God Says: Will You Ignore Me, Child? | | God Message Today |

my beloved child worship takes your mind

off of how broken the world is and puts

it on my glorious presence and when you

worship me you share in my glory if you

can try to live in peace with everyone

and everyone else sometimes someone will

disagree with you for no good reason and

I won’t hold you responsible for those

disagreements most of the time though

you may have made things worse when this

happens you need to take responsibility

for your part in the conflict and work

to restore peace no matter what remember

the importance of forgiveness both for

those who have offended you and

sometimes for yourself listen quickly

speak slowly and get angry slowly my

love before you answer give your words

some thought and pay close attention to

what other people are saying this habit

will help you stay calm calm and avoid

fights that aren’t necessary if you mess

up in keeping relationships peaceful and

are to blame don’t give up forgive me

for all your sins and I will always be

at peace with you you are a letter from

me but it’s not written in ink it’s

written on your heart by the spirit of

the Living God it is because you follow

me that the Holy Spirit lives inside you

he gives you the tools and strength to

do a lot more than you could on your own

fear shouldn’t stop you from facing

difficult situations or times you are

home to the third person of the godhead

think about the Deep effects that this

truth has you can do much more than you

think you can when you follow my ways

and look for the helper’s strength one

step at a time the spirit writes on your

heart tablet to bless you and to bring

other people to me the Holy Spirit can

turn you into a living letter from me

when you are with people who don’t know

me yet you can say help me holy Holy

Spirit which is a short but powerful

prayer as often as you need to say this

prayer and ask him to bring the gospel’s

truths to life through you he said I

will not break a broken Reed or put out

a dimly burning Wick I know that you

feel weak and helpless sometimes like a

reed that is bent or a flame that dies

out except that you are weak and broken

because they let me into your heart you

are free to be yourself around me

because I fully understand you you as

you talk to me about your problems I

will make you feel better and give you

peace that goes beyond understanding

trust me to solve everything instead of

trying to do it all by yourself take a

break and know that I’m keeping an eye

on you and working for you when you rest

in my watchful care my healing works

best inside you my love for you will

never change and my promise of Peace

will last even if the mountains move and

the hills are taken away when your heard

hurt and weak come right into my

presence to receive a lot of love and

peace don’t worry about your flaws

instead accept them because they connect

you to my Limitless sufficiency when you

feel like you’re missing something you

naturally start to worry admitting that

you aren’t good enough and thanking me

for that is the best way to fight this

urge you won’t have to try to save and

take care of yourself anymore you need a

savior who is strong and perfect because

you are weak and flawed you need someone

who can meet all your needs share this

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