God Says: Watch If You Need My Heaven | God Message Today

my child imagine a love so deep it

triumphs over your soul it’s a love that

makes you holy mine a devotion that

fills your spirit with Celestial joy as

you surrender to me you are no longer

your own for you were acquired at a

precious cost the Sanctified essence of

my blood the more ardently you adore me

the deeper your yearning to devote every

every fiber of your existence to my

service becomes this devotion can fill

your spirit with Celestial Elation as

you yield yourself to me completely rest

assured for I am impeccably virtuous in

all my ways and you can Surrender Your

Heart to me without fear of

exploitation paradoxically it is in

surrendering to me that you find true

emancipation I have permeated the very

core of your being and my spirit within

you claims dominion over increasing

territories where the presence of the

Lord resides Freedom thrives I beseech

you to reflect my Divine Radiance to

others for I am molding you into my

likeness with ever ascending Brilliance

revil in the freedom you have discovered

in me and willingly submit to my

triumphant love should you possess me

your Redeemer Sovereign and Confidant

you possess all that genuinely matters

it matters not if you lack riches fame

or worldly success allow not such

absence to dishearten you as I once

imparted to my disciples what profit is

it to gain the entire world but lose

your own soul nothing Rivals the

Priceless Treasure of eternal life

picture a jeweler in Relentless pursuit

of flawless pearls upon finding one of

unsurpassed Purity he relinquishes all

to acquire it my kingdom is akin to this

a treasure Beyond estimation therefore

learn to find contentment in having me

beloved regardless of worldly short

shortfalls comparing oneself to others

often serves as the Wellspring of

discontent I beseech you to diligently

evade this paralo pitf keep in mind that

you are my unique creation redeemeth

through my Crimson sacrifice and

exquisitely precious in my ease Foster a

joyful communion with me the Savior who

in love for you surpasses your wildest

imagination I shall continue to

transform you into the Masterpiece I

designed you to be cultivate gratitude

diligently for it paves the Royal Road

to unadulterated Joy indeed no pleasure

finds fulfillment without the expression

of Thanksgiving while it is commendable

to extend gratitude to those who bestow

blessings upon you never forget that I

am the source from whom all blessings

flow therefore frequently shower me with

praise and thanks each day this

nourishes your soul and heightens your

joy moreover it forges a closer

connection with me offering you a simple

means to draw near as my cherished

follower you have been gifted with

magnificent Grace favor unearned and

undeserved no one and no set of

circumstances can strip you of this

extravagant endowment you are mine for

all eternity in all of creation nothing

can sever the bonds of my love from you

every morning as you awaken speak these

words thank you Jesus for this gift of a

new day

as you journey through the day be

vigilant for the blessings and joys I

scatter in your path but always remember

that the greatest Treasure of all is my

presence beside you for I am the

Indescribable gift in moments of

adversity when you find yourself

entangled in trying circumstances pour

out your heart to me with the knowledge

that I am always attentive and deeply

caring Lean on Me Your everpresent

solace in times of trouble refrain from

allowing your predicaments to consume

your thoughts no matter how eager you

are to resolve them after you have

exerted your best effort often the

wisest course of action is to wait

patiently seeking renewal within my

presence reject the falsehood that you

cannot Savor life until your

difficulties are resolved yes the world

may be filled with tribulations but

within me you can find peace even amid

chaos our relationship is a

collaborative Endeavor you and I working

together turn to me for guidance and

assistance apply your abilities to the

fullest and trust me to accomplish what

lies beyond your reach instead of

forcing events to a hasty conclusion

Embrace Serenity and ask me to

illuminate the path all within my

perfect timing hold my hand with

unwavering trust beloved and cherish the

journey within my presence I am your

source of Jubilation let these words

resonate within your mind and Echo deep

within your soul I your steadfast

companion who will never forsake you am

an endless Wellspring of Joy share this

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