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and face the obstacles with courage move

forward with determination and never

forget that my power and Grace will

sustain you even in the darkest moments

keep your faith burning in your heart

and never doubt that I keep my promises

for I am your father the crator of the

universe who will lead you to a destiny

of abundance and happiness beloved child

beloved Son today I give you the

opportunity to start a new I offer you a

fresh life and from now on Everything

Will Change do not hang your head or

feel diminished for I forgive all your

flaws and every sin you may have

committed fill your heart with

unwavering faith and you will see how

everything around you is transformed I

am with you giving you the strength you

need to overcome every trial giving you

a sensitive Spirit to to see the Beauty

and the blessings I am bestowing upon

you draw near to me and do not be

distracted by what the world may offer

if everything around you crumbles close

your eyes and take a deep breath fill

yourself with my peace and allow me to

give rest to your weary

heart I understand everything you are

going through and believe me when I say

I am helping you through these difficult

situations even the small problems you

face nothing escapes my my hands just as

I give you my love I want you to have

compassion for your brothers and sisters

around you extend a helping hand to your

neighbor I know it can be challenging

but it is not impossible be patient with

those who seek to offend you forgive

them I understand the feeling of

betrayal in your heart but forgive

forgiveness will bring you calm and

solace in these moments I am giving you

renewed strength to start a new the

wisdom to avoid the mistakes of

yesterday everything has been forgiven

you are free from sin live today with

joy and rejoice in your heart for

everything is in my hands I have cleared

your path of obstacles and I will make

everything better and simpler than you

imagine in your rest give thanks for

everything you have experienced being

grateful is the key to opening the doors

to the blessings I have for you the the

attitude of a grateful heart is powerful

do not forget my words beloved I am with

you today tomorrow and always I

understand the test you are going

through these are times of change and

things may not be as you expected but do

not be distressed your struggles are

different from those of your siblings

when you feel weak hold on to my hand do

not let go when you are consumed by

worry reach out to the heavens and speak

speak to me pray and you will feel my

presence I have never left your side my

love for you and your loved ones is

infinite with these encouraging words I

offer you belief and confidence go after

those dreams you have set aside for now

I am giving you a fresh start where the

doors to abundance and opportunities are

revealed before your eyes what once

blinded you has disappeared and those

obstacles you saw are no longer there I

have cleared cleared your path making

everything better and simpler than you

can imagine those people who despise and

do not understand you I will remove them

from your path do not seek them I am

here for you do not fear Cast Away your

doubts remember that I am here for you

whenever you seek me I will be waiting

for you my angels March before you

providing protection and Care keep

moving forward and do not look back with

love your father following me has been

the best decision you’ve made and now

you know me my Holy Spirit rejoices in

your prayers your soul is strengthened

and all ailments are healed when you

call upon me my angels protect your home

I guard your comings and goings I bless

the work of your hands learn to depend

on me more and more the places where my

powerful presence meets you are exactly

the ones where I fully understand how

weak you are your weak Ness and my

strength work well together making a

beautiful balance that was planned for

you before you were born it’s when

you’re weak that my power works best

this truth may seem strange and against

common sense but it is true lean on me

when you feel like you’re not good

enough or too busy remember that you and

I are more than enough when we work

together consider holding my hand I am

the one who grabs your right hand and

tells you don’t be afraid I will help

you I want you to depend on me even when

you think you can handle things on your

own to do this you need to be aware of

both my presence and how much you depend

on me be careful not to tie your

selfworth to how well you do talk to me

about it if you’re unhappy with

something you said or did please ask me

to help you figure out what is truly

sinful and what is not say sorry for any

sins you know you’ve done and I will

forgive you feel free because you know

you are my beloved child and will always

be found not guilty the people who

belong to me are not judged I see how

valuable you are so don’t judge yourself

your flaws remind you that you are human

and humble you which makes it easier for

you to connect with other flawed people

except being humbled it’s a good thing

that keeps you from being proud thank

you that things are happening to you

that make you less proud

and bring you closer to me accept all of

my love which is priceless and never

changes I want you to be thinking more

and more about me self-focus is what

most people do by default and even my

followers can fall into it which slows

their growth in Grace when two people

love each other very much they can’t

help but think about each other all the

time in the same way the first step on

your way to being obsessed with me is to

love me with all all your heart soul and

mind this is the most important Rule and

a good goal the more you understand and

enjoy the amazing unchanging love I have

for you the more passionately you can

respond to me you may not get it right

this time please ask my spirit to help

you with this wonderful quest in this

adventure you will receive my love more

deeply broadly and consistently and you

will also love me more and more in

return you break free from the chains of

self-centeredness and become more and

more interested in me grow a heart of

gratitude as you continue to grow your

relationship with me believe that you

are thankful all the time because being

thankful lets my presence and blessings

into your life in spite of problems and

hardships there are many reasons to be

thankful you’ll notice that your view

changes as you practice gratitude and

you’ll be more aware of the beauty and

goodness around you instead of inad of

only thinking about what you don’t have

or what is hard you’ll start to see all

the good things that happen every day

being thankful changes the way you see

things and makes your heart Happy the

promises I’ve given you in my word will

help you through hard times the things

I’ve promised give you strength comfort

and hope trust that I will be loyal and

that my character will not change the

Bible or my word is like a lamp that

shows you the way think about my

promises and let them hold you up when

life gets rough remember that I am

always with you leading you keeping you

safe and meeting your needs trust that

the time I choose for you and the plans

I have for your life are always good for

you when you’re having problems pray

that I take them away and know that I am

working everything out for your good

when you’re scared or having doubts pray

to me and ask for my peace that goes

beyond language because I am the source

of Truth true peace I want to fill your

heart with peace even when life is

uncertain have faith in my power and my

perfect love which takes away all fear

while you stay close to me remember that

your faith journey is not meant to be

done by yourself spend time with other

Christians who can pray for you

encourage you and help you talk to them

about your good and bad times and pray

and believe for each other to find me

with all your heart soul and mind do not


get close to me by praying worshiping

and thinking about my word while you

stay with me let me change your heart

and refresh your mind believe in my love

my loyalty and my promises they are what

your faith is built on and what gives

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