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moreover I will give you a new heart and

put a new spirit within you and I will

remove the Heart of Stone from your

flesh and give you a heart of Flesh


dear listener this verse is part

of a larger prophecy in which God

promises to restore the nation of Israel

after they have been exiled and

Scattered among other nations the people

of Israel had turned away from God and

were living in Rebellion against him so

God allowed them to be conquered and

taken into captivity as a punishment for

their Disobedience but even in the midst

of their punishment God promises to

restore his people and bring them back

to the land of Israel he promises to

cleanse them from their sins and give

them a new heart and a new spirit this

transformation is not something that the

people can achieve on their own but is a

gift from God the idea of a Heart of

Stone versus a heart of flesh is a

metaphor for the transformation that God

promises to bring about in his people a

Heart of Stone is hard unfeeling and

resistant to change it is unable to

respond to God’s love and grace but a

heart of flesh is soft pliable and open

to God’s leading it is able to receive

God’s love and respond in obedience so

when God promises to give his people a

new heart and a new spirit he is

promising to transform them from the

inside out he is promising to remove

their hard and unresponsive hearts and

replace them with hearts that are soft

and responsive to his will this

transformation is a work of God’s grace

and power and it is something that we

cannot achieve on our own but when we

turn to God in faith and repentance he

is faithful to transform us and make us

new the verse is a reminder of God’s

Redemptive plan for his people it speaks

to the de of the transformation that God

desires to do in your hearts which is

only possible through a new heart and a

new spirit which comes through faith in

Jesus like if you believe in


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