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now I want you to know Brethren that my

circumstances have turned out for the

greater progress of the Gospel

Philippians all events in a

believer’s life serve a good purpose

what happened to Paul was his arrest and

imprisonment this did not discourage him

or caused him to murmur or complain he

believed what he wrote in Rah which

says and we know that God causes all

things to work together for good to

those who love of God to those who are

called according to his purpose if we

were in Paul’s Place at first we would

be discouraged and it would make us feel

hopeless we would see it as an obstacle

to spreading the gospel but what some

may consider an obstacle to the advance

of the Gospel might actually serve to

advance it and seeming disasters may

turn into blessings as we continue to

read Philippians – it says now I

want you to know brethren

that my circumstances have turned out

for the greater progress of the Gospel

so that my imprisonment in the cause of

Christ has become well known throughout

the whole pretorian guard and to

everyone else and that most of the

Brethren trusting in the Lord because of

my imprisonment have far more courage to

speak the word of God without fear

indeed many were trusting in the Lord

because of Paul’s imprisonment his story

is an inspiration to us believers who

have gone through hardships and pers

utions that even these hardships are

God’s way to help others we might not

see it now but later we will in God’s

hands all events in a believer’s life

serve a good purpose like if you believe

in God and do not fear Those Who Kill

the body but cannot kill the soul rather

fear Him who can destroy both soul and

Body in Hell Matthew

in Exodus there is this part of

Moses’s story that the pharaoh wanted

all the Hebrew Sons to be killed and he

ordered it to the two midwives Exodus

– but the midwives feared God and

did not do as the king of Egypt

commanded them but let the male children

live so God dealt well with the midwives

and because the midwives feared God he

gave them families their story teaches

us that no matter how powerful man is no

matter what the authority order if what

they order is against God’s law we

should not obey them we must fear and

obey God more than humans let’s learn

from The Midwives through their

obedience to God God blessed them let us

stand for the truth even if disobeying

rules that men imposed another example

is Daniel and his friends Shadrach

masach and Abednego they didn’t eat the

food that the king commanded for they

were faithful to the Lord and they

didn’t want to be defiled by the food

and wine

they didn’t serve and worship the idols

and golden image that the king had

commanded them to bow down to this had

put them into punishment by throwing

them into burning fiery

furnaces but God protected them when

they were thrown into a burning fiery

furnace another story of Daniel was when

there was a decree imposed that no other

God should be worshiped except the king

but Daniel didn’t obey with the king’s

decree he worshiped and prayed God three

times which was the reason that he had

been thrown into the lion’s den and

again he was protected by God by sending

Angel to shut the lion’s mouth and the

King was happy that Daniel was safe he

punished those Wise Men Who tricked him

and he ended the decree the lessons here

is that we should not obey rules if it

against God’s law we should fear God not

man like if you believe in


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