God and recount the Miracles I have

performed in your life so that all

around you may know me as a god of love

slow to anger and full of Mercy I

forgive my children and do not abandon

them I remain faithful during trials as

I have shown in all your

experiences my love for you grows with

each passing moment each day it grows

even more perhaps beyond your

understanding now is the time move

forward my son my daughter and do not

look back may your journey be

illuminated by my const an presence and

my unwavering love with love God I hope

this message has been an inspiration to

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