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God says

dear beloved children’s I observe the

incessant distractions that occupy your

minds making it challenging for you to

grasp the messages I impart

it truly saddens me that you start to

read my messages only to leave them

abandoned halfway

remember if you fail to prioritize me in

your life do not come to me seeking

Solace during difficult times or crises

I am always here for you even when

others turn their backs on you

yet you still choose to leave my

messages incomplete despite my daily

Endeavors to reach you

today I shall withhold further discourse

hoping this provokes a more attentive

audience the Divine directive for each

of you is to lead a life rooted in faith

hope and love

your mission is to illuminate the

darkness and spread God’s love and grace

to those around you

however there are moments when we may

lose sight of our calling feeling

disheartened and overwhelmed by the

trials we face

thus it becomes crucial to recall the

motivational message that I have for

each one of you

type if you believe in me always

remember that my love for you knows no

bounds embracing you with all your flaws

and Imperfections

this boundless love acts as a Wellspring

of motivation and encouragement

affirming your intrinsic value and

worthiness of love and respect Jesus

invites you to place your unwavering

trust and faith in him and his divine

plan for your lives

in the gospel of Matthew he advises

against treading over material needs as

God takes care even of the birds in the


this passage reaffirms that God is in

control and we can rely on him to

provide for our necessities

fears about the future are needless for

God’s plan is one of Hope and goodness

type Amen to receive the blessings I

have for you Jesus urges us to love one

another just as he loves us

as Believers it is not enough to merely

hold on to our beliefs we must actively

demonstrate love kindness compassion and

forgiveness to everyone we encounter

by doing so we become living reflections

of God’s love and grace exemplifying

that we are true followers of Christ

throughout our journey of faith we are

never alone

God walks beside us offering guidance

and unwavering support

moreover we belong to a community of

fellow Believers all striving to live

faithfully and serve others

in moments of discouragement we can turn

to God for strength let us internalize

the empowering words of the Apostle Paul

therefore my dear brothers and sisters

stand firm

let nothing move you as you give

yourselves fully to the work of the Lord

knowing that your labor in the Lord is

not in vain

so stand firming your faith dedicating

yourselves entirely to God’s work

knowing that your efforts hold great

significance and purpose

tag yes to affirm may my blessings love

and grace serve as Perpetual sources of

motivation and inspiration in your lives


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